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Dormeuil ICE 12 ounce flannel...these 12oz flannels are wonderful for winter with navy cashmere blazers.
It was in a 2014/2015 Dunhill catalog I received in the mail and I found the picture on the Internet. I cannot find any other pictures or information on the bag. Here a picture from the catalog...
I've never really liked the John Lobb Vintage/Saint Crépin models aside from the Vintage 1999 which I own. The models to me range from ugly to quirky to blah.
Thank you for the explanation. Any opinions/preferences on which leather would best lend itself to these shoes?
What is crust FUN and crust CRU; I am not familiar with the terms, thank you.
Thank you.
Does St. Crispin's have different shades so-to-speak of black like John Lobb has black misty calf, black museum calf etc.? Thank you.
One of my favorite jackets; an odd duck, at least to me as all my other cashmere jackets are blue blazers. Loro Piana 100% cashmere with specs of gold, brown and black, a very fall fabric. The jacket is a wee darker/browner than my pictures suggest.
Probably derided/mocked like the scarf, which I really like; but I like the Burberry plaid tote.
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