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Over the holidays I was buying some scarves for Xmas gifts at Loro Piana (NY City) and was told Vicuna products could not be returned/exchanged; does anyone know the reason for this policy. The Loro Piana website EShop does not display such a Vicuna-related policy that I can find (it may but I do not see it); just curious, thank you.
at Astros Diner.
I agree, camel polo coat hanging out in Astros Diner in New York City...
Arrived from England just in time for the snow today...
What should be the difference where a coat distances itself from a jacket according to you? I have my winter coats: double-breasted, below the knee, no breast pocket and turn-back cuffs versus sleeve buttons.
Nice coat...I wonder why Burberry does not sell directly (or maybe they do)?
Westminster. Honey.
I would not have thought a nice and simple scarf could engender such antipathy.
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