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Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 Why 1 button? Varietas delectat.
As I'm all set with my basic suits/blazers for the Fall I'm considering a 1-button brownish jacket (maybe cashmere) for the Fall to mix it up a little. Are there styling features that are associated with a 1-button or is it for all intents and purposes a regular jacket sans a button? I generally favor flap-pockets and center-vents - comments appreciated - thank you.
I'd like to be wearing these...
From M. fan's blog...
Nice...thank you.
Appreciate seeing pictures of favorite punched cap monk shoes or recommendations for a nice punched cap monk shoe - thank you. Postscript: any fans of the John Lobb Berkley?
John Lobb Cavendish in Parisian brown suede... Not sure where I found the above picture
Can anyone comment/recommend a store in New York City where one can find beautiful silk pocketsquares made of heavy silk; by heavy I mean the handkerchief is quite substantial, not in dimensions but in heft - thank you very much.
Here's the reason I ask: I commissioned a 3 roll 2 - at the first fitting I noticed that there were only 2 buttons and the jacket was made as a high 2 button which is what I normally get - the tailor said not to worry he will just add the third button/buttonhole. I have other high 2 button 3 roll 2 jackets and I remember them being made explicitly as 3 roll 2 so it does not seem correct to me that if the jacket was made as a 2 button in error that just adding the albeit...
If a standard 2 button is just about completed at the last minute can the jacket be turned into a 3 roll 2? Is it a matter of just how the label is pressed or does a lapel for a 3 roll 2 have to be especially constructed from the start? Comments appreciated - thank you.
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