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Quick picture taken in Lobb Madison store of a really nice shoe in dark brown museum...
What is the difference between the original John Lobb William and the John Lobb Wallace? Thank you.
Does Edward Green make a monk strap like the Arlington sans the broguing...the buckle I really like...picture credit: Leffot...
credit: The Sartorialist
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm these things are ususally[sic] discounted... not higher in price. so balls to them I meant to say the old models were only for display and can be MTO.
John Lobb Madison had some old Lobb models on display...no upcharge during the event...the Wallace double-monk, pictured below looked really nice as did the Jermyn II on display. note: the old models on display were not for sale rather examples of the old models that could be MTO.
Identify these Monks from Vass Handmade Shoes for Men book, if possible...thank you...
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