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[quote=larsrindsig;2568179] What are those? Shoe Horns.
Autumn handkerchiefs...
Thank you very much Arrogant Bastard.
If selling a suit what basic measurements should be included in the description so that the buyer has a fighting chance of the suit fitting (possibly with some minor alterations)...thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by newtrane What is "Nomo"? A cloth merchant? I think I misspelled the word - it looks to be Uomo.
pretty crude pictures but some items I like...clothes for Fall...12oz Holland & Sherry navy jacket...Dormeuil 10.5oz navy plaid jacket...sundry Stile Uomo Fall trousers...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Wonderful - are these shoes a current Bontoni model?
Varietas delectat The Lobb William II...a great shoe for jeans ...the Lobb Derwent is on order (apologies to the owner of the Derwent picture as I do not recall where I found the photo)...
Quote: Originally Posted by newtrane It sounds that this "Kirgyz White" stuff is a marketing trick though. How much do you pay for the cloth? The expense I do not know.
These samples are from a Dormeuil Kirgyz White book...310grams/10.5 ounces...60% Kirgyz wool and 40% Merino extrafine whatever that means...quite nice book for Fall jackets...I would opt for the chocolate brown cloth...
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