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Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo I think it's just the natural material of the button having inconsistencies. Where is that picture from? I wish I could remember; someone's Tumblr page but forgot the author.
Quote: Originally Posted by nickelcobalt I think they're just dark grey with white strokes around the rim of the button. I'm sure I've seen them on LBM 1911 sport coats before. Thank you.
The pictured buttons seem to be 4-hole buttons blue with a silver frame though not entirely clear from the picture...has anyone ever seen such buttons and know of a source...thank you.
Can anyone identify the brand/model of these glasses...thank you very much.
Nice shoe...
Isn't the John Lobb Avon similar to the Philip II and on the 8000 last? Most likely a discontinued model but less expensive than bespoke.
Dover (606) / Ecton (888)...
4596 last I think.
Nice...may I ask the model, last and color? Thank you.
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