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Identify these Monks from Vass Handmade Shoes for Men book, if possible...thank you...
Can someone ballpark the cost to get a custom-made blazer made in New York City using the Dormeuil Cashmere Club fabric...thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBer Hmmmmm, let's put it back on track... Another - The movement of the second hand (if it has one) should be "smooth" without loud clicking every second Feel free to add My Rolex second-hand is not smooth and clicks fairly loud...
Lobb Becketts (black museum) will soon be my only pair of black shoes... above pictures not mine-found on the Internet
Blueish Donegal Jacket...what color trousers?
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe The logo on the shoe trees is "La Cordonnerie Anglaise", who although most well-known for their shoe care products, also sell a range of their own brand shoes. That range is quite French from the looks, but is manufactured in England by Trickers. So, my guess, it's one of LCA's own designs. Unfortunately their web-site is down for maintenance, so I can't...
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