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Are Kilgour ties available in New York City? Thank you. Particularly like the tie in the picture; I think it's a Kilgour but not certain... picture credit (I think): http://mostexerent.tumblr.com/
Nice post, thank you.
I have been trying to match a pair of very dark flannel trousers for more than a year and as fortune would have it someone showed me a new Artiston Fall book and voilĂ , a nice plaid dark grey that I like with the dark pants; it was not easy, at least for me, to match two dark grey materials. The Ariston book has some great fabrics though unfortunately I do not remember the reference number for the book...the fabric pictured is A871/32 weighing 275 grams. The middle...
John Lobb Bourne 8000 last, dark brown museum calf.
...the split-toe monk is a change of pace from my other monks... Clockwise: Chapel, Wallace, Matta II, Derwent
I am having a double-breasted navy blazer made from Dormeuil # 065 Luxury Sports Cashmere Flannel in a style similar to the picture below sans the patch pockets. I think the fabric is 350 Gr / 11.5 oz if I remember correctly but the fabric may only be available in solid colors so may not be an option for a sport coat. I also have a Scabal cashmere navy blazer though offhand I cannot remember the book (will check this evening) - my tailor simply refers to it as super...
I wish this pocket square were still available...
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