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I have two Tammis Keefe handkerchiefs (not sure why as I have never worn them)...
I think they do belong to aportnoy - I though maybe the color was dark oak.
Hermes & Black Victory...
Please help in identifying the color of these John Lobb monk shoes (Jermyn II and Naseby)...thank you.
Are Kilgour ties available in New York City? Thank you. Particularly like the tie in the picture; I think it's a Kilgour but not certain... picture credit (I think):
Nice post, thank you.
I have been trying to match a pair of very dark flannel trousers for more than a year and as fortune would have it someone showed me a new Artiston Fall book and voilĂ , a nice plaid dark grey that I like with the dark pants; it was not easy, at least for me, to match two dark grey materials. The Ariston book has some great fabrics though unfortunately I do not remember the reference number for the book...the fabric pictured is A871/32 weighing 275 grams. The middle...
John Lobb Bourne 8000 last, dark brown museum calf.
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