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Brown rat.
I'm terrible at colors (and taking taking pictures); any comments on this combination? Thank you.
Tino Cosma Fifth Avenue; does it still exist? The ties pictured are at least 20 years old purchased at Tino Cosma store on Fifth Avenue, New York City. The store was my favorite tie store of all time; does the store still exist and is Tino Cosma still the same company or just a husk of its former self?
What's your favorite kind of scarf to pair with a camel hair coat; black, vicuna/camel color, loathed Burberry check, grey, charcoal etc.?
I wear a camel hair coat with navy, brown, dark grey, medium grey and charcoal.
I have two Kent brushes (one for cashmere); I have forgotten the price and probably you will too.
Over the holidays I was buying some scarves for Xmas gifts at Loro Piana (NY City) and was told Vicuna products could not be returned/exchanged; does anyone know the reason for this policy. The Loro Piana website EShop does not display such a Vicuna-related policy that I can find (it may but I do not see it); just curious, thank you.
at Astros Diner.
I agree, camel polo coat hanging out in Astros Diner in New York City...
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