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Charvet pink knit tie and to-be-made Ariston grey flannel suit.
Cheltenham capybara brown cashmere-lined gloves.
The quick switcharoo...
Harsher weather today calls for peccary instead of the mild-mannered rodent gloves.
Vicuna hat and capybara brown cashmere-lined gloves. I think best in class but the cost is best purged from memory.
Are snow boots an anathema to modern man? The New York Times today featured a video (screen shots below) of men walking/traipsing in the Manhattan slush and I have witnessed this myself as I travel to New York City in December and January. I would think wearing rubber boots like the L.L. Bean type and carrying a nice tote with your shoes inside would be preferable to sitting in a meeting with wet socks. If you are visiting people in another building just switch...
Brown rat.
I'm terrible at colors (and taking taking pictures); any comments on this combination? Thank you.
Tino Cosma Fifth Avenue; does it still exist? The ties pictured are at least 20 years old purchased at Tino Cosma store on Fifth Avenue, New York City. The store was my favorite tie store of all time; does the store still exist and is Tino Cosma still the same company or just a husk of its former self?
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