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John Lobb Dark Brown Museum Pants?? Not really, but these flannel pants look really nice (to me) with John Lobb dark brown museum shoes. I like flannel pants with nice mottling if that is the term and the fabric has nice specs of black in it.
Are snow boots an anathema to modern man? The New York Times last winter featured a video (screen shots below) of men walking/traipsing in the Manhattan slush and I have witnessed this myself as I travel to New York City in December and January. I would think wearing rubber boots like the L.L. Bean type and carrying a nice tote with your shoes inside would be preferable to sitting in a meeting with wet socks and salt-stained shoes. If you are visiting people in another...
Is this the 202 last? Thank you very much.
Love the scarf. Any details? Thanks.
ob·so·lete /ˌäbsəˈlēt/ adjective: obsolete no longer produced or used; out of date.Hard to believe wrist watches are obsolete using the above definition as I think Rolex has $4+ billion in sales and world-wide I think I read more than a billion wrist watches are sold per year; I cannot swear by these numbers so someone more knowledgeable can chime in.
Commissioned the shirt, yes. Sewing a button is the extent of my constructing a shirt.
No purpose whatsoever save for I like it; it will never really be seen.
I am making a royal oxford button-down with the flowers material inside the cuffs.
No real reason aside from the shade and weight of the particular fabric; I have many flannels (Holland and Sherry, Ariston, Dormeuil etc.) as fall/winter I only wear flannel suits and flannel odd trousers (never cared for flannel odd jackets) and to me all these brands are or more or less same caliber/level so selection is based on: mottling, shade and weight available at the time.
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