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Love the scarf. Any details? Thanks.
ob·so·lete /ˌäbsəˈlēt/ adjective: obsolete no longer produced or used; out of date.Hard to believe wrist watches are obsolete using the above definition as I think Rolex has $4+ billion in sales and world-wide I think I read more than a billion wrist watches are sold per year; I cannot swear by these numbers so someone more knowledgeable can chime in.
Commissioned the shirt, yes. Sewing a button is the extent of my constructing a shirt.
No purpose whatsoever save for I like it; it will never really be seen.
I am making a royal oxford button-down with the flowers material inside the cuffs.
No real reason aside from the shade and weight of the particular fabric; I have many flannels (Holland and Sherry, Ariston, Dormeuil etc.) as fall/winter I only wear flannel suits and flannel odd trousers (never cared for flannel odd jackets) and to me all these brands are or more or less same caliber/level so selection is based on: mottling, shade and weight available at the time.
Charvet pink knit tie and to-be-made Ariston grey flannel suit.
Cheltenham capybara brown cashmere-lined gloves.
New Posts  All Forums: