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The basic scarf...
It's a boutique-specific model (to the best of my knowledge).
Madison 800 (7000 last).
Does anyone have pictures of a briefcase/satchel make out of Sedgwick Australian Nut or Hazel...thank you.
Less than $3K - my last overcoat lasted 20 years so this coat will outlast me so willing to splurge.
Would like to look for an overcoat during upcoming visit to New York City...something super-nice along the lines of the coats in the picture...any suggestions where to look...thank you.
RJE found the picture - what a great detective...thank you RJE...does anyone know if these were bespoke coats or can one purchase such a coat?
I once saw a great picture of two Japanese gentlemen standing on a street wearing great overcoats - (was on Tumblr I think) - I want to get a similar coat made but I cannot find the picture - I understand the Internet is a big place but asking just in case someone is familiar with the picture.
New Posts  All Forums: