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I cannot tell if this jacket is a 3-button or if the lapel just rolls shorter so-to-speak but I like the looks to be a grey tweed.
No, but he has a Hermes scarf (but he lets me borrow it).
The Hermes name aside and for the sake of argument (or non-argument) let's agree the price is extravagant, insane etc. I (the dog too) am interested in comments regarding craftsmanship, materials, leather (particularly Vache Trekking) etc. of the Sac a Depeche briefcase from owners, people in-the-know or window-shoppers. Thank you.
Is the pictured shoe better suited to a man in his 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s?
The basic scarf...
It's a boutique-specific model (to the best of my knowledge).
Madison 800 (7000 last).
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