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Sell empty boxes on eBay? I must have ten times as many boxes piled up at my office as I just found in my dresser drawer (no tie boxes OP, just scarves, pocket squares and bowties). If I sell all of them maybe I can buy a new scarf and bowtie the next time I go to New York.
New York City snow-storm shopping - two of my favorite stores to visit when visiting NY City and they are across the street from each other.
I wear a navy blazer twice a week; I have a different shade of grey flannel trouser for each blazer. Navy warm for winter-time blazers...Loro Piana cashmere one-button peak lapel, Cerruti 1881 cashmere three-roll-two, Dormeuil cashmere double-breasted jacket and Scabal cashmere two-button notch lapel...(inferior iPhone picture).
Dark Oak is for all intents and purposes dark brown (in my experience)...these are Dark Oak Lobb 1999...
The Hermes is nice, I recently looked at one when I was in New York visiting the Hermes store and was tempted but got a scarf and a bowtie instead. I have this card case...
Who actually made the belt I do not know; the label is Brioni (belt says Handmade Italy). I had been looking forever for a brown and black crocodile belt that I really liked and in the fall I found both colors in New York City and scooped them up.
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