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With few exceptions I do all my jackets: single-button, three-button sleeves, peak lapels and center event; that is just the style I like and am used to.
I have a handful of sport coats made from Ariston fabric...Ariston books are usually my favorite books to look through...today stumbled across this fabric to be made into a jacket.
Wandered by the Berluti store and took a quick snap of new model briefcase(the model name escapes me) - it's pretty nice - the only color in the store was a merlot color but store said the regular Berluti tan (cacao) and black were scheduled for arrival in December.
John Lobb Wallace in dark brown museum and black museum...just get them.
I have maybe ten pairs of John Lobb dark brown museum shoes and all I've ever used is Saphir dark brown polish and I only put the polish on a pair of shoes maybe 2-3 times per year and just quickly buff with a brush/cloth otherwise.
Grey on grey...
I do not wear it anymore. It was only in my office because it was in my pile to donate to the Open Door Mission.
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