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Thank you.
Anyone know where I can find such a tie? Thank you.
I think but am not certain the John Lobb Garnier (8695 last) is classic line and John Lobb Garnier II (7000 last) is prestige line.
Thank you for the wonderful answers to my questions...I appreciate it.
Thank you. Let's say a bespoke coat is requested with turn-back cuffs. Would a separate piece of fabric be used to make the Gauntlet? In other words a separate piece of fabric would be sewn to the inside of the sleeve and turned back over the sleeve to form the Gauntlet and then sewn to the sleeve? It seems this way both the sleeve and the Gauntlet would be using the same side of the fabric (the finished side). Also if it is known the coat will have turn-back cuffs is the...
Thank you for the information. I was told the rolled-up cuff section is actually a separate piece of fabric.Edited to add: if the excess fabric was just rolled up would not that be exposing the inside, possibly unfinished side of the fabric? In other words the cuff would display the unfinished side of the fabric?
I do not know what the proper term is for the cuffs (for lack of better term let's say turn-back cuff) in the picture but have a question on their construction. If you want to have such cuffs on a coat is the sleeve made in the exact same way as a sleeve that would have a regular button cuff or is the sleeve constructed in a different way? I ask because I saw an unfinished overcoat with sleeves ready for adding buttons; out of curiosity I asked if the coat could have cuffs...
SAC in the wild...the wilds of Amtrak Empire.
pink. lavender (but cannot locate picture at the moment). both nice with grey pants and navy blazer (though in the picture I have blue pants).
Thank you.
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