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Does anyone have pictures of a briefcase/satchel make out of Sedgwick Australian Nut or Hazel...thank you.
Less than $3K - my last overcoat lasted 20 years so this coat will outlast me so willing to splurge.
Would like to look for an overcoat during upcoming visit to New York City...something super-nice along the lines of the coats in the picture...any suggestions where to look...thank you.
RJE found the picture - what a great detective...thank you RJE...does anyone know if these were bespoke coats or can one purchase such a coat?
I once saw a great picture of two Japanese gentlemen standing on a street wearing great overcoats - (was on Tumblr I think) - I want to get a similar coat made but I cannot find the picture - I understand the Internet is a big place but asking just in case someone is familiar with the picture.
Finally flannel weather...
Dark brown museum Wallace...not too much mottling as with Matta II...
Dark brown museum Matta II - nice mottling in person especially with no distractions...
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