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Not my cup of tea as a little too ornate for me but the buttons were in batch of buttons I purchased and design aside the buttons are quite nicely made. The batch of buttons had two other sets (really partial sets) of Holland & Sherry buttons: Holland & Sherry Heraldic Lion Blazer Button and Holland & Sherry Lion Blazer Button (pictures are not of the actual buttons but from the Internet).
Cannot imagine there is something less designer-y or less conspicuously luxurious then this; the only branding I think is on the zipper-pull which no one is ever going to notice.
Last fall project was camel hair polo coat, this fall camel hair sport coat. I want to have patch pockets but not a breast patch pocket; is this a common configuration? I think a breast patch pocket makes the coat look too casual for my purposes. Thank you. Comments appreciated.
I do not ever do the collars with different fabric as I almost always wear button-down shirts sans tie and I am pretty conservative - for my button-down shirts I shift the buttons up a little as I do not fasten the top collar button and don't want the collar flapping around like a playboy. The inside cuff fabric is just whimsy, a rebellion against the staid.
I just like it, no one on planet earth will see it except for me (and I guess the cleaners) as my cuffs are never rolled-up in the presence of others so it's hardly a look at me shirt. And take my word for it, no one ever notices me, ever.
Royal Oxford pink with pink geometric cuff lining.
No, but if you buy 500 Wooly Mammoths you get a John Lobb shoehorn.
Is purple the new yellow?
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