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Thank you.
Thank you. Would this blend be more expensive than 100% cashmere? What does the chinchilla add to the fabric or is it just a novelty?
Loro Piana Zenit Fabric: Cashmere and Chinchilla?? Ran across this fabric. I never heard of a cashmere-chinchilla blend; anyone know the % of chinchilla in this type of fabric?
Does this jacket seem to be a three-button jacket or is it just the picture that makes the lapel look like it rolls to a higher stance (not sure if I am explaining correctly). Thank you.
Nice bag.
I am very, very boring. I more or less have a Fall/Winter rotation of four navy cashmere blazers: double-breasted (Dormeuil), herringbone one-button peak lapel (Loro Piana), two button notch lapel (Scabal, it is so nice my tailor calls this jacket the super-goat ) and a three button (Lanificio Cerruti), each is paired with its own shade of grey flannel (two medium shades, a dark shade and a lighter shade respectively), certainly not a varied wardrobe to a normal person but...
Blue Royal Oxford (floral cuffs only).
Pretty subtle, I think...
Loro Piana Cashmere Storm System - never saw this in person so thought I would share; the inside of the fabric is quite rubbery and would seem to wear quite warm to me.
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