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  I agree, I don't think it looks too dated, the lapels may be a bit wide for my preference/slender frame, but nothing that's really off-putting.  I actually quite like a center vent, I guess I prefer side vents, but not to a great extent.   Examples of good buttons/sources to buy?   No shit!  I ended up getting that Filson Original Briefcase btw, and I'm in love with it.  I've since recommended it to a handful of other posters who ended up buying it and thanked me for...
Yep, who are you?   And I've never found anything of real quality in my thrift store shopping, I'm lucky to find something that isn't synthetic and in my size, let alone something that isn't department store crap.  I guess I just need to learn better places to hunt and know what to look for.
The golden color has seemed to rub off in some spots leaving a silver mirror like finish behind it, and there don't appear to be any markings on the backs.   And it's center vented, sorry, should have included that in the original post.   I feel like thrifting has been ruined for me now, like, there is nowhere to go but down and any other find will seem so insignificant.  Somehow, I'm okay with that.
Apparently, according to the Labels thread, I accidentally bought a fully canvased Brioni sport coat yesterday.  I saw the Made in Italy tag but no other indicators of the maker and did a preliminary pinch test without really knowing what a canvased jacket felt like, but knew I could feel a third layer and assumed that meant canvased.  Tried it on and it fits well, other than the mid section needs to be brought in a good bit.  So for $4 I figured it was a steal no matter...
Welp, that rules.  Thanks for the help, I'll post some full photos in the thrifting thread once I put some batteries in my camera.
Wait, really?  How could you possibly know that?  If you aren't just making a joke, that's pretty cool.
I realize this may be a very long stretch, but I figured I'd post anyway.  I found this Made in Italy jacket today at Salvation Army, 100% wool with rayon lining, patch pockets on the bottom,  and gold colored metal buttons (but not gold).  Now, I don't know much of anything about suits, but from what I can tell doing a pinch test (which who knows how accurate that is with me doing it as I'm still not completely certain how to tell) it appears to be fully...
To be honest, this sounds like an issue with the dryer, I've put mine through the washer and dryer plenty of times and I've not had any experience with this happening.  However, the shirts I have were from a different batch, so maybe they are different.  I'd suggest emailing customer support about it.
I agree, 2 different cuts, and stick to them for consistency.  Offer a classic fit and a slim or athletic fit.  And Everlane's whole thing is transparency in production, so if there are switches in factories or fits or whatever, it would be good for the customer to know.    However, after saying this, I will say customer service was great when I emailed them asking why the v-neck was a different cut.
I agree that the waist and sleeves on the Everlane shirts are a little loose for my liking, but otherwise I really like them.  Also, I think the last batch (2-3 months back) of V-Necks had a deeper neck than I like, but when I spoke to the customer support they told me they'd be going back to a more subtle V.
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