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Grey snap backpack already sold out, maybe it has to do with it being one of the only options that was in the secret shop a while back.  Either way, I'm glad I was able to snag one for my girlfriend before they sold out.
They are apparently doing heathered T shirts for the fall, not sure what colors exactly, but I know I'll likely get a few.
For those wondering, I think up until now, the backpacks and weekenders have been the only things made outside of the USA.  At least, everything I've bought has been, T-shirts, sweaters, totes, and belts.  But IIRC, it's everything except the weekender and backpack because of something to do with sourcing the fabric.
Just ordered a blue watercolor V-neck for myself and a gray snap backpack for my girlfriend.    Apparently last night she woke up in the middle of the night and in sort of a sleepy daze got on her laptop and ordered 2 everlane shirts.  I thought it was pretty funny.
I just read this and have no idea why I said I was 165, I'm definitely only 160ish.
I'd say go with a small, I'm 5'11, 165, ~38.5" chest (just measured today), and I wear a small and it definitely isn't skin tight.
Girlfriend is bummed about there not being a red snap version. 
I'm 5'11, 160, (not sure on chest size, probably 36-8ish).  But I wear a small, so I'm thinking medium would be more appropriate for you, but maybe someone else has more accurate info.
Man, I really hope those OCBDs are slim fitting.
  My girlfriend wears a S and they fit her just fine, but they don't necessarily hang the same way as they do on the models who tend to be rather flat chested.  However, I can't imagine the Ryan line will look right on anyone who isn't flat chested and really thin.
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