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I wore a morning suit for my wedding last year. Wish I had more occasion to wear it since.....
The Hollywood icons of the 40s and 50s used to wear 12+ oz suits in the dead of summer, and while they probably weren't cool as cucumbers, they looked spectacular doing so. So yes, a lightweight grey is fine for 80 degrees.
Prob somewhere around 60
Pantherella socks - are more expensive, last less long, and look no better than anything from Gold Toe. Derek Rose nightwear. See no difference between anything they put out vs something from JC Penney, yet they charge 20 times the amount. Zimmerli underwear. Same deal. Many multiples the price for little or no improvement in quality over what you can get in a cheap department store.
In my experience, the brand that will attract the ladies is anything by Self Confidence. It can be from either their bold or subdued lines......
These are great movies, if you are a 9 year old boy.......
When someone takes the time to point out that you are an idiot, its usually best to just say thank you and move on instead of arguing with them and reinforcing the point. Plus, its rude.
Because they were there you idiot.
Glad someone finally said it.....
Yes. Undershirts are underwear for your upper body, boxers are underwear for your lower body.
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