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did anyone do the MTM promotion they had a few months ago?  if so, thoughts?
 i doubt this would come up, but defamation law in south korea is quite a bit different.  truth isn't an absolute defense, and statements intended to do harm, even if true, are grounds for prosecution.
 your knowledge and insight into the inner workings of toj are, as always, tremendously helpful
 This happened to me too. They got back to me within like an hour when I sent my first email, but I haven't heard anything for a few days since then. Maybe I should just walk over to their office and drop off the sweater.
 plenty of places have sales on common projects but finding achilles on sale is really tough.
I just assumed they were lotto tickets or something
It's still available on the pendleton site, is it not?
 I have two black lamb jackets and neither of them smell unless you're like smashing your nose against the leather.  definitely not something that someone standing a few feet away would notice.
Even if it's real I don't know why you'd want to own that.
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