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 Me too, basically.
I was surprised at how delicious fried chicken from Winn-Dixie is. This summer when I was in the U.S., I ate an 8 piece box every f*cking day! Few places could hold a candle to KFC though, a couple years ago, KFC had "curry crunch" chicken for a limited time and it was amazing!
Every now and then, I get good mango-blossom and orange-blossom honey here. A couple years ago, my Dad brought home some dark honey from an apiary that;s surrounded by burnt cane fields during the dry season.
If i was in your positions I'd shave for the interview and go back to having stubble when/if I get the job. 
 My barber advised me to use fish oil tabs and amino acid tabs. Fish oil tabs got me healthier looking hair but I can't say I noticed anything from the amino acids.I never really saw results from using special shampoo but I know tons of people who claim it works for them,I got results from Rogaine but they always reverted back to baldness as soon as I stopped using. My problem with maintaining a Rogain supply was that it isn't sold anywhere in the country I live in so I...
 Apparently they are back together now!
Additionally, anytime you need to have on a watch that you don't mind getting soaked or scratched.
"Thor" was the only Marvel movie I ever saw in cinema, so I guess I might as well see the sequel there too.
 If I could have afforded it, I would hold out and buy a Macan.
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