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Pretty helpful site.
Mackeson's Stout is amazing! Guinness Foreign Extra is also a step in the right direction imo. It has a slightly finish compared to regular Guinness and it's strong at 7.5%
  ^lol. kinda agree with this.
I'm more of a black coffee or espresso and milk kind of person but every now and then I brew a jug of tea with some sugar and squeeze a lemon into it.
 The PRL rugby tees are practically the same things that RRL had. Really is the best alternative.
Interests of men.
 Just out of curiosity, how much bitters is each batch?
Read about some hail in Europe that affected the grape crop and some early frosts in Chile that's doing likewise. Would this affect prices alot?
Never had to split lanes before :/ If I ever find myself in this situation I'd probably just leave and come back later.
 Ever been to a place called Gramps Bar in Wynwood? I wanted to check it out but didn't get time last time I was in Miami.
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