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 Staying near Harlem at 102nd. Last time I was there I got some shopping done near Rock Center, as well as NoHo and I think 32nd Street.Are there any food places or beer gardens that you would suggest not missing at all?From street food to cheapish ($30)
bump.   going to NY in June. Staying just West of Central Park. Where's good to eat/drink/shop.
Did 2 miles after not running for months.
The Stand - Stephen King
Ant tips on stuff to do in Barbados? I was considering going and I'm not seeing much to do otherthan check out the general nightlife, check oiut the beach, and visit the Mt Gay Factory.
 Me too, basically.
I was surprised at how delicious fried chicken from Winn-Dixie is. This summer when I was in the U.S., I ate an 8 piece box every f*cking day! Few places could hold a candle to KFC though, a couple years ago, KFC had "curry crunch" chicken for a limited time and it was amazing!
Every now and then, I get good mango-blossom and orange-blossom honey here. A couple years ago, my Dad brought home some dark honey from an apiary that;s surrounded by burnt cane fields during the dry season.
If i was in your positions I'd shave for the interview and go back to having stubble when/if I get the job. 
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