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Gonna have an Old Fashioned in a bit.
 Will stop by.... but it's a little bit out of my budget!  Yes! That lunch menu looks pretty good.
Decided to drink a Malta instead of a beer today just because I haven't had one in ages.
Loreal Men Expert Products. Never really did any research into any other brands and I'm satisfied with them so far. Works well and not too expensive!
Started back deadlifting.   1 day will be dedicated to doing a heavier max weight and the other will be about improving form (doing straight-legged, multiple reps etc)
 I hate how often I actually end up at a McDonalds in a random city when everywhere else is closed.
 I actually got a couple decent t shirts there and 1 good shirt. Everything else I bought comes apart after a few months.
I gave up buying books when I ran out of space for them.
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