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Does anyone have any experience with Rokin footwear? Was considering getting one of these:   [[SPOILER]]       I sure hope those soles aren't made of wood.
  I'm not sure if it is because of synthetic dyes or just the way the fabric is woven, but black jeans usually seem to fade evenly to a duller black, instead of aging with character, with lighter patches in places like the knees and darker areas near the seams, like jeans made of indigo denim.
Do any brands make black skinny jeans that fade similarly to blue jeans?   I plan to check out the jeans at Allsaints and Zara, as they seem to have the distressing built in. I'm also  curious about April 77, but it looks like they might be made out of legging material. Just wondering what else is out there.
How has the fit on the short sleeve button downs been? I bought a linen long sleeve shirt earlier this year, but the torso and sleeves were two sizes larger than the collar.
They probably aren't made for trudging through snow and salted streets on a daily basis, but I have some Varvatos shoes that have held up pretty well, despite being worn on plenty of bad days. Just get some leather conditioner and shoe cream and take care of them.  
Frank and Oak is pretty awful. No refunds or garment measurements and they can take weeks to process a return. Goth ninja Everlane would be pretty nice, though.
Can anyone recommend jeans with a fit similar to Levis 510s (skinny and tapered) that come in odd sizes? Especially if they come in washed black.
Is there an online shop that sells a variety of decent shoe care products (cleaner, conditioner, mink oil, beeswax, etc.) to those living in the US?
  Tiger of Sweden Oscar 52 and Caminando Straight Tip Zip.     Will do, thanks.
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