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Yea it is PRL (Polo by Ralph Lauren) but I think he is just referencing it as RLBL (Ralph Lauren Blue Label)
OK here are pics of the Hermes as promised, nothing special but for what I paid for it I couldn't leave it in the store.     These are the BB Makers, also 2 PRL made in Italy and 1 vintage wool Lands End.      Has anyone here heard of the Georgetown University Shop? From what limited information I have found it was a custom clothier in Georgetown D.C that catered to the D.C elite. I have found 2 amazing suits by them both fully canvassed and the material is probably a...
Well he is consigning the tie for me so in this instance I guess he is getting compensated. Not sure how others do it.
Things have been super slow around here lately. I did pick up a Spooverified Hermes tie and a few BB Makers over the past few days. Wanted to send a shout out to Ian E. for an awesome trade . Pics of the ties later.
Oh yea that just sucks. 
I'd trade with you, except that we're both 40r.   Just send me what you get bored with 
Question: I just started posting on this board and have made some pretty cool trades and bought some good stuff from you gents. What would qualify me as regular poster? I'm being sincere when I ask this. I see a lot of people post things and are only looking for regular members which I completely understand. Just want to know how i qualify. Is there a post count or period of time being a member?
Glad you like it
Only 2 good things from today's outing. Suit is unavailable, Shirt possibly available dibbed if I can get this small spot out.   from a local custom tailor that did great work up until the late 80s   Pendleton long sleeve M  
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