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PTO just posted this bout BArbour, anyone near Milford NH.
You consistently have some of the best jazz finds around . 
Samuel, Yes it can be done one of my tailors offers this but at $110, I'm sure you can get it done for less. Are we all drinking tonight?
Just want to send a big shot out to TheWPG for the hookup, truly a standup gent.
Is that vented? 
Send me a pic of the fabric
Good question, they seem to have the market cornered when it comes to AE's and Aldens.
Is that an overcoat with MOP smoked buttons?
Haven't been able to get out much lately but was able to hit up two stores over the weekend.   Is this the Gloverall Duffle I should be looking for? it looks exactly like this but the tag is different than the one Easy posted.   (unavailable)    Also grabbed this, I believe it is a 38, I have to see what my tailor can do with it (possibly available) Oh and the brand is J W Nordstrom but the fabric is...
Why you no keep the AE's? PM'd
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