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okay fo sure now I have go sell these   Leather soul 8d alden color #8 jumper cordovan    double leather spu;   can ca;; the ;s waikiki to verify that i bought this   have never worn it once outside of trying it on in the store   bee sittting in a box with trees in them.    beeen wanting to keep the, and wear them on my daughters 1st bday has said i must sell them....     725 is the offer...and whatever shipping is ..uness u...
For sale...I dont want to sell them but gf is flipping that I made a purchase like this 3 months before our first baby is due...   This item is a Leather Soul by Alden Jumper Boots in color #8. size 8D   if interested please let me know. 
well look at that...hawaii is not included...
tres bien codes are drying up...didnt get no codes in my order today no 15% off or 30 usd....
sweet...hopefully i se you no longer even have the 32 in stock...i love to buy it from you guys being a sf supporter......any timetable?
sadly the shipping from tbs gets to me here in hawaii then when i order from within the united states...whats up with that....btw i have a code if anyone wants to trade for a ssense code
do you guys have a 33 in the wings+ horn bush camo pants lying around?
anyone wanna trade coupon codes...i am looking got get the wings+ horns bush camp pants in black size 33. ..i got a tres bien code  15% off?
annnd..already out of the white in my size..oh dear..
i got these...dont size down..
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