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  handy step by step breakdown. i didn't know that actually, and i use google every second.   here is another direct link with the price. $350
no problem.    here it is .
do you like this one?
  very nice. thank you. i think i own a watch similar to that design. I'll try and snap a picture and post it here so you can give me your opinion. 
  i see. could you give me an example of something that you would wear with a suit. 
Funny how is other partner Eduardo Saverin always wear a suit.
My nicest watch is a rolex gmt master II that i received from my grandfather when he passed away.    Is it appropriate to wear this watch with a suit to a business meeting?   Thanks
  Awesome! I might just do that. Thank you
  No problem. I never actually said where I lived (florida). That's great that J Crew is having the sale. I'll definitely stop by again. Might even pick up a different colored suit. My wife also liked their selection. I'll look for that Allen Edmonds sale as well!   The last piece of my wardrobe would have to be a bag/briefcase for my laptop. What do you guys recommend?   Thanks
  Interesting. Didn't know that. Thank you
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