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 If they're shipping to the US, they ship Canada Post (Expresspost USA) and that gets transferred to the USPS (Priority Mail Express International).  BCC shipped my boots on Tuesday and I received them this morning.  No taxes, no brokerage fees. 
 Welcome to the thread, and great collection. I, however, have a problem with your user name.  Barca, forever!!!! 
 I kinda thought that was what he meant.  Wow!  Congrats, @budapest12!!!  Great things come in twos...
Seems like I'm one of the few who only ordered one pair.  I may regret not ordering the cognac.   I went with cigar.
Yeah, no way I could have waited that long.  You must have some willpower.  They look incredible!  Congrats!
Whoa, incredible! Both at once!? Congrats, good choices.
Slap him, Ryden!
 Thanks!  Hilarious comment, btw...
 I have CXL boots from Alden, OSB and Viberg.  Only one pair in Viberg and there is virtually no creasing.  I have quite a few pairs of CXL in Alden --- some have major creasing (which doesn't bother me as much as some folks) and others have hardly any other creasing at all.  My OSB Trench boots in CXL have minimal creasing.  So yeah, I think it's a crapshoot. However, I will say that the Viberg and OSB CXL is extremely thick.  All my Alden CXL boots use thinner leather.
 I ordered the Guidi olive boots in August.  They were up on the BCC big cartel site at that time.  They were out of stock in my size and mistakenly took my order.  But they were attentive and fast-tracked my pair with Viberg.  If you go back a bit in this thread, someone posted a few pictures of his Guidi olive boots with a bit of wear on them. 
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