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Thanks, guys.
 Fok, will the boots be shipping to you for shipment then to us?  Or will they ship direct from Viberg?
 Congrats!  You are going to love these boots.  I am incredibly impressed with the color and quality of the whiskey shell.  All the panels are extremely well matched in terms of color and consistency in feel and texture.  They were comfortable out of the box; I love the 341 last. I envy you your anticipation for these boots.  It's a great feeling of excitement.
No complicated polish blends here.  Just a touch of VSC...  
 Yeah, I did what I normally don't do and splurged on the ridiculously expensive C&J mainline trees, and those weren't even the expensive ones. I am usually very happy with the Woodlore Epic trees.  They seem to fill Alden and C&J boots quite well.
 Thanks, slowroll.  Did you jump on the last order for these?  Got them on Jan 27th and they've had 7 full days of wear.  They don't seem to crease nearly as much as the dark brown shell.  The pics were taken with trees in them so that might be lessening the appearance of any creasing.
Polished these whiskey Harlechs today for the first time (they just didn't seem like they needed anything).   Indoor indirect natural light:   Outside in direct sunlight:
Looks like our boots should be on their way shortly...  
Yeah, I'm kinda lost, too.
I give them a good brushing when I take them off.  A very quick brushing before I put them on.
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