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 I can sense your guys' anticipation.  That's almost as enjoyable as having the boots in your hands. I definitely wear them with dark "dressier" denim.  They also go well with chinos (Epaulet) in navy and fatigue.  I've also worn them with caramel duck canvas.  They're pretty versatile in a casual way.  I don't wear suits except for more formal occasions and I wouldn't wear them for that, but I guess they could be worn with a casual navy suit for a slightly more fashion...
That irks me when there're so many Viberg lovers trying to get a pair for themselves. But that's capitalism, I guess.
I really like those and have been eyeing them on the BCC site. They are gorgeous but would just duplicate a few similar pairs so I'm hesitating. The navy ones are very tempting as well. The shipping charge is kind of ridiculous, though.
Hot and cold...
 I will let someone else advise you on the exact color of polish to use.  But the whole topic of what to use on footwear is very personal and dependent on what kind of "look" is desired.  Some like to achieve a mirror finish.  Some like their shoes to look new forever.  And particularly for boots, some prefer a beat-up, lived-in look. I wear mostly boots and personally do not care for a mirror finish.  As a matter of fact, I don't even strive for a shine, per se.  I prefer...
I personally love CXL boots, wrinkles and all.  Although the amount of creasing and wrinkling varies.  My Vibergs hardly wrinkle at all.  I have one pair of Alden NatCXL that has almost no wrinkling and another Alden pair that is a wrinkle machine.
 Thank you, sir.  Thanks, dddrees.  And I lust for the Lindrick!
 I understand that you've already ordered your boots but I will say that I think there is some variation when "snuff suede" is used to describe shoes/boots.  I also prefer the darker suede. Here are two snuff suede boots I own.  The chukkas are definitely darker than the WT boots.  I was actually surprised at how light the WT boots were. Good luck and I hope the boots work out for you.  
 Thanks for providing the clarification, Mike.  I was close...
 No prob.  Those are some pretty sweet boots.  I have WT boots in snuff and love them.  Alden's suede is really nice and that's a great color.  Good luck and enjoy.
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