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 If you're really into the whole process, you will have one of those fancy leather aprons and sit anywhere with the shoes on your lap. I just lay some newspaper on the table and work on the table while watching tv.
 Yeah, right!  :->> Most boots I have that have pinking --- the stitching is so close to the pinking that it would be difficult to cut off (even if you could) the pinking without getting too close to the stitching. I do have some boots that I would have preferred without pinking, but I've actually never thought of trying to have the pinking removed.  Does it bother you that much?  (not you @meso)
 How would you even do that without ruining them?
 Yeah, you're nuts.  But truthfully, there're a ton of guys out there that don't like boots.  It's just when you use the word "Galway" in a sentence like that, it just seems nuts, that's all.
Sad day for me.  The Wilshires were a great fit for me.  I'll have to stock up a few backup pairs tonight when they post.
It seems like it's been so long it might as well as well be a myth. I'd forgotten about them but renewed anticipation has been restored.
 Thanks, I'll give them a try.
Has anyone with a size 8 foot bought any of the CHUP socks?  I typically stay away from socks that are sized 8-12 as at a size 8, they're usually a bit big on me. I'd like to get some CHUPs but am hesitant.
I was pleasantly surprised when reading the latest EP Communique that Mike used a picture of mine of the unfinished HH high tennis trainers.  It was like, "Hey, those are my stairs!".  I say "pleasantly" surprised because my photography skills are nonexistent compared to most others on SF.   btw, I am loving the trainers.  
^^ You can't go wrong with either of them.  I have the washed/sanded ones in khaki/tan so I can't speak too much for the fading but they are super soft and have a great feel to them.  I have 8oz canvas ones in navy and they do fade nicely if that's what you want.  Also very soft with maybe a softer feel than the washed/sanded ones.  But really too little a difference.   Having said all that, I'd go with the washed/sanded ones.
New Posts  All Forums: