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 I am a 7.5D in the Barrie and Trubalance lasts.  I have two Trench boots, one in 8D and one in 7.5D.  I find the 8D to be more comfortable.  I can wear the 7.5D but with thinner socks and I do feel my toes pretty close to the tip.  Most suggestions are to go TTS with the Trenches.  So size up 1/2 from your Trubalance size.
 That's a truism.  They're not really fighting words for me because I'm probably in the minority on the Alden thread who likes shell but likes CXL and calf just as much, if not more.  Also, I prefer the shell from C&J or Carmina to Alden for most applications as the matte/satin finish is more appealing to me.
Is that smoke grey kudu flesh side out/suede?  Or is that a nubuck?  Looks more like the flesh side out.
 Damn, Fok, I had to read the 2nd sentence twice to make sure I got the jist of what you were saying.  The double negative had me thinking you were using fighting words for a second.
 I wouldn't use silicone on anything.
Another question is what is "black rubber bonded leather" and what is the purpose/advantages of this material/leather?  Viberg showed some samples at Liberty with this material.
I'd like to know what's special about Guidi leather as well.  I've liked the looks of the Guidi leather on the boots/shoes I've seen, if not the style on all of them.  The prices on them is insane!  Is it just a cult thing or is there something very special about the quality, tanning process, etc.?
 Michael, your six months moratorium on shoe/boot purchases extends past March, so don't even think about the derbys.  If you don't think about them, you won't be tempted.  Just DON'T!!  I'm calling you out on this! 
 That's right, different strokes...
Yeah, I go even further. I don't wear a watch. Saves me a bunch.
New Posts  All Forums: