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 One of the best boots ever...
Is that why you disappeared? I think I really need to do that but it really is an addiction. Like having to check email, etc. then as you say, that leads to inordinate pairs of boots/shoes being purchased.
Good to see you back.
 Isn't that the reverse kudu in snuff?  On the 1035 last?  Whatever it is, they are amazing.
 The fit is pretty much the same but was somewhat surprised that the body length on the web for a 36 shows 27" and mine measured 29.5" out of the box.  The sleeves show 24.5" online and I measured at 26".  Not used to such a large variance.  But I have to shorten the sleeves anyway so that's no big deal.  And the length will be a bit long for my taste but it'll work. The fabric is amazing, though.  Very nice alternative to my olive duck canvas Doyle.
 Man, those look incredible!  Congrats. 
 Mine just arrived.  Haven't tried it on yet but I am also curious how it compares to the duck canvas Doyles.  It certainly feels heavier (14oz) than the duck canvas (10oz) ones.
 Well done, @Burzan, you seem to be on a tear lately, building up your collection!
These boots were purchased new from Oak Street Bootmakers in March 2013.  They have been worn very sparingly, exactly 26 times in about a year and eight months (I keep a spreadsheet). They have been treated with Venetian Shoe Cream periodically and always been tree’d.  Never been worn in the rain/snow.   There are no gouges nor tears on the boots, although the left boot seems to have creased more than the right on the vamp (not unusual for CXL).   -  OSB Trench Boots -...
 They look great, congrats!  But I can't believe you took this long to try them out.  I'm like wearing new shoes as soon as they're out of the box!
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