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Duh! Ok, I finally get it. I've been doing the same with the other cancelled (black Italian) boots.
Does anyone know what last the brandy shell boots are going to be on?
 This is a great idea as these waxed flesh boots will be my first Vibergs and I wanted to have some sort of gauge for sizing on future Viberg investments.  Anxiously waiting...
 ** not spoilered for the sheer beauty of the shot ** Your pics are always so amazing (as are your shoes)!
 Are you past your shoe buying moratorium, MH?
10.  But like others said, everybody's feet are different.  You might be able to get by with a 9.5.
Just a comment on Lauren.  I would cut her some slack if she doesn't reply immediately.  I know you guys are extremely anxious to get your whiskey order into production.  But she's got other responsibilities other than handling GMTOs.  And most times, the delays are not in her control.  She often has to go to different offices and doesn't have the ability to respond quickly.  I get the impression that she has quite a load to handle and that her responsibilities are quite...
Thanks, guys.
 Fok, will the boots be shipping to you for shipment then to us?  Or will they ship direct from Viberg?
 Congrats!  You are going to love these boots.  I am incredibly impressed with the color and quality of the whiskey shell.  All the panels are extremely well matched in terms of color and consistency in feel and texture.  They were comfortable out of the box; I love the 341 last. I envy you your anticipation for these boots.  It's a great feeling of excitement.
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