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and I even wore my SF waxed flesh service boots for good luck...
I had #23 on the payment page and damn PayPal...congrats to whoever got them.  In some ways, I feel somewhat relieved.  But mostly f#!@..g disappointed.
 Perfect gift!  Happy Bday, Burzan.
 bk, I'll trade you my Alden #8 shell boots for your el-cheapos!
Thanks @68Bullitt. You will love them. Are you sticking with the brown shell?
Thanks pck1. (Order directly from Jermyn st!). 👹
  I'm just so jealous of your acquisition.  One day...
This thread's been just too quiet.     Stock Harlechs today.   Haven't worn my C&J's too much lately.  But just wore the Conistons a couple of days ago and the Harlechs today.  For some reason, I am always surprised at how well the C&J lasts fit me so well.  They're definitely 18-hour day boots.
 You have to always take sizing advice with a grain of salt as feet are just different. I'm a 8D TTS and I went with a 7.5 for both the 2030 and 2045.  I feel I maybe should have (or could have) gone with a 7 for 2045, but the 7.5 with thicker socks is ideal.  But...I could NOT have gone down to a 7 in the 2030.  Most advice is to stick with the same size in the 2030 and 2045 but my feet (or preferences) might be different.
New Posts  All Forums: