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I was surprised when I won the charity auction for a pair of Viberg boots from Notre.  I just briefly glanced through what Notre has since I hadn't anticipated purchasing boots in the near term.  So if anyone has any recommendations of any pair that is particularly interesting to you, I'll gladly take any input.  I already have 5 Viberg boots and I know it has a lot to do with what I already have, but I'm just looking for ideas.
 those are absolutely gorgeous!  Congrats!
My Galways with dainite needed no break in at all.
 Interesting you say this.  I haven't noticed a huge difference in break in time for Dainite vs double leather.  Now, single leather is a different story.  
Well, I didn't get the Ring-Ring Wilshires (not that I really had expected to) but I am extremely happy that I received the 14oz Cone Mills "1968" Wilshires.  They will go into my rotation after hemming.  The grey Kurabos are staying in the plastic bag as a backup as my current ones still look fairly new even after 62 wears and 1 wash.
Denim will soon need to be subjected to the same rule as my boots --- one in, one out.  I am expecting UPS to deliver an indigo Wilshire and the grey Wilshire today.  I'm thinking the indigo will be the Kaihara ones (which I already have) but I can always hope for the ring-rings.
 I've tried it a few times ages ago.  If I recall correctly, a few folks way more knowledgeable than me on this thread advise against this.  Among other things, it softens the leather (or something to that effect) and reduces its durability.  I don't do it anymore.
Pretty impressive for a shoe guy.
I guess I understand the frenzy created by the Viberg IG with a zippered boot.  But I don't really see the need to call it the end of the world.  As Ryden says, companies need to push boundaries, and those boundaries might not fit in with one's particular aesthetics.  I personally would be interested in a zippered Viberg, but really only because it'd be made by Viberg.  It would allow me to wear my Vibergs when traveling, which I do not do now.   As an aside, I took a...
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