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Another vote for the annual approach.
Agree with you, d*3. Regarding the bulbous toe comment however, there are many who think the 2030 last is way too sleek and would even consider the Truman last too dressy as well, i.e., not workboot enough. I'm not one of them, although I do understand their point.
I've been eyeing Truman boots for a while now, and these impressions and input are excellent for those of us Viberg owners who might want to take the plunge. Thank you!
 I surely will.
 Actually, it was your input that sealed the deal for me.  At first, I was leaning towards the tan horsehide but in the end, I decided that the bison would decidedly fit better in my rotation.  Your post and comments about the bison made my decision firm.  Thanks for the input.
Thanks for your input. You have a pretty incredible collection. Your tan horsehide made me hesitate with my choice but I ended up sticking with the black pit tanned bison boot. Notre shows it in stock so I hope their inventory was accurate. My second choice would be the tan horsehide.
I think he's got about $4000 of unworn boots in his trunk.
 You got it, Ryden.  It doesn't have the slight nap that aged bark does, but the color looks almost identical.  Having said that, I've loved some of the chamois/reverse chamois makeups that Alden has.
 Interesting.  Good input, thanks.
 I don't have a problem picking a boot that's priced less than what I bid.  Truthfully, I didn't expect to win and so I just want to pick what would fit into my rotation best and something I'd really enjoy.  I was drawn to the chukka as well but I haven't had much success getting chukkas to work well with my feet.  Maybe I'll try again some day. Here is my shortlist right now:-  black pit tanned bison-  Italian tan horsehide  (gyw)-  black moose leather  (gyw) I wasn't...
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