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 Absolutely gorgeous.  One day...
Well, I think I may have snuck in for the Ryden boots.  But in my rush to checkout, I neglected to notice what the price for the boots was!!  Can somebody recall what the total price was?  I think the deposit was $200?
You guys are just too fast.  Disappointed.
I only have one Alden crepe boot but I really like it and yes, it is very comfortable.
I totally agree that @rydenfan needs a guaranteed spot on this Alden shitkicker preorder.  I also still think it should be called the "Ryden boot" in his honor.  I mean, Mike can't call it the "shitkicker", can he???
 Hey, we can pay it forward and you can unload some of your boots on me!!
You could make that an excuse for a trip to England???
I was following this conversation about Alden of San Diego and wondering when someone was going to bite.  Priceless!
These boots are a year and seven months old and have been worn 19 times (I'm OCD and keep a spreadsheet).  They were purchased new (not seconds). I have never used polish/wax on these boots, only conditioned with Venetian Shoe Cream, Saphir Renovateur or Bick 4.   -  Color:  AE Walnut -  Leather:  Calf -  Style:  Brogued wingtip boot -  Last:  AE 1-511 last -  Size:  8D -  Heel/sole: AE rubber heel and butyl double-leather soles -  7 brass-colored eyelets (no speed...
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