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 All those boots are amazing but that zug 64 is off the chain!  Wish there was still some zug around.
Not only are the boots gorgeous, the quality of the pics are amazing!
Just had to order the new l/s Henleys and looking forward to trying them out.  The pistachio is great but as someone else said, it just wouldn't look good with my skin tone.  Too bad.  I hope more colors are available soon.
 Very true. My comment was meant to state that I am not afraid that Lexol or Bick4 would ruin my shoes/boots.  My aesthetic leans towards the casual side so I don't strive for a shine on my footwear, but for a few pairs.  I use wax extremely rarely.  I do believe that shoes need to be conditioned (when needed).  Less is more.  But brush often and use trees.
It's all "crap".  I still vote for Lexol or Bick4 over wax.
 Congrats, El!!
 Quite uncultured here.  Had to look up turducken.  Learn something new every day!  Now I'm hungry.
Unfortunately, I feel the same every day, impatient...
It's only been a bit over a month since my MTO Galway order was placed but impatience is getting the better of me and I just wish they were here already.
 Great collection, meso.  The copper task with wear on them is insane.  I am going to get a 310 boot at some point.  It will be a different aesthetic from what I'm used to but I'd like the variety.  I'm also surprised that the 2040's look as "pointy" as they do.  Maybe it's just the pics.  They look way pointier than the 2045's I have.
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