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 Congrats, those Galways are gorgeous as is your whole collection.  I had planned to accumulate at least 3-4 Galways but I'm stuck at one now and I might be done as well.  I had planned on smooth leather/suede and maybe smooth leather/grain combos on the 202. Those Shanklins are impressive.
While Vibergs might be "overpriced" (quotes mine) and "marketing", I think it is well accepted that they produce high-quality boots with unique leathers not found with many other work boot type manufacturers.  Yes, they have veered toward the fashion end of things and that might account for people willing to pay the premium to own them.   The "marketing" label can be applied to many manufacturers, resulting in a relative premium for their products.  It's all about...
Thanks. Interesting, seems almost like the concept of waxed flesh but rubber instead of wax.
What is rubberized leather?
^^ The color on those pics looks amazing!  Congrats!
 They might be.  Japanese are very much into vintage and work boot style footwear.  It's interesting but I can't remember who said that they were surprised how stylish everybody was in Tokyo.
I've heard good things about Japanese-made boots that I'd like to try a pair at some point.
 Clinch makes engineer boots and work boot type footwear.  Don't know much about them except that they're "hand-made" in Japan.
 Unlike d*3, I don't have enough wingtip footwear.
 Heck, at your rate of purchase, you must always be pumped...
New Posts  All Forums: