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I've been off Aldens recently but started wearing my unstructured snuff suede chukkas more now that it's getting warmer.  I've become strangely enamored to the color of the snuff suede, even though I've had these chukkas for awhile.  I was browsing and came across the Alden x Leffot snuff suede WT boots.  I'd been attracted to them before but had other priorities (and really still do).  But the 270-welt and Plaza last pushed me over the edge and I plunked some cash down...
With all this talk of sizing, I'm second guessing how I sized for the waxed flesh SF GMTO. I'm worried that I should have sized down 1/2 size more. Will find out soon, I guess.
Likewise!! The more I see waxed flesh, the more I like it. Fok, will you be using UPS, FedEx or USPS?
 This has happened to me a few times.  They finally show up in the tracking so you should receive them with no problems.  Just a delay in getting it out the door, I think.
 Believe me, MH, there are summer days in El Paso where one has to resort to boat shoes or the like, sockless.  Or sandals!
You can always wear boots in the summer in the UK!
I've shifted focus to Viberg, C&J, etc. and said I'm done with Alden boots but then I see those cigar WT boots and jeez...I think I would pay over $1K if I had the impossible opportunity to snag a pair of those.  MrDV's collection is just amazing. 
Also, best to use a CC that doesn't apply foreign transaction fees when travelling abroad or when purchasing from foreign merchants.  I specifically got a card (with no annual fees) that has a chip (for overseas use) and that doesn't charge those fees.  Then I use my other CCs domestically to accumulate points or whatever.
I always either call or notify them via their website when I'm going to use the CC's for an overseas purchase(s).
 I only have one pair of C&J non-shell leather boots but they're smooth calf.  I do like their calf leather based on that one pair.  And I've heard great things about the Islay.  You should be quite happy with them.
New Posts  All Forums: