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 Still a great boot.  It's an incredible deal so congrats!
 What Galways did you MTO?
damn, I was hoping for more like four months. 
 Although I do like the Barrie last very much, the Modified last works very well for me as well.  But like you, I wasn't too crazy for plain toe modified last boots as they reminded me of clown shoes (and it's been mentioned by others as well).  But you're absolutely right, @MrDV and others who have scored from Anatomica are just showing how wrong I was to think that way. 
 You buy multiple pairs of >$1K boots and you're worried about shipping????  Just sayin'.....
 They are definitely awesome boots.  But they have to be the most difficult boots to get on/off with 10 eyelets and no speed hooks!  Nevertheless, they are my favorite Vibergs.
 Each person has his own goals as far as how he wants this boots/shoes to look.  So obviously, these comments are a reflection of how I like my boots to look. CXL is a "casual" leather and develops a really nice patina very quickly.  It's also chock full of oils/fats so there's really not much you need to do to them.  I really don't think you need to "waterproof" them.  I would treat them with Reno, VSC or Bick 4 once in a rare while.  I've used all of these and none of...
 Other than boots???
@rydenfan, @tifosi, jeez, I just noticed that you guys have over 7K posts!!  And you both joined SF after I did!
I've used Reno and VSC and liked them both.  I've also tried Lexol and it's worked well also but harder for me to use because it's more liquid.  My favorite now is Bick 4.  Really like the stuff.
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