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 Man, those look incredible!  Congrats. 
 Mine just arrived.  Haven't tried it on yet but I am also curious how it compares to the duck canvas Doyles.  It certainly feels heavier (14oz) than the duck canvas (10oz) ones.
 Well done, @Burzan, you seem to be on a tear lately, building up your collection!
These boots were purchased new from Oak Street Bootmakers in March 2013.  They have been worn very sparingly, exactly 26 times in about a year and eight months (I keep a spreadsheet). They have been treated with Venetian Shoe Cream periodically and always been tree’d.  Never been worn in the rain/snow.   There are no gouges nor tears on the boots, although the left boot seems to have creased more than the right on the vamp (not unusual for CXL).   -  OSB Trench Boots -...
 They look great, congrats!  But I can't believe you took this long to try them out.  I'm like wearing new shoes as soon as they're out of the box!
It's been like a tsunami of product drops in the last few weeks.  I can usually pace myself and not get into trouble but it's getting really difficult now. There are so many things that I want.  I hate this crass materialism.  And I just ordered the granite Doyle...   The excuse is that it's deadstock so we'll probably not see this fabric again.
 +3.  It's been about two years since I visited Boston and the State Street store but James was everything you would want in someone helping you with your footwear selection.  I would go out of my way to give him my business. 
 Hey prez, if I could ask, did you put yourself on a list with Anatomica?  Or did you have to place a preorder and pay in full beforehand?  I'm guessing the latter.  How long did you have to wait for them? More IRL pics would be appreciated.  Thanks.
 Thanks!  I'm liking these so much I am thinking about picking up the black ones as well.
Mid-top Sienna brown tennis trainers arrived.    
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