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 SFTG, I can see why black with a natural welt or antique/light welt might be a head-scratcher to many.  But I have to make my case, and I think your point holds very true for dressier and more formal shoes/boots.  I lean towards the casual side so an all black boot (black welt/edging) is appealing to me (kind of from a baller-look standpoint) but a very casual black boot (matte black in this case) with a natural welt/edging also works for me. But to each his own, as...
From Mike in Portugal on IG a few hours ago.  The high-tops look pretty tempting.  I guess they are being called "mid's".      
 Those are absolutely outstanding!
  Congrats!  Looking good.  I've worn mine 3-4 times so far and am really enjoying them. I agree about the depth and complexity of the leather.
 I also have yet to try the Driggs.  I love my Rivets but could have done with having them a bit slimmer from the knee down.  Which is what makes the Driggs interesting to me but the Driggs' opening looks really narrow.  I guess I'll try them at some point... Actually, my favorite cut is the Wilshire denim.
 You guys are just too hilarious!
@sazon, I'll walk the line and say I like both.  I first thought the contrast but then thought the tan laces look pretty good, too.  Switch 'em out every so often!
^^ gorgeous color!! Wow, are my brown Harlechs going to patina like that? Better start wearing them some more.
Those derbies look really awesome and I'm not really a shoe guy. You guys must be terribly pleased (other than the eyelet issue). @rydenfan, those kudu boots are incredible, shown especially in that last pic. Congrats!
All the best, Fok. Hope all goes well.
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