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If you have one of the older stitchdown calf boots, then it's got 1/2 bellows tongue.  I don't have any of the GYW calf boots but those look like they're not gusseted at all.
 Thanks for doing that.  Pretty amazing how similar those lasts are.  I thought they were more different from other pics.  Both look awesome.
 You have clean trains in Canada.
We had a lot of snow but I didn't have any zug Galays to wear. 😥
Interesting you say this. In what way do you think the Truman last is sleeker? I have 2030 boots but don't own any Trumans yet. But just from pics, I'd always considered the Trumans to be less sleek.
Another vote for the annual approach.
Agree with you, d*3. Regarding the bulbous toe comment however, there are many who think the 2030 last is way too sleek and would even consider the Truman last too dressy as well, i.e., not workboot enough. I'm not one of them, although I do understand their point.
I've been eyeing Truman boots for a while now, and these impressions and input are excellent for those of us Viberg owners who might want to take the plunge. Thank you!
 I surely will.
 Actually, it was your input that sealed the deal for me.  At first, I was leaning towards the tan horsehide but in the end, I decided that the bison would decidedly fit better in my rotation.  Your post and comments about the bison made my decision firm.  Thanks for the input.
New Posts  All Forums: