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 I would like to have a couple of pairs of boots that looked like that.  But I'd probably take a bit better care of them. They do look like they need a bit of lovin'.
 Those look great!  The grey trousers and #8 boots are a good combo.  I'm partial to Modified boots.  Anatomica?
 Interesting that you are saying the OSB Trenches were too narrow.  The Elston last is a wide (quite wide, IMO) last, which leads me to believe you have wide feet.  And the 2030 last is the pointier and narrower of all the Viberg lasts.  If you wanted to play it safe, you would want to go with a 10 in the 2030, then you could wear them with thick socks if need be.  The "normal" advice if you're a 10 US/Brannock, would be to go with a 9.5.  But if you've got wide feet, then...
 Awesome, ryden!  Thanks for sharing.  And yeah, where is everyone else?
My 2.5 year old NatCXL boots are wrinkled about that much.   Edit: Not those whiskeys, Don L., I meant the Indys!
@patrick_b, those are valuable comparison shots.  Thanks for sharing.
Interesting that some of you take the same size in the OSB Trench boots and the 2030.  I find the Trench boots to run quite short (but wide).  I size down 1/2 from the Trench to the 2030.  I could just about size down a full size if I wore thin socks with the 2030.  The general consensus for the 2030 is to go with your Alden Barrie/Trubalance size.
 Now every time I see a shoe/boot with a natural/light welt I think of you and SFTG
 SFTG, I can see why black with a natural welt or antique/light welt might be a head-scratcher to many.  But I have to make my case, and I think your point holds very true for dressier and more formal shoes/boots.  I lean towards the casual side so an all black boot (black welt/edging) is appealing to me (kind of from a baller-look standpoint) but a very casual black boot (matte black in this case) with a natural welt/edging also works for me. But to each his own, as...
From Mike in Portugal on IG a few hours ago.  The high-tops look pretty tempting.  I guess they are being called "mid's".      
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