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But I was interested as well...
   Thanks, guys.  I would conjecture that EG makes that determination based on what leather is used for the shaft.  Something like suede might require lining whilst CC would not.
Looking forward to receiving my belated Xmas present to myself, from the RMDH auction --- pit tanned bison Service Boots.  And thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions as to what to select from Notre's stock.
Does EG line Galways in CC?  Or are they unlined like Galways in Utah?   I concur with the comments that Utah is extremely comfortable from day one.  EG's Utah leather is really a high quality leather.
Fees and duties
^ yeah, and that's just #4 and Ravello. Wait till he rolls out the rest.
Tough man! I don't touch my 10-11oz denim in the winter, let alone in the snow. Gotta be 14-15oz. I don't have any super heavy denim.
But they're not ZUG!!
^^ Agree with comments about care for Utah. My chestnut Utah Galways are so very easy to care for. Pretty much just brush and use conditioner, like Bick4, every six months or so.
Well done, @mdubs.  What a great intro!  Thanks for all the work you put into this.   
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