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I would never question @sevenfoldtieguy on anything Alden. Or C&J, or........
Tennis high trainer for me.
I have the J. Crew PCT boot as well as a few other boots on the Barrie. I fall into this same category (hope you're doing well, sftg). The J. Crew fit just like my other Barrie boots.
I've had it done on the outseam and had him remove the taping. He didn't charge me any extra.
@jp2k1, great score!
 I thought you were being funny and had a good laugh at it. 
 Your score has changed my mind about jodphurs.  Those are very nice.
** not spoilering ** Jumpin' Johasophat!!  The stress of the line and the crowds paid huge dividends.  Congrats and quite jealous.
 That is crazy insane!  (that is if you're not pulling our legs)
 That color is amazing.  Congrats!  At first glance, it almost looks like some whiskey shell C&J boots I have. 
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