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For me, I got 1/2 size down from my Barrie size, but stay at the same D width.  I used to go with my Barrie size but I found them too roomy that way even with thick socks.
 ^ agreed.
 More than likely a Viberg 7.5 size.  Some have been known to go 1/2 size down from Barrie but I wouldn't recommend that for you if you're TTS between 8-8.5.
I will have to look into the 228 last.  I'm only familiar with the 325 and 341.
shearling would be good.  I'd prefer not to go dark brown because I already have a Coniston in dark brown.
hmmmm, oiled teak Snowden?  Sounds tempting.  Buda, is that too light for you?
 My error.  Your boots in the sunlight definitely had brown undertones and looked fantastic.  I'm pondering another purchase from BBC now.
 I thought the dust black had some brown undertones.  Maybe that's the black latigo?
 This pic is from November at which point they have had about 30 wears.  They're going to take a bit more of a beating to get like how the pic you posted. 
 Nope, not without breaking the cardboard.
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