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I have both the Harlech and Coniston in the same size. To me, the Coniston has a rounder toe and I might have been able to size down a half, but not so on the Harlech. I would say that if the Coniston fits snug on you, you might consider going with a 11E UK for the Harlech.
I like the suggestions of the tan horsehide and the tan bison but both suggest a Dainite sole.  While I really like Dainite, I wonder if there was a way that the actual sole would match better with the natural midsole (if the midsole is natural).  I know Dainite makes a red sole but do they make a brownish or tan sole that would match better?  I'd even prefer leather for that matter as it would match better.   Comments?
 They look better on you than they ever did on me!
I'm a bit behind.  Just got inkling of this thread and will read through it in detail.  But I can already tell there's some insane stuff in here!  Dreamer kind of stuff.
I got one pair from the C&J store when I was in London. The other was a GMTO organized by Hoit. If you want the stock brown shell, you can call or email one of the c&j stores on Jermyn st and they'll ship to you excluding vat. Prices have gone up since I got mine but I paid less than $800 for the brown ones, plus about $40 shipping.
@patrick_b, I agree. I would go with a 10E UK to be safe. Having said that, I went a full size down from my normal US size for both my Harlechs and Coniston. The 341 last is pointier so the Harlechs are perfect. The Conistons with rounder 325 toe, are roomier so I might have been able to go down a half size further. But I just wear thicker socks.
Are you guys a size 8, by chance? 
 I agree that some shell trainers would be pretty decadent.  I just struggle with the thought that one is paying a premium for the shell when it effectively cannot be resoled.  Mike brought up this topic a while back but it seems many folks are still willing to go for it.  I'll have to wait and see what the pricing looks like.
I'm also curious when the new trainers are expected.  I have the snuff and love them and would like a smooth leather one in brown/tan.
 The dude was not modest about his repair work. No use of patches at all, just darning or whatever the correct term is.  He laughingly said he thinks he's better than Self Edge.  Be sure to ask him for an ETA, though.  He looked like he was a bit behind on his repairs. Yeah, Mildblend is pretty awesome.  And for them to rave about Jay says something also.
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