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 Thanks, buda.  Yeah, I know.  It's pork and beans for all of 2016.
I can't see the pics either.
I know very little about Italian boots (or footwear).  Mostly Blake or Blake rapid, although there's Bologna and other types of construction popular, correct?  I have a couple of pairs of Vibergs in Guidi leather and I've heard of Comipel.   I'm blabbering on about this because I'm going to be in Italy for a couple of weeks (and visiting the sacred town of Ravello).  I'm wondering if it's worth it to pick up some Italian boots.  Any...
 Are these different makeups of the Galway?
Clarification --- MY heels are too narrow for the 110.
 I had never liked the Vibram 2060 soles before.  I have Vibergs on commando, leather and Dainite and prefer Dainite the most, although I like the variety.  However, the Vibram 2060 sole has grown on me.  I remember an English tan latigo boot that Viberg had on their site a while ago with the 2060 sole and it has become quite attractive to me.  I've never handled one with the 2060 sole but I'd imagine that the boots would be lighter and more comfortable.  I'd consider one...
 I agree that C&J quality and finishing is a notch above Alden but I don't think you can get C&J shell boots for much less that $1K now, unless it's some special.
 Thanks, dubs, I hope so.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.
I had thought all of Alden's shell was finished with acrylic (except for some exceptions that I'd heard about, like those saddle shoes).  If that's so, why wouldn't this apply to all shell colors.   I'm not trying to cause a shit storm here; trying to understand.  Also, the brass eyelets were such a unique and attractive part of the Ryden boot.
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