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$1100 is only $100 per month over 11 months....just sayin'
 Yes, welcome to the forum.  And what a way to bow in!  Well done.
@45bur, you may be right.  I've noticed other Viberg stockists' prices up in the $800's for non-shell as well.  Not sure how many folks are going to go for them at those prices unless it's an incredible makeup.  We'll see.  I won't be one of them.   ryden, the tumbled dusty black Service Boots were very interesting.  I really liked the color as although described as black, you could see quite a bit of brown coming through.  And the snuff kudu was attractive as well since...
Just took a browse at the new boots up at the Mohawk General Store.  The leathers look gorgeous but the prices are becoming jaw-dropping. Almost $900 for non-shell boots now.  That's getting hard to stomach.  I have been on a Viberg kick for a while now but unless this is an anomaly, it might be time for me to go back to my previous standbys, like C&J and Alden (for which I've just placed a preorder at Leffot).   I had my mind set on getting at least one pair of Vibergs...
Seeing these PT brown CXL shoes has me thinking about the Leffot preorder. I now realize that I really don't have many PT boots and the 270 welt appeals to me. Got a couple hours to decide.
No overlap at all, ryden!! 😁
 Who would have thought?  Thanks for the info.
 Gorgeous!  Viberg shell boots are prohibitively expensive but to hell with prohibition!  I will have a pair sometime!  Thanks for enabling.
  Say, what??
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