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For those of you that like the Woodlore Epic shoe trees, Massdrop has them for like $36 for 2 pairs.  With shipping it comes to around $22/pair.  Not a bad price, although shipping was kind of high.
"Chelsea boots", you don't say "Chelsea shoes".  They qualify as boots.  
@LA Guy, Happy Birthday, Fok.
 Not the 64 last, which is the only one I have.  Maybe 202?
 I wish I had a smart reply like Tif would, but I'm not that creative, since I'm just another shoe guy I guess...
 You tell him, ryden!
Those stingray sport trainers are so not me but I still want a pair.  If I were a badass, I would buy a pair...
Doh, I had assumed they were Norwegian based. But don't let d*3 hear me, it'll just confirm to him that I'm not a real card carrying boot guy.
 The bentivegna had me curious so I had to look it up and I'm even more confused.  I'll just put in the category of something like norvegese but Italian-based.  I guess I'll browse and play it by ear.  Thanks for the input.
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