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 Although I didn't order this makeup as my MTO, I'd have to agree with you, tif.  The doak/cc is definitely the classic Galway makeup.  But it's all subjective, right? I will get me a pair of these at some point, although not sure if I'd want mine on a 202.  But then it might not be THE classic makeup.
 A hearty congratulations to you!
 Sorry, @tifosi, but I had to crack up at this.  ryden comes up with some funny s#!t sometimes.  Plus, you're probably taller than me anyway.
 Congrats!  I know you've been waiting on these for a while so you must be pretty excited.  (I miss that excitement.  I haven't received any new boots in over four months!)
 No fit pic?
I'm indecisive about whether I want a wingtip or a cap toe. Yeah, I know, get both, right?
Those are really awesome, @gr789. Every time I see this leather, whether in WT or captoe, I know that I will be getting a pair at some point.
 Just amazing, zippy.  Great combo as well.   I thought I was OCD but jeez, dubs... 
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