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Anybody bought the Apsleys and have pics and/or impressions?
I also take the same size in 325 and 341 lasted boots.
I walked into an Auto Zone wearing my whiskey shell Harlechs (from the first GMTO). I was talking to an Auto Zone employee so didn't see this but my wife told me that some guy did a double take and was checking out my boots. I was somewhat contemplating selling them but maybe I won't now.
Maybe you're not used to unstructured toe boxes, as they definitely can feel different. Some people don't like them for the exact reason you're stating.
That's not a 270 welt, is it?
 I am one of those weird ones who's not crazy about Indy boots nor NSTs but as the saying goes, your boots have changed my mind.  Yes, those socks are amazing but I'd like to know what the leather is.  That's not natural CXL, is it?  Looks almost like a tan calf.
 Pretty awesome, tif.  Glad you were finally able to make that first step.
I'm kind of in an apathetic stage with regards to interest in new boots (of all brands). Thinking maybe the Hopper might have rejuvenated my interest.
 You were going to try to go a whole year of "no spending".  Yeah, right!
 I would say most definitely.  I have both lasts and the Barrie is nice and snug where as the Modified in the same size has ample room in the toe box.  I've actually been able to size down a 1/2 on some Modified boots from my Barrie size.  But since you're an E in Barrie, I wouldn't do that.  Good luck.
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