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  Say, what??
Thanks, saz.Much appreciated, cj.Looking at the pics, I realize they're more in the work boot vein than all my other boots, but definitely not as much as something on the 310. That might be a future buy. I'm repeating myself but those sold out copper task boots on the 310 are incredible. If anyone's got some irl pics of those, pls post.
This thread's been quiet.  At least I know that the DNS redirection error I was getting this morning was not just me. Lots of rain this morning so good day for waxed flesh boots.   [[SPOILER]]
 Congrats!  Glad they weren't my size or it would have been tough.  I would have been sorely tempted even tho' I have them in the colour 8 CXL (but there's really no comparison).  I love the service boots that have the 10-eyelets as opposed to the 7.
 Those look pretty incredible!  Congrats on some great boots.  Both those olive calf and the navy latigo were calling my name but I am resisting the temptation. Enjoy!
 Thanks, SK.  I tried a pair of "boot" trees a while back and they were okay but I found them too narrow for my boots.  I wonder if that's because they're designed for cowboy boots.  Which are more narrow (don't know since I don't have any)?? Look forward to hear how those trees work for your Vibergs.
Very nice, Roguls.  From TSM?  What kind of sole is that?
Congrats, El'!!
^^^^. Awesome job, ColdIron!
 Yeah, that copper task leather is pretty awesome looking.  Speaking of the 310 last (for those of you who have any boots on that last), do you or can you tree those boots?  The toe seems so upturned that would shoe trees "screw up" the shape?  I've been indoctrinated to the point that it's almost heresy not to tree your shoes.
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