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 I am one of those weird ones who's not crazy about Indy boots nor NSTs but as the saying goes, your boots have changed my mind.  Yes, those socks are amazing but I'd like to know what the leather is.  That's not natural CXL, is it?  Looks almost like a tan calf.
 Pretty awesome, tif.  Glad you were finally able to make that first step.
I'm kind of in an apathetic stage with regards to interest in new boots (of all brands). Thinking maybe the Hopper might have rejuvenated my interest.
 You were going to try to go a whole year of "no spending".  Yeah, right!
 I would say most definitely.  I have both lasts and the Barrie is nice and snug where as the Modified in the same size has ample room in the toe box.  I've actually been able to size down a 1/2 on some Modified boots from my Barrie size.  But since you're an E in Barrie, I wouldn't do that.  Good luck.
 Yes, unstructured.  But the bison leather plus the lining makes it pretty sturdy so it will take a while before they collapse (if ever).
Thanks, but too big for me. Plus, just received the bisons so can't splurge on another pair till I thin out the herd.
For me, it basically comes down to the socks I wear with th boots. My 7.5 2030 and 2045 boots I wear with thicker wool socks. The 7's I wear with thin to thin-medium thickness socks. And yes, the 2045 has way more room in the toe box than a similar sized 2030.
 My camera and I do the best we can but I can't compete with some of the photographers on here.  You make good points. I also love the Cat's Paw heel and the Vibram 705 sole.  I agree that it provides better cushioning than Dainite.  The Cat's Paw heel particularly, feels definitely softer and more "cushiony" when the heel strikes.  Not sure if that means the heel will wear more quickly.  I think I've heard some folks say that Cat's Paw heels wear quickly.  And yes, the...
 I'll let one of the experts respond to you.  I only went for the basic MTO level 1.  As you're alluding to, level 2 implies increased cost and more flexibility but I don't know the details.  Plus, I got mine from Skoak and they are sadly discontinuing EG.  They used to have a description on their site that defined the levels.
New Posts  All Forums: