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 I have more patience than ryden.    This MTO was on the 2045.  I went with my Barrie size but some have actually gone 1/2 down from Barrie.  1/2 down from Barrie would have been too tight/snug for me.
Post lady delivered mine around noon but had to be sociable with guests even though I was dying to open the box.  Glad I went with my Barrie size.  It wouldn't have worked to try sizing down another half.  Very happy with these so far.  But they are incredibly heavy.  Heaviest boots I own so far at 1lb 15oz; almost 2 lbs a boot!  
Those look great, Crat!  Worn and used as they were meant to be.
Alden Indy Boots Natural CXL – 7.5D   These boots were purchased new from Moulded Shoe in New York in October 2012 for $565.  They have been worn gently and sparingly, never in rain.  They have always been treed (not included).  I have never used colored cream/wax on these boots, only Saphir Renovateur, Venetian Shoe Cream and GlenKaren cleaner/conditioner.  They have developed a natural patina, particularly at the heel counters and toes.   -  Alden x Moulded Shoe Model...
Mine arrive tomorrow but weekend house guests might prevent me from paying them proper attention. 
    Thanks, Fok.  Got my notification, too.  Just a very short wait now.
Thanks, Sherlock. Very useful info. Will save for reference.
Bumping this. Anyone know?
Absolutely fantastic. Hope I can wear mine enough to get them to that point.
 Thanks.  Interesting, I now need to get over the idea that not using trees is heresy in shoe care. 
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