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 That's why I've always been drawn to the Galway.  But that's probably the only EG shoe/boot that interests me.  And G&G falls into that category as well, as wonderful footwear as they make. ryden, how about posting pics of your three Galways?
 I own NO Edward Green.    But that might change. You see, I am weird.  I only do boots and I lean heavily toward the casual side.  That rules out a lot of brands.
I predict a Galway in my future...
Are you thinking a dressy boot or more casual?
 Congrats!  Great scores, especially the Harlech!
  Agreed.  Not sure if it's the angle but they seem higher than the Service Boots.  More like the height of a Country Derby boot.
Interesting...new boot from Viberg...  
 That is an awesome sweater!
 Hey Zapa, patrick is from New York.  That should explain things and you shouldn't take offense.  I was initially taken aback at his comments but I am now amused.  And he is knowledgeable (even though he only wears black footwear).
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