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Was there an official "color" of the zug leather for our Snowdon GMTO?  Was it oxblood?
 Thanks, wigglr.  You have quite an enviable collection.
Waxed flesh when new:     Now...  
Wearing my very first Aldens today. I've come close to selling them many times but keep them for mostly sentimental reasons.  
 I am a 7UK in the Oscar last and I am ordering the same size for the Snowdon GMTO.
 I've only bought from their brick & mortar store in Tokyo, but they were extremely nice and accommodating.  Not sure if they can ship to the US. However, I don't think you're going to do better price-wise than Anatomica.  Not sure they'd be able to deduct the 8% tax, either.  If I remember correctly, shell boots were over 100,000 yen, about two years ago.  Then add tax on top of that.
 Yours are aging nicely.  Mine are probably more scuffed but yours are nicely "evenly" scuffed.  The heel counters on mine are banged up pretty bad.
I think preference for the work boot type last (i.e., 64) vs. the sleeker lasts (i.e., 82), boils down to your wardrobe.  I am almost always in denim or chinos and have hardly any use for sleeker lasts, however aesthetically pleasing to me.  I know some like to wear 82 last Galways with denim and that's okay.  Just not me.  As always, it's a matter of personal preference.  I have a very few pairs of "sleeker" shoes/boots that I use when I wear a suit or trousers/blazer....
 Thanks for update, Nigel.  And for everything you've done.  This GMTO has moved faster than any others I've seen.
UPS for me on Monday, but I'm waiting for the tennis highs.
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