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Looking at these sweaters, I wish I lived in a colder climate.
Yeah, probably, lol.
 I'll quote you, "That's really interesting".  I only have one pair on the 2045 and they are my least favorite Vibergs, mostly due to fit.  And I'm not sure if it's that I could have sized down by a half or that like you, the last is not right for my foot.  But when I wear them again, I am going to pay better attention to what you've stated.  My 2030 boots feel just great.
 Absolutely no need to apologize.  And welcome again. Maybe some others may be able to provide additional comparisons and advice.  I do have the AE Strands on the 5-last, and interestingly, in a 7.5D as well.  They are a bit snug and I think I could have gone with a 7.5E, although they get very little wear.  So we're similar there. I have four pairs of Viberg 2030 boots --- 3 pairs are a 7 and one pair is a 7.5.  I can wear thin/medium weight socks on the 7's, and on the...
^ btw, welcome to the forum.
 Your best bet is to provide some other brands (Alden, AE, Viberg, Trickers, etc) that you have experience with and preferably, ones that fit you well.  That way, people can draw comparisons with the 325 for you.  It's hard to give sizing advice in a vacuum.
My aged bark inferiority complex is getting worse...
Thx. I had forgotten about those copper task boots. I did have my eye on those.
Thanks, Ryden. These boots are monsters, heavier than any of my other Vibergs except for the waxed flesh GMTO that we did. The leather is quite thick, accounting for the extra weight. However, they are very comfortable, and I'm guessing will be extremely comfortable once the leather softens up.
 Thanks for that info.
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