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 Even boot guys have to acquire and own shoes for certain occasions.  Like, I am going to have to buy a pair of shoes for a new suit that I bought.  But since they'll rarely see the light of day, I can't justify the top tier and will settle for a Carmina or EB, I think. It's okay for boot guys to know a bit about shoes.  They're just not allowed to own more shoes than boots. 
   Maybe my feel are sensitive but I definitely notice a difference in the above two heels.  If I'm not mistaken, I think the curved heel is called a Thomas heel (or was the Foot Balance Erco heel)?  Mine aren't on the Trubalance last but I definitely feel that the Erco heel gives substantially more of a feel of arch support.  I actually quite like it.
 I hope so, too.  Thanks!
I'm going to get a complex if I keep hearing aged bark boots and Walmart boots in the same sentence.  That said, my incoming aged bark Service Boots look like they've vanished.  They left customs last Thursday and the USPS has no status after that and they were shipped Priority Mail.  Emailed the USPS so they'll hopefully find them.   On a separate topic, the Context horse butt or whatever leather is just amazing. I would have pounced if they weren't on the 2045 last.
Really tempted by those teak horsehide trainers. But being a boot guy, I better wait for the unfinished highs due in Oct/Nov.
Tobacco chamois is a great bad weather leather.
 Yeah, I think the confusing verbiage was discussed earlier or it might have been on the Viberg GMTO thread.  Some folks love the 2045 (or the 2040) last.  I have a pair of the SF GMTO waxed flesh boots on the 2045 and they are my least favorite Vibergs.  Not because of the leather but the last.  It just doesn't work well for my feet. Also, if these were shell, the price would be north of $1K.
 Be forewarned they are not shell.  Shell is actually not a leather but a membrane below the hide.  I believe the Context boots are made from horse butt or the leather above the shell (horse rump hide).  The Context verbiage is a bit confusing and might be misleading.
 That's fine.    That's why I said everybody's different.  I have the same last in both flat and storm welt and my experience is not the same as yours.
I love Vibergs but I'm passing.  Just not feeling it for these...
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