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 Be forewarned they are not shell.  Shell is actually not a leather but a membrane below the hide.  I believe the Context boots are made from horse butt or the leather above the shell (horse rump hide).  The Context verbiage is a bit confusing and might be misleading.
 That's fine.    That's why I said everybody's different.  I have the same last in both flat and storm welt and my experience is not the same as yours.
I love Vibergs but I'm passing.  Just not feeling it for these...
 Weird, I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw the pic.
They look too much like my Alden/J.Crew #8 PCT boots that I paid less than $600 for.  Having said that, I'm waiting on a pair of aged bark Service Boots.
There is a ton of sizing advice on the Viberg thread with different viewpoints that should be considered.
 I really think you shouldn't focus on the type of leather/tanning but on the last.  The different type of leather (shell, CXL, calf oak tan, etc.) is not going to make enough of a difference to warrant changing the size WITHIN a specific last.  If an 11E Barrie is the best fit for you (albeit a bit loose in the heel), most will recommend that you go with a Viberg size 11 for the 2030 last, regardless of leather.  As others have said, you need to take this advice from all...
^ Thanks.  Great picture!
 Those look really comfortable.  They certainly are dark.  Did they start out about the color of the previously posted PCT aged bark Service Boots?  Or did yours start out darker?
     I think Ryden is spot on.  The 202 would probably have worked better for me.  I also think the 82 is gorgeous, but I veer toward the casual extreme so an 82 Galway would see way less wear than my 64 veldt Galways.
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