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 That's a really great shot, like from a movie or something.  Boots are awesome.  I have a few Vibergs but no boondockers yet.  But I will.
 Three extra days of glorious anticipation. Enjoy them!
Thanks, d*3.  Just need to wait now and hope for no duty (USPS).
 I thought the same thing and actually asked Gabriel to confirm they are on the 64 (they are).  I had asked for Christmas red lining (just for kicks) but Gabriel told me not to expect them to do that (not sure why).
 Thanks, Ryden.  I will definitely provide feedback on these since we are 2030 soul brothers.  Thanks!
 Sorry, I realize that was a low blow since mine are in gold Utah as well... I take it back (too late?)
 They know you're really a shoe guy...
Holy crap!  Just got an invoice for mine...  
My hems are usually 7" or 7.25", so not ultra narrow, but mine do get stuck on pull tabs. However, I don't mind too much. Sometimes I just leave them stuck for a more street vibe.
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