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^ don't even say that.
And @Murph65, in case you don't know, @glenjay really knows his stuff.  His input should be considered seriously.
 This MTO closes at 6pm PST so you have some time to read through this thread to get a feel for everyone's comments regarding fit and sizing.  There is quite a lot of input so it's worth it for you to feel comfortable.  In a nutshell, most are recommending to go with your Barrie/Trublance size for the 2045 as well.  That's what I did.
 My rivets fit me perfectly in a 30.  I sized down to a 29 in the Wilshire and I'm glad that I did.  They were pretty snug (but not too tight) at first but have stretched a very small bit to perfection.  If you think the waist in a 30 is too tight from the measurements, I wouldn't expect it to stretch very much.
 This happens to pretty much all my shell boots/shoes.  I'll let the experts tell you why it happens but if you put the trees in the shoes, and then use your thumb or finger and just rub the crease where that rough line is, it will go away.  For some reason, creases in the shell often do this.  Vigorous rubbing will get them smooth again.  Nothing to worry about.
Last I heard, opinions is that it will never happen.  Too many people signed up for it and Alden presumably won't do orders that are too big.  And that's aside from the presumed scarcity of cigar.  We can always hope and it won't hurt as we didn't put down any money.
 The C&J site lists whether a shoe/boot comes standard in any width other than E.  I don't recall that many do.  I'll leave it to the C&J experts to chime in on this one.
CXL is right up there with shell for me.
 Wouldn't they call that an 'F'?
Now why didn't I think of that! 
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