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 Hey Will, immensely pleased you've joined this thread.  Your knowledge and experience will certainly be appreciated.  I am certain that C&J are missing you terribly.  Since you sold me those Harlechs, I have bought a pair of Conistons on sale from Barneys and really enjoying them.  I'm also on a group MTO for a whiskey shell Harlech that we are hoping will arrive in a month or so. Lauren Taylor is coordinating that MTO for us. As a side note, I think you have corrupted my...
Yes, I'd like to get on the next round of the Kudu boot as well.  But I think I'd rather have the Kudu on the Oscar last as they did on the first run of it.  Think EP went with the Forest on the 2nd run as some folks wanted the wider widths that are not offered on the Oscar.  But I think the Oscar fits the more casual orientation of the Kudu boot than the Forest.
Received the Wilshire jeans today.  Quite happy with them.  As others noted, they are surprisingly soft and comfortable for 14oz denim, even having been washed/rinsed once.  It's taken me almost five pairs of raw/almost raw selvedge denim to know how to really get a pair that fit me how I like.  And even then, you have to adjust if they're sanforized or not, one-wash or not, etc.   The denim and finish seems high quality.  I find the top block down to about mid-thigh to...
 Last shipment from the 92 Jermyn St store in October was shipped to me via ParcelForce in the UK and then by the USPS in the US.  No duties involved, luckily.
I posted on the EP Carmina MTO thread as well --- haven't received any email notification so I went ahead and paid my balance anyway. Has anyone received an email on this?
Looks like the WWII MTO boots are in. Haven't received an email saying that my balance was due as I thought I would, but I went ahead and paid it so hopefully they will ship tomorrow.
You need a bigger/taller rack, man!
Mike et al, likewise, the WWII boot in Scotchgrain is listed. Are you sending out emails? Also, did the Carmina trees come with the shipment for those of us that ordered them?
I'm sad to hear that Will Powell is no longer there. He was so knowledgeable about everything C&J and was incredibly nice to work with. Good choice on the Skye.
I blame all of you posting rave reviews of the EPLA Wilshire jeans for me buckling and ordering a pair.  Not that I really need any more "almost" raw denim, but at $150 for a quality pair, how can you not take the plunge?
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