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Very, very nice, @tanbar!!
How many of you are just putting on your poker faces?? 
 I went with my Barrie size for the 2030s I got and I like the fit.  I definitely have more room width wise (and overall I think) in the Vibergs but the tightness across the instep is about the same. I could possibly have sized down a half on the Vibergs but that would have meant I'd have to wear thin dress socks pretty much exclusively and I didn't want that. Another factor is pretty subjective and it's how snug one personally likes the boots to fit.  I personally don't...
I was going to get them because I just got the color 8 cxl's and I loved them so much. I blinked and my size was gone! Now I can hopefully blink for just over a week and save myself $1100-1200!!
Looks like they restocked the 2030 brown CXL service boots on the Viberg site.
Warning, thread jack. I should look for a how-to video. I'd like to be able to do fairly simple things myself like hemming and shortening sleeves, etc. I have a sewing machine that my mother-in-law had that I could learn on.Was it hard to learn?
Did you create a video? 😄
Thanks, guys.
A little distraction from all the shell love going on here.  Just received these Alden/Leffot boots, my first on the Plaza and I am smitten by this last, as I knew I would be.  The suede, the last itself and the single flex sole make them supremely comfortable.  I've been rotating between two pairs of new Vibergs, trying to break them in quickly, and I've been thinking that they were pretty comfortable for being work boots, but these suede Aldens (obviously not work...
I'm with OptoDoc.  You pursued an MTO for a reason.  I personally would rather pay the full MTO price and get exactly what you want.
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