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 Yeah, you've worn them much more than I have and they sure look awesome. And yes, salt and any other grime, chemicals, etc. can do a number on your boots. However, I would take care of the toplift as another poster mentioned.  If you haven't gone through the rubber to the leather, it should be easy and inexpensive to replace the toplift.  Otherwise, you'll have to have the stacked leather portion replaced as well.  And it likely won't be any where as good a quality...
Wow, I thought I had some pretty good wear on mine but you've got me beat by far. Those look awesome! How often are you wearing them?
That's a good fit and a nice color.
 I have a few CT boots in brown so I've told myself that this makeup would be too duplicative.  And my colour 8 Service Boots lean to the brown end of the color spectrum.  However, your picture of the brown CXL Service Boots has got to be the best I have seen yet.  They almost look like shell in that picture.  Has my resolve weakening.
 Gorgeous.  I get jealous every time I see these, knowing I'll probably never have a pair.  If I squint my eyes when I'm wearing my Guidi olive boots, I can almost pretend they're brandy shell...
 Amazing!  Those boots look absolutely pristine, like beautifully colored glass.  Double congrats, but particularly on your baby girl.
 Awesome color and combo!
 Be careful of the humor.  You'll have more guys signing up for Tif's therapy sessions.
 I just heard that Dave Copeland wants to join the group.
For some reason, I also feel better as well.  Thanks, guys.
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