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For anyone who owns horsehide, what is it like? Tough, hard to break in? Soft, comfortable from the start? Creasing? Patina?
Whoever gets the smoke grey kudus, please post pics!  Those were rough out, right?
 I don't go OCD over the leather laces turning but the black wide, flat, waxed cotton laces get me frustrated every time I'm lacing them up.  Even the flat narrow Alden laces drive me crazy sometimes.
I'm wearing the heck out of the SF waxed flesh boots and loving them.  In addition to the derby shoes, what else is arriving imminently?
 namor is a lot more observant than I am.  I didn't even notice you had different laces on and I have those same boots!  I thought something looked different but it didn't click.  Duh.  But you've given me an idea, hoit.  However, I do find that round laces are faster to lace up if you're OCD about not having any of the flat laces turning on you.
Got my FF rivets in Golden and Rust yesterday.  Going to treat them with the dye fixative (Retayne) that was recommended as these colors presumably fade quite dramatically.  I have to say both the Golden and Rust colors are pretty awesome.
Thanks, Sherlock. 👍
This echoes my sentiments. I have owned (and still own) boots like this --- where I'm not particularly crazy about how they look new but they turn out spectacular once the patina sets in along with a well worn look. I'd love to see how they turn out after a year of effective use.You've got quite a rare makeup there that should turn out fantastic. Congrats.
Whatever happened to the Skye III? Was there ever such a thing?
 First of all, I blame you, Aviv, because your posts broke my resistance.  I'd been eyeing these boots but held off because I have at least two very similar non-Viberg boots.  I buckled after looking at pics of your boots. Not sure why you're saying it's in CAD.  At least for me, it was all in USD, and that includes the shipping charge which was $65 USD.  I still bought them.  The "Guidi" is what did it for me. Good luck selling yours.  I would have bought them if they...
New Posts  All Forums: