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 I love those boots!  The Barrie last works for me but I love plain toe Modified last boots (not shoes though).  Well done and enjoy. Did you get those at Moulded Shoe or overseas?
I know my WWII boots (arriving tomorrow) are on the Oscar last.
 Most of my denim is pretty dark.  I wear mine with Momo 702 and Momo 702BR, which are a very, very dark indigo.  The 702s have a black weft so they're even darker.  I agree that some raw denim where the indigo is not as dark may not go as well with burgundy/#8.  But indigo denim that's almost black will go great.
 I wear burgundy/#8 boots/brogued footwear with dark denim all the time.  I think it looks great.
 That's hilarious!  But I can see the navy going well with chinos. 
Sorry, Notreknip, I'm a 7UK. And I might have actually considered trading, too.
I got my shipping notice that the WWII boot in scotchgrain has been shipped.  Although the photo of the boots that was posted does indeed show them to be quite gorgeous, I was quite surprised (and maybe somewhat disappointed) at how dark they are.  I know there was a disclaimer about variance and I read Mike's comments on the EP thread but I wasn't quite expecting there to be such a dramatic difference from the example that was provided at the time of the order.  The color...
 Just another comment, though.  After reading about GlenKaren shoe care products, I decided to give them a try. I haven't actually used them yet but going by all the comments, I'll probably only use the Reno on my less favorite boots now.
 You're not cheap, it's hard to buy product that costs about $20 each and then pay $15 for shipping.  I bought my Reno and other Saphir products from Wingtip.  They have free shipping for orders over $50.
 Agreed.  I regret not getting in on that order.  I couldn't justify ordering more than one boot and the scotch grain was just calling out to me.  The cognac shell looks spectacular!  I paid my balance last Sunday and was hoping they would ship on Tuesday but they were probably too busy.  Maybe today.  The pic that's now posted just increases the anticipation.  I agree with you.  The hatch grain example showed at the time of the order was more brown with no orange in it...
New Posts  All Forums: