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 Yeah, other than the cost of making the switch, what holds me back is that I've got this distressing thing going on with my 2045's that I'm really liking.  New 2030 waxed flesh boots --- I'd have to start all over again.  But once I get past a few purchases higher on the priority list, I might just do that.
 You will love the Harlechs.  Are you getting the dark brown shell version?  Congrats on your decision.
 I totally concur with this.  The 2030 last is right up there as one of the 2-3 best fitting lasts across all brands for me.  I love the look aesthetically as well.  So much so that after seeing the brown waxed flesh 2030 boots at Notre, I'm tempted to switch mine on the 2045 for those. I do like variety and would like to try something on the 310 at some point.  Now that would be different.  What was that unreal makeup a while ago?  Copper task?
I am so glad I don't wear a watch.  That would be the death of me.   Edit: I took a look and I do have to admit that the AP 15450 is absolutely gorgeous.  It's exactly the kind of watch I'd want to wear if I did wear a watch.  But I haven't been out looking so don't really know what else is out there.  And I don't really want to start.
I haven't ordered the latest Saddle or Mocha tennis trainers but here's one for the previous round of high tennis trainers --- this is for Team Sienna Brown. Wearing them today. I want to see what comes down the road in the high trainers for CC.  
^^ wow, awesome job and great score!
Thanks, d*3. You know I was just giving you a hard time, right? I'm truly happy to wait an extra few months. As you say, I already have enough boots (is there such a thing?) that I really don't need to be adding anymore. But I think that's everybody's story here.
 Yeah, you really did just rain on my parade.  Thanks, d*3.
 I've used the Epics in my 2045 boots and the AE trees in my 2030 boots.  The AE's in the 2030 are not a great fit, especially at the heel but the trees are not big enough to where I feel they'd stretch my boots.  Not too worried as they're Vibergs so not concerned about creasing, etc.
 You made my day!  At least I can hope based on the arrival of your beautiful boots.  I placed my order in the 2nd week of February.  I wasn't expecting my Galways till late June or July sometime.  Mine are hopefully shortly behind yours.  Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: