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 My apologies!  WHEN I get my next Galways, they will be on the 202 last...
 If I get another Galway, it will be on the 202.  btw, great boots!
Totally agree that the Russian leather is on fire.
 This post generated quite a few responses and got me thinking. My boot collection probably remains Alden-centric (not sure it's "flagship" material).  But sprinkled with liberal doses of C&J and especially Viberg. Right now, Viberg is my favorite brand. I am waiting for my first EG, a chestnut Utah Galway on the 64 last.  Not sure if this is going to change things for me, but I seem to read this EG thread with much more interest nowadays.  I certainly don't need any more...
^. Agreed. I washed my 100% cotton LBM 1911 in hot and dried on hot in an effort to shrink it and it came out fine. Unfortunately for me, it didn't shrink at all!
I've been mulling over selling mine as well but I just can't seem to get myself to do it.  They don't get much wear and they're one of the few AE's I have left.   Edit:  But they don't look anywhere as pristine as yours do, @rydenfan.  All your boots look pretty much pristine! 
 I've filed this post and will contact you when I'm ready.  Thanks!
Great collection, @Carson. Great post. I have C&Js but have wanted to check out some Trickers at some point. You have fueled the fire.
Mine also. Thank you Dwf for expressing my thoughts better than I could have.
I'm sorry I even responded.  He's probably a troll.
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