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 Thanks again for the input.  Just wanting to be prepared in case something interesting comes up.  Always need to be ready to act quickly!
 Thanks for the input.  Do you take the same size in the 1035 as the 2030?  Same size in the 1035 as the 110? I have 2030 and 2045 service boots and think I am coming to the conclusion I could have sized down 1/2 for the 2045 from my 2030 size.  So wondering about the 1035 and the 110...
@Raneleigh, how do you like the 1035 last?  Impressions?
 Thanks for sharing, Roguls.  Pretty amazing selection, way more than Lakota House (which I was expecting to have a decent selection).  I had thought that Moulded Shoe was grandfathered in to be able to sell shell on the Modified but I guess there was more to it than that.  I will have to try to visit Anatomica soon.
I got over my uncertainty over the white soles on the snuff tennis shoes and ordered a pair.  The IRL pics that have been posted won me over.  Looking forward to wearing them for the rest of summer and beyond.
 This just goes to show that all feet are different.  I consider my feet to be fairly normal as well.  The usual advice is to go with your Barrie size for most of the Viberg lasts. And you've actually sized 1/2 down from your Barrie.   I went with my Barrie size for Service Boots in the 2030 and also in the 2045 last.  The fit on the 2030's is perfect and 1/2 down on those just wouldn't work.  Now on the 2045's, I might have been able to (barely) adjust to 1/2 down (i.e.,...
@blue collar, amazing job!
 +1.  That would be a good combo as well.
Really tempted by the snuff trainers but the white sole is going to make me hold off, hoping EP will release a snuff version with a gum sole.
Damn, there're more 7.5's out there than I would have expected.  Not good.
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