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 They might be.  Japanese are very much into vintage and work boot style footwear.  It's interesting but I can't remember who said that they were surprised how stylish everybody was in Tokyo.
I've heard good things about Japanese-made boots that I'd like to try a pair at some point.
 Clinch makes engineer boots and work boot type footwear.  Don't know much about them except that they're "hand-made" in Japan.
 Unlike d*3, I don't have enough wingtip footwear.
 Heck, at your rate of purchase, you must always be pumped...
 Interesting, most of the Clinch tie-up boots are like that.
I've always wondered this but never asked.  What's the purpose of/how do you use --- that eyelet at the very top above the speed hooks?  I'd think it would make it more difficult to lace up if you used it.
 The thrill of your first EGs; that feeling is still fresh for me.
Take this for what it's worth, considering I'm not a shoe guy, but those are outstanding!  Beautiful!
I think I'm going to have to block him then.
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