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I absolutely love the fit of my 379X boots.
Regarding putting taps on Dainite heels, I certainly wouldn't do it. I think they would upset the balance of the boot. The heel and sole are designed to be at certain heights and adding taps might change the gait of your step.
^^ I love the look of those well-worn and loved Galways. All subjective. Although I say I love this look (which I really do), it will be hard not to baby my Galways when they arrive.
 I look forward to that as I'm curious after all the hullaballoo about Viberg going GYW.  I hope you have some stitchdown Vibergs as well so you can do a comparison.
 Gorgeous color.  The eyelets really make a difference.
 I had always assumed Snowdens had bellows tongues since they've got Veldtschoen construction so it would make sense.  So I just checked the C&J site and sure enough, the verbiage does indicate a bellows tongue.  So go figure...
 I tend to agree that C&J designs their shoes/boots this way.  All my C&J boots have facings that come close to touching.  My boots from other makers are not like that at all.
 The other poster's advice is correct.  I am an 8D on the Brannock.  I have 2030s in 7.5 (thicker socks) and also in 7 (thin socks).  So I went down a full size for the 2030 for use with thin socks.  The most common advice is to go down 1/2 size from your Brannock or US size.  So to be safe, you should go with a 7 in the 2030 last.  If you've got medium to thinner feet, or you're on the smaller side of 7.5D, then you could go with a 6.5.
I was (nicely) called tunnel-visioned for pretty much wearing boots exclusively.  So I'm trying to remedy that (also partly due to it hitting almost 100F here now) and kopped the slate calf (low) tennis trainers.  I have the same in snuff suede and love them.  I get so many compliments on them as well as the Sienna brown high trainers.
 You are of course, so correct.  But I do think you are calling me tunnel-visioned.   JK, d*3.
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