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 Interesting, most of the Clinch tie-up boots are like that.
I've always wondered this but never asked.  What's the purpose of/how do you use --- that eyelet at the very top above the speed hooks?  I'd think it would make it more difficult to lace up if you used it.
 The thrill of your first EGs; that feeling is still fresh for me.
Take this for what it's worth, considering I'm not a shoe guy, but those are outstanding!  Beautiful!
I think I'm going to have to block him then.
Tif always has a way with words.
Please wait. Selling your Galways will surely be a decision you regret, especially now with the increased pricing.
 +1000 on the Galway 64.  Plus @Kahuna75, you add the Veldt 64 with some Utah or CC leather, and you've got a pretty good shit-kickin' boot. 
I actually agree with what you guys are saying.  The difference is my standards are lower than yours!  lol.  Part of it also is that because of my casual aesthetic, I don't have a lot of choices to select from that really suit my wardrobe from the likes of EG, GG, St Crispins.  For EG, the only boots that really appeal to me are the Galways.  I'd easily want more on the 64 and might go for one on the 202.  Everything else is too dressy.   That's why Alden and Vibergs...
 I think that you care about the differences in quality/finishing between EG/GG/etc and say, Alden or Viberg, way more than I do.  I don't deny that EG's quality and finishing are superior to other mid-tier manufacturers.  I'm different in that I still really, really like my Aldens and Vibergs. I don't really wear shoes much and my aesthetic is so casual that I don't think Galways on the 82 (or maybe even 202) would get worn much.  So I have my 64-last Galways which I...
New Posts  All Forums: