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 Yes, that's a bit of consolation.  But when you're pushing almost $2K for a pair of boots, it gives me heartburn.  I thought I was going to get an ulcer when I went over the $1K threshold.
 I know boots are meant to be worn but I don't know if I'd be brave enough to do that to a pair of Galways, the king of boots.
I don't have the willpower to not wear new boots.  They're on my feet as soon as I get them.  @NAMOR is right, this is some crazy next level shit.
 Gorgeous shade of doak!  I wish I had preordered another pair of Galways when I could have got them at that price.  Great score, congrats!
Very nice!
 Send me your address, please.  I'm going to send you my 2045s (they're on commando) so you can use your herculean strength to twist them into shape!  Hah!
That horse butt leather is amazing, guys.  Congrats!
Looking at these sweaters, I wish I lived in a colder climate.
Yeah, probably, lol.
 I'll quote you, "That's really interesting".  I only have one pair on the 2045 and they are my least favorite Vibergs, mostly due to fit.  And I'm not sure if it's that I could have sized down by a half or that like you, the last is not right for my foot.  But when I wear them again, I am going to pay better attention to what you've stated.  My 2030 boots feel just great.
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