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I buckled and ordered the high-top trainers in sienna brown.  Building up my collection of trainers, which I hardly wore before.
 After owning the SF GMTO waxed flesh boots for about six months now, I have been thinking the same thing. Ours weren't made in cork of course, but I'm finding the larger lug Commando sole/heel (much chunkier than Alden's commando) is a bit too clunky/bulky for my personal tastes.  Dainite would have been perfect. 
 That's great!  I love stories like this.
 Way to go, Giants!   (former Bay Area resident)
 Yeah, size 9 on the 2045 should work perfectly for you.  Glad you were able to get something.  Please post pics when you get them.
  Thanks for the kind words, pb.  Funny you comment on the hem width.  I am somewhat self-conscious that they're too wide.  The inseam is so long and they're unsanforized so I don't want to get them hemmed yet.
 @atsumner, it is a crap shoot, but if you aren't able to actually try on some Viberg lasts, what are you going to do?  I wasn't going to wait till I could do that so I looked at all the advice and took a chance.  For the most part, I think the general advice is pretty spot-on, although of course there are always outliers, both ways.  I would say that if you have an "average" foot, the chances are fairly good that you will come out on the good side of the crap shoot. The...
Good score! They look great.
Thanks, guys. I am getting good wear and enjoyment out of them.Thanks, ryden. Rogue Territory. My first foray into unsanforized.
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