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   Thanks, guys for your input.  I only have one pair of C&J boots at the moment (Harlechs on the 341 last) and the other brands I buy don't "switch" lasts on a model.  Some, like Alden, don't really have model names unless they're special makeups for some retailer.  It just seems weird to me that they'd make a boot for Barneys that's called the Coniston and then make it on a different last and use a different leather than the standard ones on that model.  If the last and...
 Thanks, Alcibiades, for posting this and sharing your thoughts/goals on this tough subject.  I've been thinking about this too and have posted complaints that I like my boots to have a worn-in look and they just weren't getting there because I've been buying too many.  You have given me the impetus to put a specific plan together like you have. Great input!
Okay, so I ordered a pair of Conistons from the Barneys sale this morning.  Great price.  But I'm looking at the pictures on their site of this Barneys' presumably exclusive makeup, and it seems to me that the boots sure look like they're made on a different last than the 325.  I don't own anything on the 325 yet but tried some on when I visited their store on Jermyn St a while back.  The Barneys pics shows those Conistons with a sleeker-looking toe box and front area than...
I said I wasn't going to buy any more boots for a while and then this sale happens. Just bought a pair of Conistons. Says something about my willpower.
 The Long Branch also has the Poron insole.  There is something wrong with the fit of your walnut shell Daltons if your feet hurt at the end of the day.  I don't think the Poron insole and Vibram sole on the Long Branches is the only difference.  Something in the fit of the Daltons, even if they're the same size, is just not right.
 The pic of the cordovan swatch pad (post 37 of this thread) sure makes the C&J whiskey look quite similar to Alden's ravello.  Not sure about others on this MTO, but I wouldn't mind a bit if it were just like ravello!
 Sell your walnut shell Daltons??  Because of your Long Branches?  Ouch!  I have both and imo they are different enough to not even consider getting rid of either.  I'd only say to sell the Daltons if they do not fit well.  Those walnut shell boots might be scarce for a while.
Get a new dancing partner! 
I think it was Nick Horween who also recommended a product called Vectra-16 (Formula 16).  It's much cheaper than AE and lasts longer.  I've used it and it didn't darken the suede but can't speak yet to how well it protects.  But I do respect Nick's opinion.
Happy B-Day, El!!  You are stylin' on your b-day!
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