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 Weird, I was thinking that exact thing --- being a dressier approach to the Galway, I was wondering if all eyelets instead of speed hooks would fly under the 1st MTO level.  You answered my question.
 I'm kind of in exactly the same situation.  I have quite a few old Rivets but haven't even tried the new Rivets yet.  I've been wanting to try the Driggs but I'm in denim so often that it hasn't been a priority.  I have had a few of my Rivets tapered (the steep twill ones for some reason were a bit wider) so I'm thinking the Driggs might work. @Epaulet --- hey Mike, any thoughts of resurrecting something like the old Smiths in maybe the Wilshire fit?
I've always liked the looks of the corded soles.  Good input, Aviv.
@Shouldaville, those Galways are awesome!  And you've given me an idea for a future Galway boot that I can use for dressier occasions.  Excellent and congrats!
 Here's my experience, fwiw.  I went with conventional wisdom and went a half down from Brannock as with all my Barrie boots.  They are a good fit although I really can't wear thick socks with them.
  Yeah, weird. That was the first thing that struck me when I saw the picture..."damn, they screwed up the last".  But Gabriel assured me they are on the 64. And yeah, Ryden's pic definitely shows the 64 toe correctly, as compared the pic of mine.  I figure they'll arrive next week.
 Thanks, ryden.  Yeah, I know.  So much so that I emailed Gabriel confirming they were on the 64.  Must just be the angle.
 64 last in 7.5E
 You are so right.  Fit is so important to me now that I gravitate to boots that fit me well than those that might aesthetically please me the most.  I got my fingers crossed really tight that the incoming Galways are a good fit.  
 Sorry, my bad.  For some reason, I thought they were whiskey.  We should have a big party when (if ever) you first wear them.
New Posts  All Forums: