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 This is really not good news...
Natural CXL does DEFINITELY darken, as I have three boots in them and they have all darkened.  Some quite a bit, and some very little.
You guys are correct.  The last makeup was also shipped ParcelForce and I got mine delivered by the USPS (albeit not on a Saturday).
My favorite would be a Ravello straight tip boot on the Grant last, 270-welt, double leather JR soles.
I have the Coniston in dark brown calf (makeup for Barney's) which I got on sale for a steal and I really enjoy them.  At some point, I wouldn't mind getting the tan scotch grain version. I do really like the 325 last although I prefer the 341 slightly.
I am anxiously waiting to see you guys posting pics of these new boots.  They are some of the most special boots I own.  You guys should really enjoy them.
Not that I plan to do it, but I'm also curious about how one goes about waxing flesh/suede type leather. What type of wax, etc.
 http://brooklynclothingco.bigcartel.com/products But looks like they're out of size 8.  Give them a call, because I know they're working with Viberg to restock some of their makeups.
 Yeah, there's been feedback that the steep twill rust and golden (maybe others) seem to fade faster than usual.  Mike had recommended to use a dye fixative.  I just got my rust and golden a few days ago and went through the Retayne soaking process.  Unfortunately, the directions for Retayne stated that you couldn't use a He (high efficiency) washing machine.  So I soaked them manually in hot water for 20 minutes.  Seemed to do the trick as I washed them twice after that...
 That's correct.  I got an email a few days ago announcing that the tan horsehide boots would go on sale at noon PDT today.  Most of the popular sizes were gone in about 20 minutes.  Which is not too bad since the recent shell boots went in like, what, 5 seconds?
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