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 This is classic!
^^ Beautiful, Mike.
I don't have the sport trainers but I use Woodlore Epic trees in my tennis trainers and they fit perfectly.  A little loose but that's preferable for sneakers.  I would think the JAB or AE trees in a smaller size would fit the sport trainers okay.
EG 606 = Alden Plaza   Nice looking last!
I understand that sneakers/trainers stretch very easily so if you're going to use trees, make sure they're on the smaller side.
Very very nice, @Deusis. Great score.
Yeah, I've always thought the 2030 last looked remarkably similar to the Barrie.  The 2030 last fits me much better, though.
@JSO1, great post.  Thanks for taking the time to share.
I have the high tennis trainers in Sienna brown but I'd sure like another pair in CC.
 Very, very nice.  How is the fit?  I'm curious about the 1035 last.  Some say it's like the 2030 but with a rounder toe.  Can you compare them to any other Viberg last?  Congrats!
New Posts  All Forums: