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 Why am I not surprised to hear you say all these things?  I do plan to pay a visit next time I make it that way. 
 If it's any solace, one person thought your joke was funny...
Jeez, if you consider the 202 last blobby, then what do you consider the 64?  Bablobby??   I know the 64 is more of work boot aesthetic but I never considered the 202 blobby.
 Too bad they don't fit you.  They are quite nice and I'd buy them if they were my size.  I love the makeups Alden does for Japan.
I received just one pair of Galways and I was pretty excited, but you guys are killin' it with tons of MTOs coming in. I think I'd be overwhelmed with too much goodness.   That green suede is amazing, @rydenfan!!
 Damn, Ryden, that leather is just amazing!  Congrats.
 Galways are outstanding!
   Thanks, guys. d*3, it's funny but I was thinking of that already.  But I realize I'm going to have to take some time to digest these Galways and form some opinions about them after some wear before I make any decisions in that regard. Ryden, your feedback is important to me because we both feel the Viberg 2030 last is a good fit for our feet.  So, are you saying that you prefer the 64 last to the 202 or the 82?  From pictures of various Galways, I can see that the 64 is...
 Thanks for the visual.  I was confused by "double Dainite" as I was relating the double to an extra layer of rubber vs. a thicker leather midsole.  I am wiser now.  Thanks for the clarification, Leaves.
Are those fully lined?
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