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Thanks, guys. Wore them this evening at home and no regrets. @Skell6009, they're the first Vibergs I own that are leather and not Dainite. From a totally aesthetic standpoint, I prefer leather, but I understand the utility of Dainite or commando type soles. Viberg leather soles look very high quality. @jimanchower, congrats. Looking forward to seeing pics.
Guidi matte black boots arrived today.  Crappy iPad pic, sorry.  These are my most comfortable Vibergs yet.  
 Thanks for the input.
Mike, do you plan to bring back a 5-pocket canvas jean anytime soon?  Kind of like the Smith jeans from a year ago.
 That's what happened when I had something shipped to me via DHL (from Turkey).  I escaped duty but had to pay handling/brokerage fees.  What I was wondering was whether FedEx charges handling/brokerage fees for shipments from Canada. However, I will obviously find out and I'm not going to refuse the boots regardless.  Just curious and wondering what to expect.
   thanks for the response, guys.  Yeah, I figured no import duty due to NAFTA but was wondering about handling fees and such.  good to hear. 
 As many say, it didn't happen unless you post pics... However, welcome!
 namor, you crack me up!   No, @jimanchower was saying above that he just ordered the matte black derbies and that might push him to sell his Alden shells.  I didn't comprehend why buying matte black Guidi calf derbies would push him to sell Alden shell.  He didn't give details.
Has Viberg changed their shipping method to the US?  Previously, they had shipped via Canada Post (and then to the USPS).  I just got a shipping notification and they're using FedEx.  The good news is I'll have the boots in two days.  But is the bad news that I may be charged handling/brokerage fees by FedEx to the US?
 Oh, I'd buy a cap toe (like DC) or a plain toe if they were that color!
New Posts  All Forums: