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I'm done with the OCD break-in period and wearing 'em out on the streets today.
I just pulled the trigger on these.  Pretty excited although I'm rolling the dice on the size.  My first Vibergs but I'm confident all the info I've read on this thread has helped me pick the right size.  I'm really interested to see how these compare to the OSB roughout trenches I have. It seems that those who have seen/owned both say Viberg is just on another level. 
^^  triple that.  I do want to give the Skye/Skye 2 a try at some point and I have no experience with the 335 last.  Thanks, Seven!
What are we looking at as far as an estimate of when the boots would be delivered?
How can I not be in for this? I need to read back some more to confirm sizing. I think I am seriously addicted to this game. Really not good for my retirement funds.
^^ Glad you finally got them, hoit!  They look pristine and fabulous!
     Thanks for all your helpful input, guys.  I've been reading about the waxed flesh makeup but I think everyone is leaning towards the 2045 last, right?  Not sure if I want that last as the first Viberg I get.  But it may be wise to not be too picky as these are hard to come by.
   I will, I will. I actually have not been very good at adhering to the so-called break-in regimen.  I don't live in a city where walking is a way of life and I pretty much have to drive to get anywhere.  Having said that, the whiskeys are barely creasing, which is surprising me.  I've bought new shell where after the first try-on and just a few steps, caused decent creases.  I don't mind creases and I actually like the worn-in look much better. Other than boots I intend...
 I'm still learning about the lasts and the different makeups that have happened.  I'm leaning towards starting a Viberg collection with a boondocker/service boot with an unstructured/partially structured toe.  I think I like the 2030 last but not sure yet.  The wax flesh makeups I've seen look amazing.  It might just be a matter of what I can get as it is probably only going to get worse as far as availability. I asked earlier but didn't get any feedback so I'd appreciate...
Hoit, please let us know when you receive your boots and we will all breath a sigh of relief.
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