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 +3.  It's been about two years since I visited Boston and the State Street store but James was everything you would want in someone helping you with your footwear selection.  I would go out of my way to give him my business. 
 Hey prez, if I could ask, did you put yourself on a list with Anatomica?  Or did you have to place a preorder and pay in full beforehand?  I'm guessing the latter.  How long did you have to wait for them? More IRL pics would be appreciated.  Thanks.
 Thanks!  I'm liking these so much I am thinking about picking up the black ones as well.
Mid-top Sienna brown tennis trainers arrived.    
 Great color and patina.  I go through phases but cigar is my favorite shell color right now and your boots confirm why.
 Those look great!  I was thinking that you had waxed the tips on those as well.  I don't think any of my shell boot tips are as smooth as yours.
 Hey ryden, glad to see you're putting some wear on those boots! I love my grey Wilshires.  Waiting on my black overdye Wilshires to get hemmed.  The Wilshire fit is about perfect for me.
Thanks. You didn't purchase a pair?
I buckled and ordered the high-top trainers in sienna brown.  Building up my collection of trainers, which I hardly wore before.
 After owning the SF GMTO waxed flesh boots for about six months now, I have been thinking the same thing. Ours weren't made in cork of course, but I'm finding the larger lug Commando sole/heel (much chunkier than Alden's commando) is a bit too clunky/bulky for my personal tastes.  Dainite would have been perfect. 
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