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My SF GMTO boots haven't stretched either. One would think they would stretch since they're basically natural CXL with the flesh side out. Maybe it's because Viberg uses such thick leather for these.
@Akeem, my olive Guidi boots have "no" eyelets. i don't know the way to technically describe it but there are 10 eyelets and they look blind but there's only leather, no metal. Are these the boots you have? I personally like the way they look blind and am not worried about the leather tearing or stretching.
 Mike, in my opinion, you really nailed the categorization of the two trainers.  I was never a sneakerhead and consider myself in the second category so it's no surprise I ordered the tennis high.
 Wow, those look great. Excellent!
 Much appreciated. 
 I don't have anything on the 1035 so am interested in your feedback regarding a comparison of the width of the waist and heel of the 1035 compared to the 2045 (or 2030 if you have a pair of those).  I don't have anything in the 110.  Thanks.
I'm on the Tennis High team.  Thought about getting the GAT as well but will power held out.   Mike, (@Epaulet), not sure if I missed it on the page but all of these trainers still have the Margom soles, correct?  Didn't see it in the write-up.   I can't believe how excited I am about these. It's weird but I'm looking forward to these as much as my EG preorder. Well, almost anyway. October can't come soon enough.  Mike, you did an awesome job designing these trainers,...
 S%*t, El', I saw your response in my email and thought "what a great idea!", but you beat me to it.  Sort of immodest on my part but Tif's response really made it.  Hah!
Shouldn't we all be working??
Agreed. How Mike's sample pair has developed is incredible.
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