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 Check out the C&J site and look at the standard Islays.  They're in dark brown scotch grain.  You can take a look at the Coniston there, too.  I actually quite like the tan scotch grain that the standard Coniston is made in.  My Coniston from Barneys was in dark brown calf.
 Thanks, Matt, great input.  Yeah, I definitely don't want to look like something out of a Western. The safest is like you say, to wear it with some RC's.  I have some caramel duck Smith jeans that I think would work, too.  Appreciate you weighing in on this.
I love shell, but not to the extreme or exclusive level that some do. I still really enjoy calf, CXL and grained leather. I also wouldn't mind a boot in kudu (missed out on the EP Carmina mto). Which makes me wonder if c&j would do an mto in kudu. Say in the Coniston. Just dreaming...
 These were my wife's introduction to C&J, but in burnished brown.  I am now responsible for their care, as I am for all her footwear it seems.
I'm also not keen on the Cheviots.  I'd only be interested in boots and given what I already have (or will have), I'm left with Conistons, Skye/Skye 2 or Islays.
 Yes, that pic looks great!  Ok, Mike, help me out here.  I've never been a denim jacket guy because I didn't know what I'd wear it with.  I'm guessing I can wear the dark or the distressed with the rivet chinos depending on the color of the chinos.  But when I wear denim, it's usually a very dark denim, so wouldn't I be better off with the distressed jacket?
 Hey hoit, no problem, I was just checking. I like both types of welts.  For some lasts, I don't like the 360-reverse welt because it makes the boot way too wide for my liking (Barrie is a case in point for me).  The Harlech and Coniston look great with the 360-reverse welt.  I was just wanting something different because of what I have already.
 Yes, that is true.  The Harlech has a pointier toe.  The Coniston is rounder and leans from the Harlech more towards say a Grant last.  But the 325 last is very nice as well.  Just from a fit perspective, I love the 341 last.  Aesthetically, I like both equally; they're just different. I'll try to post a side by side in the next few days.
Are you guys adamant about the reverse welt on these boots (whether Harlech or Coniston)?  When I get these whiskey Harlechs, I will own two Harlechs and one Coniston and all have the reverse welt.  I personally would like to change it up a bit and go for a 270-flat welt.  Would that be a no-go for you guys?  I'm actually not sure if C&J would even do that.
^ Huh?
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