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 Thanks, you have just made my MTO wait much more impatient!  Outstanding collection!
 wow, that would be the exact MTO I just submitted, except mine is on the 64 last.  Love the color on his boots; makes me more excited to receive mine.
 Cloud coverage...LOL
@MoosicPa, is the 2nd Galway from the left Utah?  What exact color?  Chestnut?  On the 82 last?
 Wow, I see faintest hint of a "roll" on the C&J's, Mike.  You better get to work with that deer bone or you might not be able to sleep tonight!  (That comment of yours to @Burzan was hilarious!)
Were you trying to keep that a secret? What last?
I'm sure you'll be fine. I've shipped boots via USPS countless times before and never had a problem till just now. Their tracking info leaves a lot to be desired, though.
I feel like I am so done with the USPS.  I sold a pair of Daltons and shipped USPS Priority Mail.  The tracking info says they were delivered on Valentine's Day.  But the buyer never received them.  Buyer has never had a problem with deliveries to his doorstep before.  We both think the USPS screwed up.  Maybe they'll show up but I'm not optimistic.   I don't like UPS either (prefer FedEx) but seriously thinking about not using USPS to ship anymore...
Thanks, @Skell6009, for posting those links.  I enjoyed seeing those various boots.
 Still a great boot.  It's an incredible deal so congrats!
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