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 So Mike, is this like the successor to the old Smith jeans?
   Agreed.  I've tried different sprays and indigo still bleeds onto suede/roughout.  I don't worry about work boot type footwear although I wouldn't want indigo bleed on any dressy type shoes.
 I guess that totally gave me away as a golf doofus.  
 Are you sure something's not gone awry?  I was given an estimate of 8-10 days using USPS by our esteemed colleagues on this thread and it looks like mine will arrive at exactly 10 days (although I don't want to jinx myself).
 I've stopped being embarrassed by the fact that I create a special email that's very handy to me which contains a link at the top to the carrier's tracking site.  And I check the tracking info for updates at least four times a day.  The email's subject line contains the estimated day of arrival so I have a convenient list of all my arrivals and can keep track of them.  I don't think I was born this OCD. And yes, I will post pics.  But I don't have a fancy camera like some...
 I was happy to see my Galways breezed through customs in NYC and have now left Bethpage, NY, wherever that is. 
 Interesting.  Fit in the top block is crucial for me (as I guess it is for everyone).  I thought I read that someone had sized down one from the old Rivets to the new.
 Weird, I was thinking that exact thing --- being a dressier approach to the Galway, I was wondering if all eyelets instead of speed hooks would fly under the 1st MTO level.  You answered my question.
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