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cmon' guys, how about some more pics of the recent whiskey Harlechs in the wild?
 Welcome to SF.  Very nice Islays.  I like how they don't look all shiny and new. 
These boots were purchased new from Alden San Francisco in July 2013.  They have been worn very sparingly, exactly 13 times in just over a year (I keep a spreadsheet). They have been sprayed once with Allen Edmonds suede protector.    There are no spots or stains except for very faint indigo bleed at the tops of the quarters and on the back heel area (please see pics).  Never been worn in rain or inclement weather (El Paso!).   -  Alden Unlined Chukka Boot Model...
I echo everyone's best wishes, Matt  @leftofthedial.  Your input was crucial to me in getting the right fit for my plunge into the world of LBM 1911 blazers.  All the very best in your new endeavor.
 I have the J Crew makeup and while I prefer the 270 welt as it makes the boots a bit sleeker, I do much prefer the antique edge to the black edging on my version.  I can go either way on the speed hooks or not.
No, the real drama is on the official shoe care thread...it comes in waves every few days...
That's a bummer, mh. Wish I were an 11. I'm sure you'll have no problems with takers.
 Thanks for the input, much appreciated.  Thanks, Mike.  Well, I couldn't decide so ended up getting both the loopwheel and the other T in a V-neck.  Also splurged on the indigo over-dye Henley while I was at it.  Looking forward to receiving them after all this hype.
 That is about the best picture I've ever seen of the iconic Indy boot.  Awesome!
Anybody care to compare the loopwheeled t's to the regular $40 t's?  I'd like to try some after all the raving but not sure which to get.  The Henleys look nice as well.
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