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Did you create a video? ūüėĄ
Thanks, guys.
A little distraction from all the shell love going on here.  Just received these Alden/Leffot boots, my first on the Plaza and I am smitten by this last, as I knew I would be.  The suede, the last itself and the single flex sole make them supremely comfortable.  I've been rotating between two pairs of new Vibergs, trying to break them in quickly, and I've been thinking that they were pretty comfortable for being work boots, but these suede Aldens (obviously not work...
I'm with OptoDoc.  You pursued an MTO for a reason.  I personally would rather pay the full MTO price and get exactly what you want.
Munky humor.
That is an incredible deal for whomever gets them.  I am enjoying my SF version Service Boots.  Does anyone know the differences between the 2040 and 2045 lasts?  Can't really tell from the web pictures.
 I would pay $800 for those.  Nice.  When were you able to score those?  I didn't think Moulded had any shell boots in Modified in a couple of years at least.
Here's another for Barrie size = 2030 size.  1/2 down from that would be too snug for me.  I also went with Barrie size = 2045 size but on the 2045, I possibly could have gone 1/2 down but then that would preclude wearing thicker socks.  It'd be dress socks all the time.
 I'm guessing you're talking about Moulded Shoe?  What CXL boots are you waiting on?  I've been waiting ages for some CXL WT boots. I saw some plain toe #8 boots and cap toe #8 boots on the Modified last at the Lakota House in Japan last month. Couldn't justify paying over $1K for a pair of Alden boots, even if they're rare shell Modified last boots.
 Mine are 25mm, just under an inch (Dainite).
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