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If cotton, I wash cold and hang dry.
After I wore my unfinished HH high tennis trainers for a full first day, I did notice a little indigo bleed and small scuff marks. I had the jeans cuffed and they're indigo/beige-white (light weft).  They've only been washed once.  I was surprised at seeing the indigo bleed after just one wearing.  However, I am not complaining as I will embrace all the indigo bleed and scuffs and label it with the often overused term, patina.   For those that don't want the bleed or the...
 Thanks for letting us know.  The wait begins.  Actually, I'm going to try to forget about this for a while so it'll be a nice surprise when spring comes along (hopefully very early spring).
^ Hilarious!  Sorry, Ibrig.
Yeah, I'm not worrying about indigo bleed either. Wearing mine for the first time today.
I never thought I'd be happy to see my CC charged for $740+ .....
My unfinished HH high trainers finally came in.  Fit and comfort is just as nice as my other tennis trainers.  The HH is definitely beefier than the calf from Gruppo Mastrotto tannery of the other trainers I have (as expected). Not buttery soft like the calf but should be significantly more durable.   If you weren't on the preorder, shame on you!  But I'd get on the next one --- highly recommended.       Sorry, I just can't compete with the amazing photos of...
I've tried Obenauf's HDLP on some roughout boots to "wax" them, but they didn't me out looking or feeling like the finish on the waxed flesh Vibergs. I think someone said something about wheat paste, but I haven't researched that as I intend to not treat my WF boots at all.
 Those have developed with a really nice rich color.
 Ha, you've inspired me.  I don't do horseshoes, but I will wear mine tomorrow!  Yours are starting to wear really nicely.
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