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Man, @RogerP, you take some incredible photos!  And yes, your boots are pretty incredible, as well.   Photography is not something I'm ready to invest a bunch of time in right now, but I wish I could get my pics to come out somewhere near as nice as yours do.  My iPhone or Lumix just doesn't cut it.
 I will let others answer what is on the radar at the moment as I am not involved in those.  I'm currently waiting for the Zug GMTO Snowdons.
Not sure if I'm misunderstanding you, but for clarity, I am an 8D US, and I took 7E in both Harlechs and Conistons.
The exclusive, upcoming Ryden boot...
Anybody bought the Apsleys and have pics and/or impressions?
I also take the same size in 325 and 341 lasted boots.
I walked into an Auto Zone wearing my whiskey shell Harlechs (from the first GMTO). I was talking to an Auto Zone employee so didn't see this but my wife told me that some guy did a double take and was checking out my boots. I was somewhat contemplating selling them but maybe I won't now.
Maybe you're not used to unstructured toe boxes, as they definitely can feel different. Some people don't like them for the exact reason you're stating.
That's not a 270 welt, is it?
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