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 I'm not quite there with Aldens yet. I've still got quite a few but have sold off some.  I still enjoy my Aldens.  I went into a Viberg phase (and kind of still in it) but am now waiting on my Galways.  I must be getting sick because I haven't had that hunger or desire to acquire footwear for a while.  Haven't bought a real pair of boots (other than some Epaulet high trainers) for over six months!  I think I'm becoming very selective now that boot rack is pretty much full.
 Wow, so nice.  Makes me want to take a chance on chukkas again.
  These somehow don't get much wear and I often think I should sell them.  But each time I wear these AE walnut shell Daltons, I decide that I'm going to keep them.  I've since graduated (man, that sounds really snotty) from Allen Edmonds but these will probably stay with me.  Somewhat sentimental too, as they're the first shell I ever bought.
  For real shop in Turkey.
 I'm 7.5D on Barrie but I'm 8D Brannock.  The 7.5D on Barrie is a good fit, not too snug so I can wear medium thickness socks. I went with a 7E on the 325 Coniston and I actually think I could have gone down to a 6.5E.  I also have two Harlechs on the 341 in size UK 7E and it's the same, I think I could have gone 6.5E. Not only are everybody's feet different, but you are also different in that you go a full size down from your Brannock to the Barrie.  I would just worry...
Maybe I'll try to swing a trip to Victoria next year and hope to try on a few different lasts.
Sorry, trigger fingers. I edited my response but even screwed up the placement! 😧
Just thought I'd chime in with my input. I have three boots on the 2030 and it is one of the best lasts for MY feet. One of my favorite lasts across all brands. I have one pair on the 2045 and I wouldn't get another boot on it. I actually like the looks of the 110 but am really concerned about all the talk of the extra wide heel. I have normal to narrow heels and don't want my heels sloshing around. The debate is pointless. It's all subjective and a matter of...
 The burnt orange color in the sale section sure looks a lot like the "rust" steep twill FF Rivets that were offered almost a year ago.  Those were definitely not orange and I really like the "rust" color.
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