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 Thanks to good providence that this all played out with perfect timing.  Sorry the Doyle didn't work out for you but I am selfishly glad that it didn't.  Sorry for that but thank you.
I have to give a big shoutout to Epaulet for their great customer service (yeah, I know this is old news but it needs to continue to be said).  I had to return an olive Doyle size 38 as it was too big and thought I was going to have to wait a few weeks for the restock.  I was working with Adele to get the size 38 returned.  I just got an email from Dylan that they just received a size 36 and it's being shipped out to me tomorrow.  I'm assuming Adele is in Santa Monica and...
I never knew the extra loop was for the rear.  Thought it was an extra just in case and always put them in my wife's sewing kit (not that she really sews :-<<).
 I was told 3-4 weeks for a restock on the olive Doyles.
 I only have one pair of boots (NatCXL Indys) with a neo-cork sole. I don't mind the looks/aesthetics of the neo-cork sole.  But what I really dislike is their weight.  They are heavier than double JR leather, double waterlock, Dainite or commando.  I actually weigh every boot when they first arrive so I wouldn't call this scientific but whatever. The neo-cork Indys weigh in at 1lb 11oz (each boot).  The next heaviest boot I have is a C&J with double leather soles and...
 There are some who will tell you to absolutely never compromise on fit by resorting to insoles, tongue pads, etc.  However for me, I use insoles in every single boot I wear.  I intentionally size my boots that way and have different insoles for different boots.  I have bony feet (not much padding on the soles of my feet) and so boots with the typical leather sock liner (not Poron or foam) are just too hard for my sensitive feet. It's all a question of whether you can...
 My Long Branch boots in waxy brown have a weird place in my collection.  I've had them for almost two years now.  They are definitely not anywhere near my favorite boots and don't seem to find a place in the regular rotation when I'm at home (and I don't typically have to dress up --- jeans, chinos).  But every time I go on vacation, they inevitably find themselves along for the ride.  Every time since I've got them!  To me, they are a perfect travel boot:   -  sturdy...
Momo 702s
Indigo stains occurred for me even after a couple of washes (jeans are over a year old).
 Boots/shoes should always feel like they fit well and be comfortable when they're new.  Having said that, CXL will stretch a bit but the difficulty is knowing what you mean by "a tad bit tight".  This might be splitting hairs but the connotation of "snug" might work as they might stretch enough to be comfortable.  But to me, "tight" is dangerous to think they will stretch enough.  This will need to be a judgment call on your part.
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