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 That leather does look amazing and I'd like to have something in harness leather at some point.  I hear you on the Vibram sole.  I've always stayed away from those types of soles but a while back, Viberg had some boots in Chicago tan latigo (I think) with a Vibram gum sole (something like a 3030 sole --- it was a number) and those soles grew on me.  They looked like they'd be comfortable and good for doing lots of walking.
I think I've worn my SF waxed flesh boots for the last time this season. They'll be cotton-balled till the fall. They're starting to look nicely beaten up.
At my first quick glance, I had thought the Ryden boot had arrived early!
Jeez, @MoosicPa, I'm not sure that you've helped me.  Those boots look amazing and I think now I'm more impatient than ever.  Thanks!
And I'm ready for pics of my chestnut Utah Galways arriving.  But likewise, probably a couple months out...
Beautiful, @Farhad19620!!  Now I'm going to want a pair in rosewood cc.
I am stunned again by these pictures and feeling more impatient to receive my MTO.  I fell in love with the Galway the first time I saw it.
 Certainly ain't nothing wrong with that!
 Although I didn't order this makeup as my MTO, I'd have to agree with you, tif.  The doak/cc is definitely the classic Galway makeup.  But it's all subjective, right? I will get me a pair of these at some point, although not sure if I'd want mine on a 202.  But then it might not be THE classic makeup.
New Posts  All Forums: