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Oh, and I want to know who the translator could be.
All of that interchange was hilarious. I think I still don't get it but it was great!
Thanks, @bespoken pa. MTO from Skoak.
Sorry, out of town right now and they're not with me (the horror, only brought Alden's!). But here's a pic when I first got them when new. The pic is too clear to make them look like zug. I know excuses, excuses. But us zugless folks gotta make do.
At a quick glance, my chestnut Utah Galways sure look like zug!! @dddrees. ūüėÄ
I don't fancy pre-distressed denim/jeans but I'd really go for a distressed Essex.
Sort of in the same boat. My walnut she'll Daltons don't get much wear but they were my first she'll boots and I've kept them for almost sentimental reasons. Plus, don't think they'd get that much on B&S.
 Those different laces add a nice touch.  Looks great!  Might have to try that myself.
 I love my Doyles, although I don't have the chambray one.  Love in the trees in the background, too.  Someday, I'll learn how to take real pictures.
 For some reason, I get the best pictures of my boots on the stairs.  Must be the lighting/skylights.  And I'm certainly not a good photographer nor do I have a nice camera like some of the folks here.
New Posts  All Forums: