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 Don't listen to any of them!  I can see the smile on your face.  Great family!  Enjoy.
Venetian shoe cream
I'm thinking of darkening the natural welt on some boots so would love to see pics as well.
Shine on you crazy diamond...
 I don't spend any time at all thinking about shoes during the day.  Nor about clothes, either!  Only in my sleep! 
 I have one pair of Vibergs with double leather soles and have never treated the soles.  In fact, I don't treat any of my leather-soled boots with anything.  I'm not sure I'm recalling correctly but I believe I read advice to not put any product on leather soles/heels because it softens the dense, compacted fibers and that would cause accelerated wear.  But I could have dreamed that...
 Long Branch boots.
I like the looks of them in the picture but I just can't get myself to buy "two-tone" shoes/boots.
^ That is really great!  Who would have thought??
^. Great combo, ryden. I am going to have to try the fit of the Driggs. Love the Galways!
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