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 I agree about Ravello.  I'd be happy to take an apartment and live there for six months.  Plus, it's got its name going for it.
 Thanks!  The photos on IG of your trip were an inspiration.  One could almost vicariously tour Italy through your IG posts alone.  That sounds delicious.  I ate fresh anchovies a couple of times.  Nothing like the canned ones.  My wife indulges me but my sister and brother-in-law were thankful that I insisted we visit Ravello.
 thanks, buda.
Just got back from the Amalfi coast in Italy.  Made sure we visited Ravello.  I thought I'd find some boots or at least some nice leather there but no luck. Absolutely beautiful, though.  Ravello was actually my favorite town in the area.  Still touristy, but not nearly as much as Amalfi.       I only took one pair of boots with me --- the Alden/Leffot brown CXL PT boots.  They took a beating but took everything in stride.  
 Congrats, they look great.  I'm glad to hear you like the fit. The 2030 last is the best fitting last for me across all brands.  Your comments about the heel cup/counter is so very true.  Some of Alden's are pretty "cuppy" as well but Vibergs have the best heel counters.
Considering he's a shoe guy, this is some surprisingly good advice for boots.
He won't be the first one. I got booted (pun not intended) because I said a Carmina was a Galway when I was distracted. At least that was my excuse.
Oh, and I want to know who the translator could be.
All of that interchange was hilarious. I think I still don't get it but it was great!
Thanks, @bespoken pa. MTO from Skoak.
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