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Do you mean   attached tongue = bellowed (sp?) tongue?   If so, then I think most of the service boot/boondocker boots have what you're calling the "detached" tongue.  That was my understanding for this boot.
 I've kept to my commitment and sold five boots in the last month.  Trying to decide if I want to sell some more.  I definitely need to give the boots I have more wear.  I have two boots on order and I know there'll be others that might catch my eye so thinning further seems like it is in order.
That roughout smoke grey kudu does look pretty nice.  But I think I will hold out for the Guidi black service boot that Guy says is coming soon.
 I in no way meant to suggest you were "idly" commenting.  Sorry you took it that way.
 Hey Fok, welcome back.  I know I'm pushing it but any chance of an update on the wax flesh MTO?  I'm going on a trip at the beginning of April and it would be nice if they were delivered a little early so I could take them on my trip.
I echo the sentiment of the poster on the Viberg thread --- I would be interested in smoke grey kudu but not the flesh side out, but grain side out.  Was the consensus of the "popular demand" for a roughout?
Unbelievable!  I guess the brown CXL boots dropped about an hour ago.  I'm away from this thread for a few hours and the chance is gone.  I don't think I could have resisted the temptation but I think it's all for the best.  I need to wait till the waxed flesh MTOs are in my hands to make sure the sizing is right and my first Vibergs justify this obsession I have with them right now.  I'm finding myself not drooling over Aldens or C&J anymore; it's all about Viberg!
 Yeah, it would be nice if EP would offer chain stitching.  I'm experimenting with some jeans and some RC's with hemming them shorter and wearing them without cuffing them. In that case, regular hemming would seem to do the trick.
The color of the grey Wilshires is great. They will be a really nice change from indigo.  The OD ones will provide even more color options when they drop.  My grey Wilshires are sadly at the tailor awaiting hemming.  Patience is not my virtue.
   Thanks for the input, guys.  I will check them out.  Yeah, I'm trying to find an excuse to go to Paris to visit Anatomica.
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