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   Thanks for the input, guys.  I need to research how Viberg constructs their boots.  I'm familiar (not an expert by any means) with GY welting, Blake/Blake rapid construction, etc.  The wait begins and it's not even Feb 15 yet.
 This is a great story and probably reflects what has happened to many of us.  Since you're branching out (and judging from your tastes above), you might want to check out Crockett & Jones and Carmina for some pretty nice boots.  On the casual end, Oak Street Bootmakers or Viberg have some pretty cool makeups.  I think variety in footwear is wonderful.  I still love my shell Daltons, but still...
^^ Very, very nice.  Congrats on getting those.
Since these have an unstructured toe, they will be totally unlined, correct?
I'm done with the OCD break-in period and wearing 'em out on the streets today.
I just pulled the trigger on these.  Pretty excited although I'm rolling the dice on the size.  My first Vibergs but I'm confident all the info I've read on this thread has helped me pick the right size.  I'm really interested to see how these compare to the OSB roughout trenches I have. It seems that those who have seen/owned both say Viberg is just on another level. 
^^  triple that.  I do want to give the Skye/Skye 2 a try at some point and I have no experience with the 335 last.  Thanks, Seven!
What are we looking at as far as an estimate of when the boots would be delivered?
How can I not be in for this? I need to read back some more to confirm sizing. I think I am seriously addicted to this game. Really not good for my retirement funds.
^^ Glad you finally got them, hoit!  They look pristine and fabulous!
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