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   At least my mom didn't name me "Sue".  Good point on the icy mocha, Fok, thanks.
 Icy Mocha, right?  Too bad they don't have it anymore.  Great color!  Other my preorders that I'm waiting for, I'm trying to decide if I want another Viberg, another C&J (maybe Coniston or Snowdon), an exotic shell Alden (probably from Anatomica) or another Galway (although I haven't even received my first one yet).  I know people say you can't have too many boots but I really do.  It's a terrible sickness.
 Nah, I'm going to be wearing my "gold" Galways! And yes, congrats to all those who got in on the doak/CC Galway preorder.  I was severely tempted at that price.
   Thanks for the clarification, guys.  I think I prefer the sound of "chestnut" to gold.  I can just hear someone saying, "Oh, him?  He wears gold boots."
 No, I ordered mine in chestnut (with Christmas red lining for kicks!).  Skoak says four months for EG MTOs but like you, I am setting my expectations for 6 months. I thought about going for the dark brown Utah like the Kentmere, but figured I had less overlap with the chestnut.  Both are great as Utah was my first choice.  Later (??), I might consider CC or a two-tone Galway.
 Yeah, congrats, buda.  I went with a 64 veldt Galway on Utah as well.  No shearling, though.  The waiting game is on...
 I love how you tie your knots; no messy loops/laces hanging down.  You a surgeon???
 Second that.
Congrats on your Galway order. I'm waiting on my first Galways as well. Anxious to get them.
 Thanks, you have just made my MTO wait much more impatient!  Outstanding collection!
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