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Seeing @Joona's black shell Service Boots (they are awesome!), reminded me that I'm waiting on the Alden Ryden boot.  It will be a similar makeup.
Wow, what's that hostility for?
^^ Pretty amazing, @billymax!  I do love my 2030's but your collection is incredible.  Lots of good stuff there.  I am particularly drawn to your roughout bobcats.
  Wearing my Colour 8 CXL stitchdowns today.  Nothing special here except after wearing them for about a year, I thought they looked a little too red and I wanted to change things up so I slapped some black cream on them.  I'm happy with the results, with the almost variegated look adding some extra character.
 That's a pretty sweet Martin.  I've always wanted a Martin but only sprung for Ovations.  Can't imagine how much Martins cost nowadays, let alone a 1938. Back to shoes.  25 pairs is incredible, and I thought I owned quite a few Vibergs. There almost seem to be two camps of Viberg fans --- the rounder, more workboot camp and the more, dare I say, fashion boot oriented 2030 camp.  Most of my Vibergs are on the 2030 and that's not only because I like the shape of the last...
 My Galways are 64E and fit pretty much perfectly, aside from what I mentioned, that a stiffer, higher heel counter would work better for my feet.  It's always about personal preference and mine has to do with the fact that the ball of my foot is about normal width but my heels are quite narrow.
I only have one pair of Galways (chestnut Utah coincidentally), albeit on the 64. Interestingly, that is my one complaint of the fit of these Galways. The heel cup is much lower and less substantial than say, any of my Vibergs or Aldens. I especially love how the Viberg heel cup/counter wraps around my heel securely.I'm not sure if this is a UK thing or not. I say this because all my C&J boots have thinner, lower and less substantial heel counters as well. Maybe...
 When have you ever worried about price, ryden???
 Welcome to SF, Sam.  The backpack looks pretty awesome.  I have been looking for something like this but haven't found it yet.  This might be the one.  Could you tell me what it weighs?
 I like that chunky 110 look.  I have never liked those Vibram soles but my opinion has changed of late.  I think it changed when I changed my opinion about crepe soles. I am now waiting for some boots I like on those specific soles.  I believe you that they are your most comfortable Vibergs.  Congrats on picking those up.
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