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I vote untreated as well. You've piqued my interest, though. I have another brand's roughout CXL boots and might want to try this. What specifically did you treat that roughout scrap with? And thanks for sharing.
^  Thanks.  I appreciate the input.
 Man, I wish my house looked that clean and sparkly.  btw, great boots!
 Have four pairs of Vibergs and no White's.  So, @meso, could you comment on the "feel on the foot" differences between the two brands.  I've looked and considered White's and am curious as to your impressions on "fit and feel".  My Vibergs are on the 2030 and 2045 lasts, although I do want to try the 1035 soon.
Thanks, Steve.
These arrived today. I preordered these a while ago and for some reason, didn't have the normal excited anticipation when a pair of new boots come in.  But once I put them on, I was really pleased.  I bought these to be kind of beater boots that I can use for travel and not worry about weather, etc.   These are actually my first Aldens with a commando sole.  I am surprised that they're way more comfortable than I expected.  Much more comfortable than the commando soles...
There was a Carmina hatch grain WWII field service boot as well.
Never had Uncle Lou's fried chicken but Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room's fried chicken in Savannah is incredible!
 ryden, you might change my mind about Chelsea boots. TSA pre is great but you can't wear Aldens or you'll have to take them off anyway.
Regarding what to wear when travelling, to each his own.  I personally won't wear sweats or pajamas when travelling.
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