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 They drink like crazy in Iceland!!  Even have an ice bar (mostly for tourists) where the bar, tables and seats are all made of ice.  They give you a parka when you go inside.  Also, great hot springs and geysers.  But man, can they drink!
 I've got the 702s and I think you'll love 'em.  Mine have been through their first wash.  I have to admit that they're stiff as heck at the beginning and not very comfortable.  They are comfortable now but that's after six months of wear and one wash. But....the fadez are absolutely incredible on these.  Electric blue!
^ Yeah, and I think you got a way better sale price than I did. I don't regret what I paid for it but you will appreciate what value you're getting for what you paid.
 I became a huge LBM 1911 SC fan because of this sale.  It's actually been a couple months now but I initially got the navy herringbone blazer on sale and loved it so much I bought the grey one a few days.  You will love the grey one.  It's a great casual piece.  I've had to have the sleeves shortened but the fit is superb.  Enjoy.
So I will be getting some wax flesh boots in a couple of months.  I have boots in plain roughout, CXL, calf and shell but wax flesh will be a first for me.  What, if any, is the recommended care for this type of leather?  Shoe trees obviously, but I would want the wax to wear off as naturally as possible so brushing them like suede is not a good idea, right?  And if I want them to "distress" naturally, I wouldn't want to put any wax on them, right?  So is it like, light...
 Thanks again, kind sir.
 Thanks for taking the time to respond and educating me.  So are Vibergs veldtschoen constructed?  Or is their stitch-down construction different from veldtschoen?  And Vibergs don't use any cork filling?
   Thanks for the input, guys.  I need to research how Viberg constructs their boots.  I'm familiar (not an expert by any means) with GY welting, Blake/Blake rapid construction, etc.  The wait begins and it's not even Feb 15 yet.
 This is a great story and probably reflects what has happened to many of us.  Since you're branching out (and judging from your tastes above), you might want to check out Crockett & Jones and Carmina for some pretty nice boots.  On the casual end, Oak Street Bootmakers or Viberg have some pretty cool makeups.  I think variety in footwear is wonderful.  I still love my shell Daltons, but still...
^^ Very, very nice.  Congrats on getting those.
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