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Some with patience will break them in on carpet for a few wears to lessen this effect. I don't always have that patience.
 "anti-shell campaign"??  Did I miss something that rydenfan posted?  I just hope my stock Harlechs develop patina like those Skye 2's.
 I wouldn't mind a pair of these but the Carmina lasts I'm familiar with (I actually only own one pair of Carmina boots and they're on the Oscar last) all seem much "dressier" and sleeker than the Barrie last, which the Thor boots were going to be based on.  I'm kind of on a work boot kick now so am leaning towards lasts that are not too sleek.  But I'll probably get over this phase at some point. Thanks for the input.
I am really ready for my first Vibergs and starting another expensive obsession.
Thanks. Going to wear them already all over this city on my last day here.
Visited Lakota House in Tokyo searching for shell boots on the Modified last. Was really hoping for ravello and cigar but no luck. The guy told me that the rare shell colors are now just that, extremely rare. All they had were #8 and black (both PT boots). At 110,000 Yen (about $1100), I couldn't bite. But they had some boots on the Military last, which I've never tried. Given my obsession with Viberg right now, the Military last was very appealing to me. The toe...
 I have two pairs of the 10oz duck canvas Rivet Chinos and two pairs of the 8oz canvas Rivet Chinos and none of them has stretched to any appreciable effect.
 Although the 201 might be described as "slim" in some places, I really don't think it is a slim fit at all, and the thighs are not that narrow.  The 701 is definitely a slimmer fit than the 201, but still not really "slim".  Both these are unsanforized so yes, they will definitely shrink. Not sure if you're set on unsanforized denim because my opinion is that unsanforized denim is always a crap shoot as to whether you'll really end up with the fit that you want.  There...
 Thanks for the always helpful info, DW. 
I am going to keep my fingers crossed for you guys and hope that there is enough whiskey and that you get enough folks to jump in.   I haven't had mine long but I think the whiskey is already developing some complexity and depth.  It was a little "flat" to me at the beginning but it's looking better and better as it ages.  Unless it's just in my imagination?  Anybody else on the last MTO notice this?
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