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^^ gorgeous color!! Wow, are my brown Harlechs going to patina like that? Better start wearing them some more.
Those derbies look really awesome and I'm not really a shoe guy. You guys must be terribly pleased (other than the eyelet issue). @rydenfan, those kudu boots are incredible, shown especially in that last pic. Congrats!
All the best, Fok. Hope all goes well.
^. Please post pics, ryden.
Military last on crepe. My only crepe boots and I've come to really like them.
+1. Great color combo and look!
 Thanks, sazon.  At first, Brooklyn Clothing had them up as "Guidi olive calf", but strangely, they took off the "Guidi" part and it became just "olive calf".  I wonder if it's something to do with Guidi not wanting their name attached to it.  Because when Viberg first announced the matte black Guidi calf Service boots, they definitely said it was "Guidi" calf.  But when they dropped on the Viberg site, the word "Guidi" was nowhere to be seen. And they look more brown than...
Guidi calf boots arrived from BBC this morning.   [[SPOILER]]
 Yeah, I know, but I had way too many purchases going on at the time.  Things are hopefully slowing down now so I can be more selective. But I really need to stick to my goal, which is --- one pair in, one pair out.  As it is, my boots will never look worn in, no patina, etc.  Some boots just need to be worn hard, kind of like how I did with those brown waxed flesh GMTOs that you were on as well.  I'm looking forward to your pics!
Wow, those smoke grey kudu boots are off the chain, dawg!  I will likely participate in the next run.  All you lucky owners, please post IRL pics.
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