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 I don't think I personally want to treat these waxed flesh boots with anything.  Reno or any other kind of cream is going to "undo" any distressing that occurs to the boots.  It's almost like reapplying the wax to the flesh/suede side of the leather, making it smooth and kind of like waxed again.  But maybe that's your intention?
 I am very pleased with the fit.  I have narrow heels so most boots' heels are a bit wide for me.  That's why I stay away from the Alden Trubalance last.  For some reason, the Barrie doesn't seem too bad although it's supposed to have a wide heel as well.  The 2045 last is quite agreeable for my feet.  The leather is very thick and quite stiff but the boots are by no means uncomfortable out of the box.  I just think they'll take 10-15 wears to get softer and mold to the...
I'm definitely breaking the "rules" on these as it's the 2nd day in a row I'm wearing them. As Fok said, they're work boots so I don't plan on taking care of them as I do all my other boots.  I'm still undecided on whether to use trees in them or nor.  Might do so only occasionally.  And since they're waxed flesh, I will probably just use light brushing on them, as I don't want to create any false aging on them by brushing the wax off the flesh.   Curious how others will...
 I love my Aldens but am kind of on a Viberg kick right now and these certainly give a really cool work boot vibe.  The toes almost look unstructured.  Very nice.
 I have more patience than ryden.    This MTO was on the 2045.  I went with my Barrie size but some have actually gone 1/2 down from Barrie.  1/2 down from Barrie would have been too tight/snug for me.
Post lady delivered mine around noon but had to be sociable with guests even though I was dying to open the box.  Glad I went with my Barrie size.  It wouldn't have worked to try sizing down another half.  Very happy with these so far.  But they are incredibly heavy.  Heaviest boots I own so far at 1lb 15oz; almost 2 lbs a boot!  
Those look great, Crat!  Worn and used as they were meant to be.
Alden Indy Boots Natural CXL – 7.5D   These boots were purchased new from Moulded Shoe in New York in October 2012 for $565.  They have been worn gently and sparingly, never in rain.  They have always been treed (not included).  I have never used colored cream/wax on these boots, only Saphir Renovateur, Venetian Shoe Cream and GlenKaren cleaner/conditioner.  They have developed a natural patina, particularly at the heel counters and toes.   -  Alden x Moulded Shoe Model...
Mine arrive tomorrow but weekend house guests might prevent me from paying them proper attention. 
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