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I have a few pairs of Barrie boots in 7.5d which fit perfectly. My Viberg boots on the 2030 in 7.5 are looser as the other poster stated. I usually need to wear thicker socks with them. I then bought two pairs of 2030 Vibergs in size 7 and they fit better, but I really can't wear thick socks with them. I don't have wide feet, which I think would make a difference.Good luck!
Congrats, they look great. The first Vibergs are always a thrill!
Wearing the Sienna brown high trainers today and now would like to get at least another pair in some other color.  They are an incredible (nice) change from wearing heavy Aldens or Vibergs.
 That's tough if she lives like a monk.  I tried to get my wife to live like a monk, but she wasn't interested.
^  I believe in full transparency.  My wife knows about my boot addiction and what I spend on them.  She doesn't even raise an eyebrow anymore.  Conversely, she has a handbag and wallet addiction.  Works out in the end...
^ You could put on each invoice "...this invoice constitutes one half of the total sale amount for....".
 Nice patina on those #8 shells.  Quite a rare find you have there.
@MoosicPa, you do great comparison shots!
 That leather does look amazing and I'd like to have something in harness leather at some point.  I hear you on the Vibram sole.  I've always stayed away from those types of soles but a while back, Viberg had some boots in Chicago tan latigo (I think) with a Vibram gum sole (something like a 3030 sole --- it was a number) and those soles grew on me.  They looked like they'd be comfortable and good for doing lots of walking.
I think I've worn my SF waxed flesh boots for the last time this season. They'll be cotton-balled till the fall. They're starting to look nicely beaten up.
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