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Holy crap!  Just got an invoice for mine...  
My hems are usually 7" or 7.25", so not ultra narrow, but mine do get stuck on pull tabs. However, I don't mind too much. Sometimes I just leave them stuck for a more street vibe.
 Love those, especially the mini ripple sole.  I'm guessing these are your first 2040 boots?  I'm interested in your impressions of how the 2040 compares to the 2030 and the 1035.
 No spoilers! Thanks for doing that.  Even though you don't think the Hopper boot came out as well as you wanted, it was enough to spur me on to ordering it and take advantage of doubling down on the vote fee.
 Or Galways... I had resigned myself to waiting till late August but all these arrivals now have me thinking...maybe soon???
 Agreed, my olive Doyle has seen a ton of wear and looks the better for it.  But I only have one so may have to opt for the navy one now. Back to the boots --- I was in the metal eyelet camp.  And I think Mike said it can't be done but it would be perfect if the black came with the metal eyelets and the brown with blind.
^^ wow, I'd be praying for fall if I received those. Awesome!
What fine print? My eyes are too bad to read any fine print. 😎
Mine will be on the 64 but gold/chestnut as well (you helped me size it so you might remember). I'd like to to try the 202 in some other leather(s).
I think you could go both ways on the eyelets. But a "combat" boot should have metal eyelets.
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