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I'm looking forward to receiving the 2045-lasted wax flesh boot but I hope I haven't missed the boat on getting a 2030-lasted service boot.  Thought I'd heard talk they were moving away from the 2030 last and coming up with a new last.
I'm probably in the minority here but I would have preferred the taper below the knee to remain the same. I've kind of gotten away from the small hem opening look. It's because the RCs fit me so perfectly now!
 We'll need to get someone else to answer as I've never been dinged by customs so not sure what the charge or percentage is.  My guess is it's going to be pretty close.
^^ Yes, I paid $225 for the 1705s in mid 2013 from BiG.  Haven't worn them like my 702s or 702BRs but they don't seem like they're going to do much in the way of fading compared to the darker, heavier denim.  I got them primarily for use in the summer.
 I have ordered from one of the stores on Jermyn St in London directly.  On both those occasions, they deducted the VAT and shipped via Parcel Force (UK mail) which was transferred to the USPS and I paid no customs fees.  The shipping was about £30 each time.  I have never ordered from or priced at the New York store but compared to Barneys prices,  you save money by going direct to C&J.
^ I hope that means our waxed flesh 2045's are coming soon...
^^ Those Logen Green boots are incredible!  Sorry I missed that MTO.
Wearing my grey Wilshires for the first time today.  The fit is superb.  They are now my favorites, supplanting the indigo Wilshires...
 Thanks for your input.  It sounds like you maybe could size down a 1/2 for the Islays if you didn't wear thick socks.  I don't often wear thick socks so maybe the 365 last of the Islays might require sizing down a half from the equivalent 341 or 325 last.  Although I do find the 325 last roomier than the 341 last.  When I'm ready, I might just go the Barneys route rather than trying to save a few pennies by taking a chance ordering from Jermyn St.
 Thanks for the info.  The recommendation for Barneys is a good one, although one can save some by buying direct from C&J on Jermyn St.  But probably not enough to make up for the ease of dealing with Barneys.
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