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Here's another for Barrie size = 2030 size.  1/2 down from that would be too snug for me.  I also went with Barrie size = 2045 size but on the 2045, I possibly could have gone 1/2 down but then that would preclude wearing thicker socks.  It'd be dress socks all the time.
 I'm guessing you're talking about Moulded Shoe?  What CXL boots are you waiting on?  I've been waiting ages for some CXL WT boots. I saw some plain toe #8 boots and cap toe #8 boots on the Modified last at the Lakota House in Japan last month. Couldn't justify paying over $1K for a pair of Alden boots, even if they're rare shell Modified last boots.
 Mine are 25mm, just under an inch (Dainite).
 Fok shipped these boots from Moscow, ID so I didn't have to go through that for these.  But on the boots I ordered directly from Viberg, they lingered with that status for three days.  So I'd guess that they'll be released today or tomorrow. And yes, the wax flesh boots come with both leather and waxed cotton laces. Edit: Fok beat me to it.
Yeah, for sure, these 2045 wax flesh boots are the meanest bear-stomping boots I own. I agree that my two new Vibergs will surely take more time to break in than the other brands I have.
 You go, MH!!
 rydenfan, given these are my first two pairs of Vibergs, and that I've only had them for a few days, it might be premature for me to indicate a preference, but I will anyway.  As far as fit, I think I prefer the 2030.  But that may just be that the 2045 waxed flesh boots need more time to break in.  But I love both of them.
 Wow, pretty incredible and great score.  You have quite a unique pair of boots there! 
The Colour 8 CXL Service Boots I ordered arrived today.  So soon after receiving the waxed flesh boots.  Wish I could have spaced the arrival further apart.       
 I don't think I personally want to treat these waxed flesh boots with anything.  Reno or any other kind of cream is going to "undo" any distressing that occurs to the boots.  It's almost like reapplying the wax to the flesh/suede side of the leather, making it smooth and kind of like waxed again.  But maybe that's your intention?
New Posts  All Forums: