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 No, but truly, thanks for your efforts.  If we get this made, it will be pretty awesome.
 let's do it!!!
That's why they're taking so long!
Also, proper credit where credit is due. It's called the Ryden boot because it was designed/proposed by @rydenfan
That's the problem with shearling for me.  The weather here is like the Sonoran desert.
Yes please on speed hooks.
Zug if possible. I prefer no shearling.
 This is the perfect response coming from you, Mike!
 I was looking at those Galways at BB.  If you're able to get the 30% off, you would be getting a pretty good deal.  Just about what I paid for mine from Skoak b4 the price increase (or rather price mandate for US customers).
A day late, whiskey Harlechs, coming up on two years old soon, from the first whiskey Harlech GMTO.  
New Posts  All Forums: