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 Thanks, helpful comparison.
Took me a second, but now I get it.
 Good point, d*3.  Thanks.
 Thanks, that's what I wanted to know.
Question for those fortunate to have those Zug Galways...   The improbable news that C&J has some zug available has me wondering whether the Zug Galways are fully-lined or not.  I'm guessing not as my E64 veldt Galways are not.  I would guess zug leather is even thicker (than Utah) that they wouldn't want to fully line them.
 No, but truly, thanks for your efforts.  If we get this made, it will be pretty awesome.
 let's do it!!!
That's why they're taking so long!
Also, proper credit where credit is due. It's called the Ryden boot because it was designed/proposed by @rydenfan
That's the problem with shearling for me.  The weather here is like the Sonoran desert.
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