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I like the Woodlore Epics.
^^ can't wait to see those!
^ Washington DC store
   Thanks for the feedback.  I have a pair of Viberg's waxed flesh boots and as you say, @DWFII, it has a completely non-sticky, hard finish on it, at least where I've not worn that finish off, where it's become nappy.  I quite like that look. Well, glad I did it on some boots that weren't one of my favorites.  I hope that it will dry up some in a few days.
For any HDLP users out there...   Just for kicks, I took a pair of natural CXL roughout boots that I don't wear that much, and slathered HDLP all over them in an attempt to convert them to a "waxed flesh" type boot.  It's been about three hours since then, and the boots are still tacky and "oily".   This is my first exposure to HDLP (don't really need it in El Paso) so not sure what to expect.  Will it dry?  If so, is it hours or days?  Or am I going to get HDLP all...
 Yeah, Indy boots with the neo/cork soles are pretty heavy.  But most Aldens are about 1lb 8oz or less compared to my lightest Viberg which is 1lb 10oz.  I don't own any Red Wings but I can see them being heavy.
 Huh?  Jeez, what kind of "other boots" do you have?  I consider my Vibergs to be my heaviest boots.  My wax flesh service boots are almost 2lbs apiece!
 I don't think the facings are too close on the 8D.  You should see how close they are on a couple of C&J boots I have.
^ Similarly, I never thought I would ever consider white/off-white boots.  But I think I would opt for one once I fulfill some other "obligations".
 George Best was the best!!  Films of him weaving in/out take your breath away. To make this a legit post, I am becoming increasingly impatient for the boots I MTO'd that are still not due for 4-5 months!
New Posts  All Forums: