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^ tifosi is usually good for at least a laugh a day.  He's usually on his game.
I am half-Japanese.  Does that count?
Although @dddrees and I don't agree on most things (at least we pretend we don't agree), I totally agree with him on this.  It certainly doesn't look like refinishing them will resolve it.  Calling on @DWFII.  You couldn't get a more knowledgeable response than from him, if he can tell from that pic.
 Congrats, I think you will love them.  I have the ones from Viberg and I am quite happy with them.  It's my first exposure to Aged Bark and I was surprised to find that it's essentially a nubuck type leather.  So unless you want to get rid of the very fine nap, you really can't condition them. Or maybe you can?  I know the nap will come back with wear.  I'm curious as to what others with aged bark are doing/going to do.
 You've solved my riddle!  I knew my 9 and 10-eyelet Service Boots reminded of something, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.
Seeing @Joona's black shell Service Boots (they are awesome!), reminded me that I'm waiting on the Alden Ryden boot.  It will be a similar makeup.
Wow, what's that hostility for?
^^ Pretty amazing, @billymax!  I do love my 2030's but your collection is incredible.  Lots of good stuff there.  I am particularly drawn to your roughout bobcats.
  Wearing my Colour 8 CXL stitchdowns today.  Nothing special here except after wearing them for about a year, I thought they looked a little too red and I wanted to change things up so I slapped some black cream on them.  I'm happy with the results, with the almost variegated look adding some extra character.
 That's a pretty sweet Martin.  I've always wanted a Martin but only sprung for Ovations.  Can't imagine how much Martins cost nowadays, let alone a 1938. Back to shoes.  25 pairs is incredible, and I thought I owned quite a few Vibergs. There almost seem to be two camps of Viberg fans --- the rounder, more workboot camp and the more, dare I say, fashion boot oriented 2030 camp.  Most of my Vibergs are on the 2030 and that's not only because I like the shape of the last...
New Posts  All Forums: