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 The blooming on the creases on the vamp happens to almost all my shell boots.  It's the nature of some shell.  Brushing helps but I find just rubbing firmly with my finger/thumb back and forth will remove the blooming.  But then it appears immediately when I wear them again.
 I have hardly any indigo bleed on my NatCXL boots.  But lots on light suede boots, of course. As others have said, I actually welcome indigo bleed on my casual boots.  NatCXL is a casual leather and will patina very quickly so I personally don't worry about any indigo bleed as they will darken and show scuffs and aging easily.  To me, it's part of what makes NatCXL what it is. If you really want to prevent any indigo bleed, I'd guess that applying a light wax coat to the...
^ I agree with the above as that has been my experience.
This looks like an amazing deal.  Having zero exposure to Enzo Bonafe, I guess I have some research and decision-making to do.
I need more variety in my Lineup as well, and a horsehide 310 would be awesome.
Congrats, @Alpina
^ fabric looks awesome. Need me some banded collar shirts.
 Thanks, Patrik.  Happy Christmas to you as well.  I hope to become a customer of yours soon. 
I'm surprised that the Colour 8 shell boots look like they're still available.  Well, maybe I'm not that surprised as I really couldn't get myself excited about them.    On another note, I found it interesting that on the info for the Color 8 CXL service boots, they are describing the boots as "partially structured". I have a pair of these and they are (and were described as) "unstructured".  I wonder if Viberg is changing their approach to when to structure their boots.
 I would definitely be interested if it's a boot and if it's a casual-oriented one.  I don't get much use out of dressy shoes anymore. I think a more work boot style in kudu would be killer.  I've only got one pair of Carmina boots and they're on the Oscar but I'd be open to trying another last that's not too sleek.
New Posts  All Forums: