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Zug if possible. I prefer no shearling.
 This is the perfect response coming from you, Mike!
 I was looking at those Galways at BB.  If you're able to get the 30% off, you would be getting a pretty good deal.  Just about what I paid for mine from Skoak b4 the price increase (or rather price mandate for US customers).
A day late, whiskey Harlechs, coming up on two years old soon, from the first whiskey Harlech GMTO.  
If I did shoes, a dover would be one of the first on my list.
ZUG??? Count me in! I've always had my eye on a Snowdon.
^ tifosi is usually good for at least a laugh a day.  He's usually on his game.
I am half-Japanese.  Does that count?
Although @dddrees and I don't agree on most things (at least we pretend we don't agree), I totally agree with him on this.  It certainly doesn't look like refinishing them will resolve it.  Calling on @DWFII.  You couldn't get a more knowledgeable response than from him, if he can tell from that pic.
 Congrats, I think you will love them.  I have the ones from Viberg and I am quite happy with them.  It's my first exposure to Aged Bark and I was surprised to find that it's essentially a nubuck type leather.  So unless you want to get rid of the very fine nap, you really can't condition them. Or maybe you can?  I know the nap will come back with wear.  I'm curious as to what others with aged bark are doing/going to do.
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