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Good idea! 😜
You are amazing, dubs! All after just a couple of hours.
Cmon, he's at least got a pair of boots.
I forgot those Doyle jackets were the same black overdye of the Kaihara denim. I could wear a suit! 😧 Uh, maybe not...
Wow, that's the worst I've ever seen. Incredible it got past what is supposed to be QC. Sorry you had to experience that on your first.
When I'm getting dressed in the morning and picking what boots to wear, I often wish I had 3-4 pairs of feet so that I could wear more of my boots more often.  
Just ordered the black overdyed Wilshires.  Does anyone have any pics of any after some wear?  I like how the dye doesn't take uniformly so they almost look worn already.  This can be seen more so with the blue overdye ones, at least from the web pics anyway.
How do the OSB Trenches fit you? They are a pretty wide fitting boot. If the 11.5 Trench feels narrow to you, then and only then would I consider an 11.5 in the 2030, since the 2030 not as wide and pointier than the Trench. Otherwise, go with what others said, an 11.
 I would like to have a couple of pairs of boots that looked like that.  But I'd probably take a bit better care of them. They do look like they need a bit of lovin'.
 Those look great!  The grey trousers and #8 boots are a good combo.  I'm partial to Modified boots.  Anatomica?
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