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 Shoe trees will definitely minimize toe curve, although some people desire that.
 I've owned a couple of Oak Street Trench boots (still own one) and quite a few pairs of Vibergs, most on the 2030. I know I'm biased but the extra dollars for the Vibergs are worth it to me.  The materials and construction of Vibergs is significantly above that of OSB Trench boots.  The Trench boots are a decent value for the money but if you're willing to spend the dollars, I'd definitely go with Vibergs. The upturned toe you're seeing in the pictures of the Trench...
^ Yes, please.
Thanks. They are from the SF gmto last year, with about 50 wears.
Coincidentally, wearing mine today amid thunderstorms here.
 Thanks, helpful comparison.
Took me a second, but now I get it.
 Good point, d*3.  Thanks.
 Thanks, that's what I wanted to know.
Question for those fortunate to have those Zug Galways...   The improbable news that C&J has some zug available has me wondering whether the Zug Galways are fully-lined or not.  I'm guessing not as my E64 veldt Galways are not.  I would guess zug leather is even thicker (than Utah) that they wouldn't want to fully line them.
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