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@Epaulet Mike, any plans to resurrect something like the Smith jeans in a Rivet or Wilshire type fit?
I actually really like the look of these with a bit of wear on them. It seems that most folks' collections/rotation causes "aging" to take very long. Superb, @Crat!!
 This is classic!
^^ Beautiful, Mike.
I don't have the sport trainers but I use Woodlore Epic trees in my tennis trainers and they fit perfectly.  A little loose but that's preferable for sneakers.  I would think the JAB or AE trees in a smaller size would fit the sport trainers okay.
EG 606 = Alden Plaza   Nice looking last!
I understand that sneakers/trainers stretch very easily so if you're going to use trees, make sure they're on the smaller side.
Very very nice, @Deusis. Great score.
Yeah, I've always thought the 2030 last looked remarkably similar to the Barrie.  The 2030 last fits me much better, though.
@JSO1, great post.  Thanks for taking the time to share.
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