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Sorry, no Skye 2 here, but what color shell are your Harlechs?
 You guys have been awesome to work with.  I got a pair of the olive Guidi calf boots on the first run.  My favorite Vibergs. Glad to see you guys on this thread.
 Well done!  I'd be excited about those, too.  I almost went for them.
@rydenfan, those Galways are amazing!  congrats!
For me, I got 1/2 size down from my Barrie size, but stay at the same D width.  I used to go with my Barrie size but I found them too roomy that way even with thick socks.
 ^ agreed.
 More than likely a Viberg 7.5 size.  Some have been known to go 1/2 size down from Barrie but I wouldn't recommend that for you if you're TTS between 8-8.5.
I will have to look into the 228 last.  I'm only familiar with the 325 and 341.
shearling would be good.  I'd prefer not to go dark brown because I already have a Coniston in dark brown.
hmmmm, oiled teak Snowden?  Sounds tempting.  Buda, is that too light for you?
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