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I love my VSC.  Wish Glenkaren made something like this.
Last time I was in Tokyo, I was not "enlightened" so look forward to paying attention to anything footwear oriented.
 Why not get trees that are a bit smaller than one would normally get so at least you get the wood absorbing in the toe box but without the pressure against the heel.
^ Those are awesome boots and I might be in on an MTO depending on the leather that's chosen.
To Boot New York - Kilburn Boots   -  Size:  8M   -  Style:  Plain toe boot with 4 eyelets/2 speed hooks   -  Color: "Marrone" (brown/caramel)   -  Leather: Soft glove-like leather   -  Commando-like sole and heel   -  Blake-stitched construction   -  Made in Italy   -  Shoe bags will be included (from another manufacturer as To Boot did not include bags)   Buyer pays shipping
Barneys Perforated Derby Boot   -  Size: 8M   -  Color: Dark brown   -  Style:  Perforated wingtip boot with side zip   -  Leather: Very soft glove-like calfskin   -  Sole:  Rubber sole and heel   -  Made in Italy   -  Blake-stitched construction   -  Shoe trees included   -  Shoe bags included (from another maker as Barneys didn't include bags)   -  Buyer pays shipping
 The only one I know about is Anatomica.  I'd be interested to know if there're others, too. ML cigar boots would be awesome.  Good luck.
 I think I remember someone commented back awhile ago that they believed boots that did not have laces (like cowboy boots, Chelsea boots, pull on boots, or ones like these) should not be treed.  Something about that these boots develop a "curl" as they break in and as such lessen the heel slip that one encounters when first wearing these types of boots.  Using trees would straighten them out and possibly cause more heel slip than if one didn't use trees. Please don't...
 I switched to a brown CXL WT boot  (41665) on the ML.  I actually have enough WT boots but I kind of liked how I imagine a WT ML boot would look.  I have quite a few Nat CXL boots but nothing in brown CXL yet, so that was another impetus.  CXL is a big favorite of mine, wrinkles and all.  Just love the patina it develops.  Next time I'm in Paris or in Tokyo, I plan to see if my budget will allow me to splurge on a shell ML boot (if they have anything that is).
 I was in on that ML kudu MTO with Moulded.  I got tired of waiting as that order never got confirmed by Alden (and I don't think it is yet either).  I checked with Rafael and he allowed me to switch my deposit to another order that was confirmed.  I expect delivery within the next month.
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