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^ Oscar last?
 I'm interested in any IRL feedback as well.  For the longest time, I was never interested in non-leather soles other than Dainite or commando.  Now, ripple soles interest me and I wouldn't mind some Vibergs on the 2060 sole, just to change things up a bit and add some variety.  They seem like they'd be lighter and more comfortable, but that's just a guess.  I think they'd be a good boot for travel.
 I concur with Buda on everything above, particularly exposed eyelets. The swatches look great, Nigel!
Helpful input, thanks.
 I like your idea for the heel pull.  But I can go either way.  And thanks for all your efforts.
 Love the Doyle.
 I'm intrigued by Truman boots as well. Partly because I like variety and it would be fun to try another manufacturer.  So any additional comments you may have in comparison to the Barrie last would be helpful: - how does the toebox feel in comparison?- when you say a low volume vamp, do you consider the Barrie to have more volume?- how is the heel?  Particularly interested in the heel counter.  It looks like it comes up pretty high and is curved so that it would cup the...
^ +1
holy crap!  I only came here to ogle those Galways.
 You always take the best photos.  Those boots are aging really nicely.
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