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 On the Galway front (as I'm more familiar with C&J), I'm definitely going to need advice/suggestions from the Galway-heads. One definite is that I want a casual boot (not two-tone).  Those two-tone Galways on the 82 last are absolutely gorgeous and I love looking at them and might even enjoy having a pair but I'd rarely find the opportunity to wear them.  So I'm thinking the 64 last.  Not sure about the 202 last.  I'm guessing the 64 leans more toward a work boot shape,...
 I am a shoe guy.  I have one pair of shoes total, no lie.    Two if you count my EP snuff trainers.
 Those are gorgeous and definitely one of the C&J contenders.  Thanks for sharing (and enabling).
 From a purist POV, you are 100% correct!  And that's how I've approached all my boots and raw denim but I was feeling lazy, I guess. 
I still need to post pics of some of my other boots.  But I think I am going to try to limit myself to the purchase of two pairs of boots this year, in all likelihood both English.  One I am almost certain will be an EG Galway, probably on the 64 last using some casual-leaning leather (one-tone).  I will likely need advice from those Galway-knowledgeable folks in picking the leather.  My other boot might be another C&J.  Maybe a Skye or possibly a stock Coniston. 
 Agreed.  I am almost tempted to try to buy a used pair of these rather than wait for new ones.  So cool looking!
I go with my Barrie size for both.
I once inquired about converting a storm welt to a simple flat welt and was told that they wouldn't recommend it as the leather/shell behind the storm welt might be a different color once exposed as it's been behind the storm welt for some time (sun exposure, etc.).
Now that is how boots are meant to look!  Awesome!
@mdubs, your whiskey Harlechs look amazing!  And you take the best photos.  Because of where I live and with so little rain, I prefer the double leather soles that we got on the first run but I would have preferred if mine were all blind eyelets like yours.   Hope you guys get enough for a 3rd run.  They are amazing boots.  I will say though that the dark brown shell Harlechs are also amazing.  The patina on those is developing really nicely.
New Posts  All Forums: