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 @atsumner, it is a crap shoot, but if you aren't able to actually try on some Viberg lasts, what are you going to do?  I wasn't going to wait till I could do that so I looked at all the advice and took a chance.  For the most part, I think the general advice is pretty spot-on, although of course there are always outliers, both ways.  I would say that if you have an "average" foot, the chances are fairly good that you will come out on the good side of the crap shoot. The...
Good score! They look great.
Thanks, guys. I am getting good wear and enjoyment out of them.Thanks, ryden. Rogue Territory. My first foray into unsanforized.
 I happened to be wearing them today.  Some iPhone pics:    [[SPOILER]]
 If shoes/boots are being worn with raw denim, they're presumably on the casual side of the spectrum, in which case I embrace the indigo stains.  I agree with ryden, that spots, spills and "unnatural" marks bother me slightly.  On my less casual boots, like the snuff suede WT Plaza boots, I am more careful with indigo as I don't want indigo stains on those.  But reverse chamois will look better with some wear on it, imo.
And yeah, my waxed flesh boots are like that as well.  I do think that's normal as the wax flexes and kind of breaks up as the leather moves.
 Sorry man, that doesn't qualify as a scuff! 
 I have that shirt!  A friend gave it to me and I wondered why.
I tree mine as well.  But I'm OCD.
 I don't have the 110 but do have 2030s and 2045s.  From my experience with those, and what people have discussed regarding the 110, I agree with ryden.  I went with a 7.5 on the 2030 and 2045.  I now think I could have gone with a 7 on the 2045 if I didn't want to wear thick socks.  So when/if I purchase a 110-lasted boot, I would go with a 7, I think.
New Posts  All Forums: