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Good input on the Vibram soles. Thanks.
You're asking the wrong people! No justification needed.
I am so ready for those horsehide high trainers to arrive.
From the published measurements, the slim fit looks like it should be an ideal fit for denim for me.  I'll find out when I receive my first Gustins.
 Thanks, Mr. sharp eye. They are indeed brown calf Conistons.  An impetuous purchase when Barneys had them on sale.
Chiming in as far as sizing...   - 7UK in Carmina Oscar - 7UK in C&J 341 (Harlechs) - 7UK in C&J 325 (Coniston) - 7.5UK in EG 64E (Galways) - 7.5US in Alden Barrie   The Harlechs and Conistons fit just about right with medium thickness socks.  Don't think I could go down any.  So I'm going to go with the same size, 7UK, for these Snowdons.
 He probably drives a Porsche.
 No offense taken.  :->>  I have 4 pairs of Service Boots on the 2030.  As I've said (probably too many times) before, the 2030 is the best fitting last for my feet across all manufacturers.  However, I do agree with you.  I am, in a way, bored with the 2030.  But it's hard to argue with a last that fits your feet perfectly. I have the SF waxed flesh on the 2045 but it doesn't work as well for my feet.  Maybe I'll just get another 2030 boot but with a Vibram 2060 sole to...
The Oscar last is my second best fitting last across all manufacturers.  They fit really well.
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