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Maybe I'll try to swing a trip to Victoria next year and hope to try on a few different lasts.
Sorry, trigger fingers. I edited my response but even screwed up the placement! 😧
Just thought I'd chime in with my input. I have three boots on the 2030 and it is one of the best lasts for MY feet. One of my favorite lasts across all brands. I have one pair on the 2045 and I wouldn't get another boot on it. I actually like the looks of the 110 but am really concerned about all the talk of the extra wide heel. I have normal to narrow heels and don't want my heels sloshing around. The debate is pointless. It's all subjective and a matter of...
 The burnt orange color in the sale section sure looks a lot like the "rust" steep twill FF Rivets that were offered almost a year ago.  Those were definitely not orange and I really like the "rust" color.
Congratulations, @Watchman1. And whoa, #4!!!
 Yeah, ryden is being modest as he was the "designer" of that boot and named the Ryden boot.  I barely managed to get my order in on that, as it sold out in just minutes.  The differences are the already mentioned black shell, as well as no speed hooks and a 360-welt.  We might be lucky to get it in 2015, but knowing Alden it'll be 2016. I have the exact boot that you bought in every detail except that it's in brown CXL.  Extremely comfortable and a great kick-around...
There you go, Fok, the perfect SF response!
I'm not Akeem but I will say that I agree that this last is in one of the top best three lasts for me, across all brands. And yeah, they're not aesthetically the most beautiful, but mine are tan suede workboots on crepe and the combo works for me.
I really like the aesthetics of chukka boots but I'm thinking I can't wear them. All my attempts to wear them have failed. I just can't seem to get them to feel secure on my feet. If I tie them really tight to make them feel secure, then my instep starts to hurt shortly as they're too tight.I've also begun to like the look of a wedge or mini-ripple sole, which I never expected. The black unicorn, grain side out, on a Vibram wedge sole would be really tempting to me.
New Posts  All Forums: