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You could get on a preorder at Moulded for a brown CXL WT boot but it's on the Modified last. I actually would like a brown CXL PT boot. I'm not crazy about the Roy boot, though.
 Hilarious, so appropriate!
I still cannot get myself to accept paying over $1K for a pair of boots.  Given time, I know that threshold will have to be crossed.  I know if someone told me I'd be paying $800+ for a pair of boots, I'd have told them they were not playing with a full deck of cards.  But $1K....   I think the only makeup I'd eagerly pay over $1K for right now would be walnut shell on the 2030.  That picture was incredible.  Yes, we can only dream...
 Don't have regrets.  This gives you the opportunity to justify buying another pair of Conistons, this time in the pebble grain leather!
 As a newbie to Carmina (only have boots on the Oscar), this pic was really helpful.  I couldn't get this perspective from any of the pictures on the interwebz. thanks for sharing.
I'd be on board for a 2030 unstructured toe Service Boot depending on the leather.  I'll have waxed flesh in brown when the 2045 MTO arrives.  I also have OSB's roughout Trenches so I'd have to think what hole I'd want to fill in my work boot niche.
I bought the big metal tin of VSC and put some into empty Reno glass jars to use! 
Did you find that VSC changed the color of your CXL?  Because I really hadn't noticed that on my Nat CXL.
 It hasn't been a week since Fok submitted the SF MTO and I'm already so ready to have them arrive.  Admittedly they're on the 2045 last but with the unstructured toe it shouldn't be too bulbous.  I'm already thinking about what I want to get on the 2030. You are one of the evil enablers.
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