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I haven't ordered the latest Saddle or Mocha tennis trainers but here's one for the previous round of high tennis trainers --- this is for Team Sienna Brown. Wearing them today. I want to see what comes down the road in the high trainers for CC.  
^^ wow, awesome job and great score!
Thanks, d*3. You know I was just giving you a hard time, right? I'm truly happy to wait an extra few months. As you say, I already have enough boots (is there such a thing?) that I really don't need to be adding anymore. But I think that's everybody's story here.
 Yeah, you really did just rain on my parade.  Thanks, d*3.
 I've used the Epics in my 2045 boots and the AE trees in my 2030 boots.  The AE's in the 2030 are not a great fit, especially at the heel but the trees are not big enough to where I feel they'd stretch my boots.  Not too worried as they're Vibergs so not concerned about creasing, etc.
 You made my day!  At least I can hope based on the arrival of your beautiful boots.  I placed my order in the 2nd week of February.  I wasn't expecting my Galways till late June or July sometime.  Mine are hopefully shortly behind yours.  Thanks.
@NewYawker, when did you place the Galway order?
I use Woodlore Epic trees or the ones from AE/JAB.
 Show us the "after" pic after you work your magic on it.
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