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Great collection, @Carson. Great post. I have C&Js but have wanted to check out some Trickers at some point. You have fueled the fire.
Mine also. Thank you Dwf for expressing my thoughts better than I could have.
I'm sorry I even responded.  He's probably a troll.
 Pretty homophobic comment, don't you think?
^^ +1
 Amazing memory!  Yes, I have a 64 Galway on order, although it's chestnut Utah.  Not as close to zug as CC.  Still really looking forward to receiving them.
@rydenfan, they look spectacular.  They really look pristine, but then you're almost like @mdubs, the no-crease man!  :->>
 I have 7-eyelet, 8-eyelet and 10-eyelet Service Boots.  For me, the more eyelets you have (without speedhooks), the more difficult they are to put on and get off.  Especially the 10-eyelet boots, as the eyelets are pretty close together.  But they look so great that it's worth it, imo.
 All those boots are amazing but that zug 64 is off the chain!  Wish there was still some zug around.
Not only are the boots gorgeous, the quality of the pics are amazing!
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