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I wanted to wait till I got the SF GMTO waxed flesh boots before I invested in any more Vibergs so I could gauge sizing going forward, as they'll be my first Vibergs.  But I knew that I was going to want the #8 CXL boots at some point so I couldn't help myself and took a risk on the sizing.  Here's hoping I guessed right on the sizing.  Went with the same size as the 2045 last (same as my Barrie size).
 +100.  Got a pair of the washed/sanded canvas and one of the steep twill.  They're both great but the steep twill fabric is just incredible!  Might have to order a few more pairs.  But Mike is right, I'll have to hold the steep twill till fall.  The canvas can be worn through the summer.
 Such resolve, MH.  June 1st is only a couple of weeks away!
 Not only have I spent too much already, but these are too close to my J.Crew #8 PCTs.  However, I really prefer the antique edge to the black on the J.Crew's so I'd be really tempted if they had a 270-welt.  I'm passing.
 I'm guessing the chukka is on the Leydon, similar to the stock 1493 in snuff suede.
 Thanks, Fok.  Just getting anxious, I guess.  First Vibergs so I want to use the sizing on these as a gauge for the future.
Fok,   Any update on when these will be shipping domestically?
 Bakes, you need to join us for therapy.
 Fok is probably the best to answer this but my opinion is: 1. Viberg could probably distress the boots but I believe most of us would prefer to do the distressing ourselves.  At least I would.2.  The rivet might not be possible maybe due to some agreement with Cabourn since it is something that made that collaboration unique.3.  Probably equivalent because Viberg has said that sometimes the exact Dainite sole was not in stock and they replaced it with the Itshide (I...
 Thanks, Steel, I'm excited about getting these, hopefully soon. And I'm glad there's someone else with similar views on a 270-welt.  But maybe both of us need to go into therapy...it would open up more opportunity for us.
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