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 Oh wow, then maybe I need to ask a question.  What do Europeans think of black denim?  I might have to reconsider taking my black denim with me when I go to Italy next week...
 Each person has to (obviously) act according to how they feel about the shoes, etc.  People are going to have different opinions.  One of the most common characteristics of CXL is the creasing.  I can totally understand that when you pay full price for a pair of shoes, they should come out of the box pristine.  And I admit it would irk me if I pulled out a pair of new full price shoes and they looked like that. But (there's always a but, right?), because they are CXL, for...
Brown or tan boots go great with black denim.
 Awesome floor!  Good looking boots, too.
I don't know Ortigni but you might research the quality of their products or maybe someone can chime in. Have searched this forum for Ortigni?
Indigo bleed is nigh on impossible to remove completely from suede. You either embrace the look or you don't wear denim that bleeds with them. Sorry.
Any way to determine who makes their boots for them?
Just started reading this thread and it seems the same ole' folks I see on my other threads are here as well. Feels just like home...
 Okay, @tifosi , I'm waiting on you...
 Interesting that you don't reach for them often. I just couldn't make them work for me. It was a shame for me because I think they are a really nice looking chukka. The snuff suede on those is a really nice shade.  I have a pair of Leffot snuff WT boots and the shade is not nearly as nice.
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