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Hmmm, I just might consider giving it a try. And then I may take you up on your offer. One thing that holds me back is I love to travel and like to travel light. My Lumix can't produce the kind of pics yours can but the Lumix fits in my pocket. But still, probably worth the hassle once you start to appreciate the quality.Your input and offer is much appreciated, Mike.
That's a good question. I've been wondering that myself. However, I use very little product on any of my boots and not very often, so I have some time to figure it out.
^. Absolutely gorgeous! Great photography, too. Makes me want to get a good camera and learn.
 Congrats!  Those look awesome.
 Yeah, I was intrigued by the lacing as well.  Good conversation starter...
Thanks, guys. Wore them this evening at home and no regrets. @Skell6009, they're the first Vibergs I own that are leather and not Dainite. From a totally aesthetic standpoint, I prefer leather, but I understand the utility of Dainite or commando type soles. Viberg leather soles look very high quality. @jimanchower, congrats. Looking forward to seeing pics.
Guidi matte black boots arrived today.  Crappy iPad pic, sorry.  These are my most comfortable Vibergs yet.  
 Thanks for the input.
Mike, do you plan to bring back a 5-pocket canvas jean anytime soon?  Kind of like the Smith jeans from a year ago.
 That's what happened when I had something shipped to me via DHL (from Turkey).  I escaped duty but had to pay handling/brokerage fees.  What I was wondering was whether FedEx charges handling/brokerage fees for shipments from Canada. However, I will obviously find out and I'm not going to refuse the boots regardless.  Just curious and wondering what to expect.
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