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 I'm hoping you're right, buda.  I've been lucky in that I've so far never been charged.  But I always thought that the $800 or whatever it was before ($600?) only applied when you were bringing in goods with you when travelling.  I had thought that any eligible foreign goods were liable for duty when shipped independently.
My expectation is that yes, we will get hit with duty and fees. Unfortunately. Last time C&J shipped via post so didn't pay any fees.
Thanks, @Crat, for the pics. Certainly increases my anticipation of receiving them. And I don't if it's summer; I'm going to wear them.
Thanks for the info guys.
Been away for awhile. Can someone tell me the status of the zug Snowden order?
Idiot here too.
I don't understand why I didn't order the Hoppers. So stoopid.
 I have two pairs of the 8oz rivets, but not in khaki (navy, fatigue).  I wash them in cold/gentle inside out, and hang dry.  Negligible shrinkage.  And yes, they stretch a bit after some where but not a whole lot.
 Grained leather will almost always win out over straight wax calf in terms of toughness and standing up to abuse. Edit: having said that though, fit is king.
 Thanks!  I know what you mean.  I sold off a few pairs a while back and those empty spaces on my boot rack aren't there anymore. At least the exercise I am going through is leveling the playing field in my collection as I get better at picking what I will really enjoy wearing and reaching for.
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