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 Thought that was an underwater picture at first.  Nice cap toes!
 Tif, I'll trade them with you for Ravello!!    Thanks, dubs.  I think you have a pair, too, no?
I like CXL and I like calf, too.  I also like shell.  I like variety.
Man, there has been a plethora of incredible Ravello and Cigar lately.  I've never been obsessed with shell as many on this thread are and consequently, sad as it may seem, do not own any official Ravello or Cigar (AE walnut, C&J whiskey and "dark brown"/cigar, and Alden #8).  But I may have to change that.   Today, it's humble snuff WT boots.  
 Stunning rich color!  Amazing, congrats.
 Don't listen to any of them!  I can see the smile on your face.  Great family!  Enjoy.
Venetian shoe cream
I'm thinking of darkening the natural welt on some boots so would love to see pics as well.
Shine on you crazy diamond...
 I don't spend any time at all thinking about shoes during the day.  Nor about clothes, either!  Only in my sleep! 
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