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Thanks for the info guys.
Been away for awhile. Can someone tell me the status of the zug Snowden order?
Idiot here too.
I don't understand why I didn't order the Hoppers. So stoopid.
 I have two pairs of the 8oz rivets, but not in khaki (navy, fatigue).  I wash them in cold/gentle inside out, and hang dry.  Negligible shrinkage.  And yes, they stretch a bit after some where but not a whole lot.
 Grained leather will almost always win out over straight wax calf in terms of toughness and standing up to abuse. Edit: having said that though, fit is king.
 Thanks!  I know what you mean.  I sold off a few pairs a while back and those empty spaces on my boot rack aren't there anymore. At least the exercise I am going through is leveling the playing field in my collection as I get better at picking what I will really enjoy wearing and reaching for.
Wearing my Galways today.  They're my only pair and would like at least another pair but need to get rid of some of my collection first.  That is mandatory before any more purchases.  
   Interesting.  I have boots on both lasts and from the pictures, they sure look more like the Modified last to me.  But I guess you need to believe TSM.
 For me, the other big difference is in the heel.  Not so much in the width of the heel, but the heel counters (and shapes) that C&J creates compared to what Alden creates.  And for that matter, Viberg (another favorite brand of mine).  I love my C&J's and my one and only EG, but both those UK brands have "flimsy" heel counters.  I know Alden and particularly Viberg, are more "work boot" oriented, but still. I prefer the more supportive heel counters and heel shapes of...
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