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I've been mulling over selling mine as well but I just can't seem to get myself to do it.  They don't get much wear and they're one of the few AE's I have left.   Edit:  But they don't look anywhere as pristine as yours do, @rydenfan.  All your boots look pretty much pristine! 
 I've filed this post and will contact you when I'm ready.  Thanks!
Great collection, @Carson. Great post. I have C&Js but have wanted to check out some Trickers at some point. You have fueled the fire.
Mine also. Thank you Dwf for expressing my thoughts better than I could have.
I'm sorry I even responded.  He's probably a troll.
 Pretty homophobic comment, don't you think?
^^ +1
 Amazing memory!  Yes, I have a 64 Galway on order, although it's chestnut Utah.  Not as close to zug as CC.  Still really looking forward to receiving them.
@rydenfan, they look spectacular.  They really look pristine, but then you're almost like @mdubs, the no-crease man!  :->>
 I have 7-eyelet, 8-eyelet and 10-eyelet Service Boots.  For me, the more eyelets you have (without speedhooks), the more difficult they are to put on and get off.  Especially the 10-eyelet boots, as the eyelets are pretty close together.  But they look so great that it's worth it, imo.
New Posts  All Forums: