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 Thanks, ryden!  I've worn mine purposely when working outside moving sandbags, etc. (basically hard labor!).  I've already had over 20 hard-wearing days on them. You'll get there, my man.
 You did a great job on those.  The "after" looks just how I'd like my waxed flesh boots to look when they get some more wear. I've got a few pairs of roughout/suede boots so I might try that on a pair.  Was the wax Viberg provided a neutral wax?  And it was a wax, right?  Not a cream?
 This is really not good news...
Natural CXL does DEFINITELY darken, as I have three boots in them and they have all darkened.  Some quite a bit, and some very little.
You guys are correct.  The last makeup was also shipped ParcelForce and I got mine delivered by the USPS (albeit not on a Saturday).
My favorite would be a Ravello straight tip boot on the Grant last, 270-welt, double leather JR soles.
I have the Coniston in dark brown calf (makeup for Barney's) which I got on sale for a steal and I really enjoy them.  At some point, I wouldn't mind getting the tan scotch grain version. I do really like the 325 last although I prefer the 341 slightly.
I am anxiously waiting to see you guys posting pics of these new boots.  They are some of the most special boots I own.  You guys should really enjoy them.
Not that I plan to do it, but I'm also curious about how one goes about waxing flesh/suede type leather. What type of wax, etc.
 http://brooklynclothingco.bigcartel.com/products But looks like they're out of size 8.  Give them a call, because I know they're working with Viberg to restock some of their makeups.
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