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Bumping this. Anyone know?
Absolutely fantastic. Hope I can wear mine enough to get them to that point.
 Thanks.  Interesting, I now need to get over the idea that not using trees is heresy in shoe care. 
Firstly, thanks, Fok, for posting the pics.  Just fuels the eager anticipation!   Secondly, question for those on this MTO.  Does anyone plan to NOT use trees on these boots.  Does anyone deliberately NOT use trees on any Vibergs?
They look almost black.  It's going to be awesome to see how they lighten, especially in the places where it's accelerated where the wax gets worn off.  Pretty stoked.
What are the differences between the 2045 and the 2040 lasts?
In case you haven't heard, Fok will be shipping out the boots tomorrow.
Great news! Really looking forward to receiving these. Thanks for the update, Fok.
   coolarrow, you probably deserved rydenfan's comment.  I know I certainly deserved mine.  (jk, ryden)
 Poor Ryden, he's always been nice to me.  Except for time he slapped my hand for posting a question about a Viberg shell release.
New Posts  All Forums: