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 Alden doesn't have a monopoly on curved right shoes.  I found that one of my C&J boots has the exact same curve on the right boot.  Didn't notice it at all till I saw them on my boot rack the other day.  And the wear of the sole on that right boot does reflect the curvature although I never felt it when I was wearing them.
^ "more acceptable" but to me, still not acceptable.  What bothers me is less the misalignment of the brogueing but that the right shoe is still awkwardly curved upward on the inside.  I'd wonder what that would do to the wear on the sole.
 I picked up two of the LBMs during the sale.  I have the grey as well as the navy herringbone that's now gone.  Even though I have the grey and like it a lot, I would personally go with the navy.  The navy herringbone is a touch less casual than the grey or this navy pique, and heavier.  The chambray is pretty cool, too.
 Interesting.  I'm a 7.5D in Barrie and I have C&J Harlechs (341 last) and Conistons (325 last), all in 7E UK.  Feet are different so you might be fine.
I've only worn my whiskey Harlechs two times and it's been over two weeks since I wore them last.  I'm trying a different rotation that someone suggested when I complained that my boots weren't getting enough wear and were looking too new.  But I'm not sure if this is working.   The only solution is to thin the herd.  And I've already begun by setting aside five pairs I'm going to sell (one already sold) and there may be more.  I just hope I don't succumb to temptation...
 I think the Conistons will go perfectly with chinos or denim, especially dark denim.  My Conistons are from Barneys so they're not the tan scotch grain, but I can't imagine that C&J scotch grain is flimsy or light.  I'd wait for CTBrummie or one of the other C&J experts to respond regarding the hardiness of the C&J scotchgrain leather.
To Boot New York - Camden Boots   These boots are two years old but have been worn a max of 20 times.   - Size: 8M - Style: Straight tip cap toe boot with 5 eyelets/3 speed hooks - Color: Sigaro (cigar)  - Leather: Calf - Oiled suede inserts on the quarters and on the tongue - Shearling lining - 7.5" shaft - Commando-like sole and heel - Blake-stitched construction - Made in Italy - Shoe bags will be included (from another manufacturer as To Boot did not...
 The only boots/shoes that a stranger has complimented me on (other than a guy at an airport asking me what my Nat CXL Indy's were 'cause he liked them) were the snuff Leydon chukkas.  A fair lady at a Starbucks said "Hey nice shoes" and walked right on by.  I was stoked because I had just bought them the day before.
I love the looks of my snuff Leydon unlined chukka boots but they don't get much wear because I can't get accustomed to the "slipper-like" fit.  I much prefer the sturdier feel of a higher boot.  Not sure if I'll end up keeping them but they're a nice go-to in the summer.
These boots are 14 months old and have been worn 24 times (I'm OCD and keep a spreadsheet).  They are firsts (not seconds).  Full disclosure: the left boot seems a little redder/lighter than the right boot as you can see in the pictures.  I have never used polish/wax on these boots, only Saphir Renovateur and Venetian Shoe Cream.   -  Color:  AE burgundy (#8) -  Leather:  Horween shell cordovan -  Style:  Brogued wingtip boot -  Last:  AE 1-511 last -  Heel/sole:...
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