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 You are gonna die when you see the boots on that thread.  Some absolutely amazing collections.
 Yeah, ryden, c'mon! Edit: Sorry, ryden, I should have read ahead.  (...needs time to "compile" his list...)
 Yup, he nailed it, didn't he?
 Don't listen to Mike, because you just must be a "boot guy".  Join us on the "Boots boots boots --- boot guy" thread.  Like someone (I think it was @rydenfan) said, "Boots are like shoes, only better". 
 Those look really great!  So much better than Viberg's pics.  I guess it's just IRL pics are not so sterile.  Anyway, congrats!
X-post from the "boot guy" thread.  My C&J collection after a polishing session --- Coniston in brown calf from Barney's and Harlechs in whiskey (from the first SF GMTO) and brown shell.    
My boot collection is inherently much more casual than others on here but the English boots I have are probably my dressiest.  And I plan to stick with the casual/country theme by targeting an EG Galway on the 64 last in some yet to be determined leather, sometime this year.  Here they are after a polishing session --- C&J Coniston in brown calf, Harlechs in whiskey shell and brown shell.    
 The heather gorse Galways are my favorite as they are my kind of boot although the doak/walnut cc Galways are the most beautiful, imo.  Incredible collection you have.
Snow here so had to wear the SF MTO shit kickers today.  
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