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 Congrats!  What color Utah is that? I'm interested in how they fit for you.  I love the aesthetics of my chestnut Utahs but I was really concerned after the first two wears because I just didn't feel they fit my feet well.  After the third wear, I am feeling more comfortable that they are going to work.  Not sure if they actually needed break-in or I'm just getting more used to the different fit. It's interesting because I'm finding that English boots don't seem to have...
^ USPS delivered my boots a week ago with no fees and it tool 8 days from Stockholm to Texas.
^^ Outstanding!  Yes, start breaking them in!
 Why am I not surprised to hear you say all these things?  I do plan to pay a visit next time I make it that way. 
 If it's any solace, one person thought your joke was funny...
Jeez, if you consider the 202 last blobby, then what do you consider the 64?  Bablobby??   I know the 64 is more of work boot aesthetic but I never considered the 202 blobby.
 Too bad they don't fit you.  They are quite nice and I'd buy them if they were my size.  I love the makeups Alden does for Japan.
I received just one pair of Galways and I was pretty excited, but you guys are killin' it with tons of MTOs coming in. I think I'd be overwhelmed with too much goodness.   That green suede is amazing, @rydenfan!!
 Damn, Ryden, that leather is just amazing!  Congrats.
 Galways are outstanding!
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