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 Thanks, Mr. sharp eye. They are indeed brown calf Conistons.  An impetuous purchase when Barneys had them on sale.
Chiming in as far as sizing...   - 7UK in Carmina Oscar - 7UK in C&J 341 (Harlechs) - 7UK in C&J 325 (Coniston) - 7.5UK in EG 64E (Galways) - 7.5US in Alden Barrie   The Harlechs and Conistons fit just about right with medium thickness socks.  Don't think I could go down any.  So I'm going to go with the same size, 7UK, for these Snowdons.
 He probably drives a Porsche.
 No offense taken.  :->>  I have 4 pairs of Service Boots on the 2030.  As I've said (probably too many times) before, the 2030 is the best fitting last for my feet across all manufacturers.  However, I do agree with you.  I am, in a way, bored with the 2030.  But it's hard to argue with a last that fits your feet perfectly. I have the SF waxed flesh on the 2045 but it doesn't work as well for my feet.  Maybe I'll just get another 2030 boot but with a Vibram 2060 sole to...
The Oscar last is my second best fitting last across all manufacturers.  They fit really well.
^ Oscar last?
 I'm interested in any IRL feedback as well.  For the longest time, I was never interested in non-leather soles other than Dainite or commando.  Now, ripple soles interest me and I wouldn't mind some Vibergs on the 2060 sole, just to change things up a bit and add some variety.  They seem like they'd be lighter and more comfortable, but that's just a guess.  I think they'd be a good boot for travel.
 I concur with Buda on everything above, particularly exposed eyelets. The swatches look great, Nigel!
Helpful input, thanks.
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