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 Yeah, right, "plain" and "ole", who are  you kidding?  Pretty awesome if you ask me.
@meso, @jp2k1 --- thanks for the input on the 2040. I have double leather, Dainite and commando. The commando is the best for foul weather but it is my least favorite of the three Viberg soles I have. However, I do like Alden's commando soles.
 I'm in.
Mike, re the proposed black shell boot, if Alden approves it, I suggest you call it the Ryden Boot.
 Man, you guys are killin' it with them boots today.  Another pair of boots in a different, great color!  Great pickup.
 Boots look great.  Something in smoke grey is in my future at some point.  I think they go great with black denim, even dark indigo.  They'd go great with navy chinos as well.
 Those nut browns are awesome, beautiful color.  I don't have any 2040 boots.  Could you comment on the fit of that last compared to both the 2030 and 2045?  Thanks.
 Absolutely beautiful makeup!  Once I get past my first casual-style Galways (thinking of 64-last in brown Utah), this looks like it would be something I would want for a dressier approach.
 I think one of the biggest draws of this makeup is the contrast of the black shell with the lighter welt and edgetrim.  From my side, a black edge trim would be a deal breaker for me.  Sorry!
 I'm not sure you are in the minority.  I also normally prefer speed hooks but in this makeup, I think all eyelets would look best.
New Posts  All Forums: