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 Yeah, it would be nice if EP would offer chain stitching.  I'm experimenting with some jeans and some RC's with hemming them shorter and wearing them without cuffing them. In that case, regular hemming would seem to do the trick.
The color of the grey Wilshires is great. They will be a really nice change from indigo.  The OD ones will provide even more color options when they drop.  My grey Wilshires are sadly at the tailor awaiting hemming.  Patience is not my virtue.
   Thanks for the input, guys.  I will check them out.  Yeah, I'm trying to find an excuse to go to Paris to visit Anatomica.
For those of you that live in or have been to Tokyo/Yokohama, do you have any suggestions as to where I might visit to see what unique Alden offerings they may have?  I've heard of Lakota House but have had trouble navigating their website.  Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.   I know shoes are exorbitantly expensive in Japan but I might be tempted by some unique makeup.  Like maybe a ravello or cigar PT boot on the Modified last.
 Oh man, this might be the boot I was ranting needlessly about earlier on in this thread.  Guy, can you tell me what last this boot in on?  Looks like a black midsole and welt but what kind of sole/heel are they on?  Also, are the makeups with that same leather for your other retailers (not on Viberg.com) on the same last or on a different last?  Thanks.
We'll have to diverge on this one. I want a "dark" boot, which would dictate a dark welt, dark midsole and tone on tone stitching everywhere. Prefer double leather sole but would go with dainite. Not sure if they'd even make something like that. I guess I want a Guidi or carpe dieme version of a Viberg service boot.
   Given Guy's excellent clarification, I guess then I am not thinking of a Boondocker for the MTO we're suggesting.
   I didn't specify it when I posted earlier but I was actually NOT thinking of roughout but grain side out.  Not sure what @rydenfan had in mind.  He is interested in smoke grey kudu.  I could go with that but I had also mentioned black Guidi or grey nubuck as desirable.  I personally am looking for a black or dark grey matte leather as a Service Boot or a Boondocker on the 2030 last.  I'd prefer double leather soles but would go with Dainite if that's what the group...
^ Yes, forgot that --- black midsole and tonal stitching to keep the boot looking dark and menacing...
   I'd be all for a smoke grey Kudu boot. But going back to my earlier suggestion --- Fok, what are the chances we could do a service/boondocker boot in black Guidi or if not that, then black/smoke grey nubuck?  Heck, even ryden's kudu.   I have a feeling there'd be decent interest in this. Last: 2030 (or maybe an unstructured 2045, depending on how the wax flesh MTO on the 2045 comes out)Style:  Service Boot or BoondockerLeather:  black Guidi or black/smoke grey nubuck or...
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