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I could go for a service boot/boondocker with some black Guidi leather or some black nubuck for my next Vibergs.  On the 2030 last or something similar.
 We just did an SF MTO for a brown waxed flesh PT boot on the 2045 last.  Should be arriving in a month (or sooner I hope).
These boots are just over two years old but have been worn a max of 25 times. There is some indigo bleed from raw denim onto the quarters and the backs as shown in the pictures.   -  Size: 8M -  Style: Plain toe boot with 4 eyelets/2 speed hooks -  Color: Rovere (brown suede or often called “snuff suede”) -  Fully lined in soft leather -  Commando-like sole and heel with a leather insert -  Blake-stitched construction -  Made in Italy -  I will include a set of...
^ well said.
 Well done!  It's a nice change to see some calf on here.
There went my willpower; just broke my moratorium on more denim purchases.  Too much buzz about the grey Wilshire jeans.  I am glad I succumbed as I think I got the last 29.
 My brother-in-law was visiting from Chicago and he has an interest in Western boots and ropers so I took him to a place here in El Paso that I'd heard about but never visited. It's an outfit called Rocketbusters and they build hand-made custom boots for celebrities and anyone who wants to pay over $1K for some over-the-top boots. I could never wear any of their boots (or any cowboy boots for that matter) but they are incredibly impressive. The owner, Nevena, came out and...
 These look very much like the Woodlore Epic trees that you can get here in the US for $25-30.  They are my favorite "cheap" trees and work well in my boots/shoes.
 That's a truism.  They're not really fighting words for me because I'm probably in the minority on the Alden thread who likes shell but likes CXL and calf just as much, if not more.  Also, I prefer the shell from C&J or Carmina to Alden for most applications as the matte/satin finish is more appealing to me.
Is that smoke grey kudu flesh side out/suede?  Or is that a nubuck?  Looks more like the flesh side out.
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