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UPS for me on Monday, but I'm waiting for the tennis highs.
Yes, she emailed me back letting me know she got my info and asking if I wanted trees.  She also asked for the security code on my CC.
Okay, I called my CC company to pre-authorize the charge from C&J for the zug Snowdons, just in case they wanted to deny the charge as fraudulent (overseas).   So now I'm ready.  Charge me, Pernilla...
@docalden2013, your trainers look awesome. And by the way, when I mentioned using Bick4 or Lexol on the unfinished HH, I wasn't thinking about a contest at all. I vaguely remember it now. However, I agree contest rules should specify that no product should be used on them.
Due to careless eating, I got a stain on my grained (tan) boots; bacon, avocado and tomato, but mostly avocado, I think.  Remembering what I'd read here, I tried the white vinegar/water mixture.  Having never had to do this before, I was careful and only rubbed lightly.  After three treatments, the stain is gone!  I just now have to use some Bick4 or Lexol to even things out a bit.   I have to thank @patrickBOOTH , who has given that advice countless times on this thread...
^ if you're asking about a response from Pernilla, I got a response the very next day.
 I think Mike even said that just one application of Lexol or Bick4 (can't remember what he used) darkened them significantly.  I agree though, they get a lot more character as they age.  Kind of flat when they're virgin.
 Actually, mine are probably closer to yours than those on Mr. Porter's.  The Mr. Porter Galways appear to be chestnut/golden Utah but they are on the 82 last. Mine are on E64 and are also chestnut Utah, which are an MTO from the good folks at Skoak.  I gave my boot one treatment and some of the stain is gone but I'll have to make another pass today. Yours look awesome.  Almond CC (if that's what they are) look very similar to chestnut Utah, except the grain stands out more.
^ Yeah, now that is hardcore!
Wow, it must be all hands on deck at Epaulet today.  I always thought they were closed on Mondays but looks like they shipped my horsehide trainers today.   Thanks, guys.
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