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 You're welcome.  As far as fit, I think @JSO1 did a great job of summarizing the fit of the 379X last compared to Barrie. It's one of my best fitting lasts across all brands.  Although technically it doesn't really fit like a workboot (the Barrie fits more like a workboot than the 379X), it does look a little blobby.  More so than the Barrie, I think.  At least my pair (the only one I own in the 379X) does.
Yes, I took the same size in the 379X as Barrie.
I absolutely love the fit of my 379X boots.
Regarding putting taps on Dainite heels, I certainly wouldn't do it. I think they would upset the balance of the boot. The heel and sole are designed to be at certain heights and adding taps might change the gait of your step.
^^ I love the look of those well-worn and loved Galways. All subjective. Although I say I love this look (which I really do), it will be hard not to baby my Galways when they arrive.
 I look forward to that as I'm curious after all the hullaballoo about Viberg going GYW.  I hope you have some stitchdown Vibergs as well so you can do a comparison.
 Gorgeous color.  The eyelets really make a difference.
 I had always assumed Snowdens had bellows tongues since they've got Veldtschoen construction so it would make sense.  So I just checked the C&J site and sure enough, the verbiage does indicate a bellows tongue.  So go figure...
 I tend to agree that C&J designs their shoes/boots this way.  All my C&J boots have facings that come close to touching.  My boots from other makers are not like that at all.
 The other poster's advice is correct.  I am an 8D on the Brannock.  I have 2030s in 7.5 (thicker socks) and also in 7 (thin socks).  So I went down a full size for the 2030 for use with thin socks.  The most common advice is to go down 1/2 size from your Brannock or US size.  So to be safe, you should go with a 7 in the 2030 last.  If you've got medium to thinner feet, or you're on the smaller side of 7.5D, then you could go with a 6.5.
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