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 I have sent my info to Pernilla.  Let's get this show on the road! Nigel, how long did you say C&J estimated for delivery?  Was it a couple of weeks???  :->>
I have to say that C&J whiskey shell is exquisite.
My bad. Those are on the Grant obviously, not modified. They still are fantastic. I like how they're aging so well.
 These look outstanding.  I have a couple of boots on the Modified and although I love the fit, I've always thought they weren't very photogenic.  But yours and the other pics of shell boots (I think #8 and cigar as well) from Anatomica look just outstanding.  
Also, interested that Lauren isn't coordinating this makeup.  She was a pleasure to deal with on the first whiskey Harlech GMTO.
 Nigel, please bold me.
 In addition to Mike having like 900 pairs of shoes, I thought he also walked in a forward moonwalk fashion... I also don't believe he's going to be hard on his new Indys.
Paid my balance for the unfinished horsehide trainers.  Please rush them to me!
Good input on the Vibram soles. Thanks.
You're asking the wrong people! No justification needed.
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