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 How embarassing (and I have a pair of Galways!).  I'm reading 'The Dog Stars', maybe that's got me distracted.  And weird, I have a pair of scotch grain captoe boots on the Oscar as well... d*3 is going to have a field day with this one.
 Those are gorgeous and would really fit well into my rotation (although somewhat too similar to my 64E chestnut Utahs).  202 last?
@Epaulet Mike, wore my caramel duck canvas Smith jeans yesterday.  They've been worn and washed quite a few times and nice, soft and so comfortable.  Made me remember the overdyed Wilshire-cut ones you said you were planning for.  Am I remembering right?  Looking forward to them, although probably no canvas, right?
 Yeah, agreed.  The Viberg waxed flesh boots weigh in at 2lbs per boot!
 Oops, forgot that interchange.  Sorry, retracted.  It's a bootie.
For those of you that like the Woodlore Epic shoe trees, Massdrop has them for like $36 for 2 pairs.  With shipping it comes to around $22/pair.  Not a bad price, although shipping was kind of high.
"Chelsea boots", you don't say "Chelsea shoes".  They qualify as boots.  
@LA Guy, Happy Birthday, Fok.
 Not the 64 last, which is the only one I have.  Maybe 202?
 I wish I had a smart reply like Tif would, but I'm not that creative, since I'm just another shoe guy I guess...
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