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wow, pretty incredible!  Congrats!
I guess it might be boredom with the "standard" look but I thought I'd try putting some black crème polish on my Colour 8 PCT Service Boots.  I wasn't too nervous as I'd done something similar to some Dublin leather Wolverine 1K boots a while back and liked the results.   Here is a pic from Nov of last year:     After application of the black crème:     I couldn't get the lighting exactly the same but they are definitely darker and I think exhibit more...
 Team Boot forever!!
@traverscao, thanks for the suggestions!  They're Vibergs, so they'll probably last years with no care...
 Won't that "shine" them?  I don't want to lose the matte finish.
I have some boots in matte black Guidi calf leather.  Any suggestions on what to condition them with so as not to make them shiny and lose the matte finish?
 Man, I'm sorry I posted this before I read the subsequent back and forth.  No desire to derail this thread as I do really love Aldens as well.
 I have a few Vibergs and quite a few Alden boots.  I love them both; they're just quite different.  I would say the build quality and materials on the Vibergs are a notch above Aldens but not by a huge amount.  I just love the variety and the option to choose boots from different makers every morning.
Sorry, no Skye 2 here, but what color shell are your Harlechs?
 You guys have been awesome to work with.  I got a pair of the olive Guidi calf boots on the first run.  My favorite Vibergs. Glad to see you guys on this thread.
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