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The wear pattern on the soles of these boots is different than any other pairs I have.  They're not any more uncomfortable than any of my other boots nor do they feel like I'm walking on just a "sliver" of the sole.  I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen this before.  
Very nice, ryden.  I don't have any Vibergs in that color range unfortunately although I'm waiting on the Guidi olive/brown calf boots from Brooklyn Clothing that should fill that slot (if they ever get here).  Everyone needs Service Boots in that color range.
 Thanks, very helpful.  The orientation (not sure what to call it) of the 1035 is much more like my 2045 boots.  I.e., for the left boot, the orientation of the boot towards the toe for the 1035 is more to the center than kind of straight ahead, like in the 2030.
^^  I agree.  I lean toward the sleeker, tighter fit than a looser one.  Very nice.
 Thanks.  The toe looks much rounder and that's fine with me.
 Aesthetically, I really like chukkas.  But my last three tries to make chukkas work weren't too successful. I think that for a chukka to work for me, the last/fit/size/width has to be nigh perfect since I'd usually only have two or three eyelets to play with.  Hence, I'm really hesitant to try chukkas again unless I actually get to try them on.
 Those are really nice. I regret missing out on those.  Almost ordered those but was wary of the 1035 last as I have no exposure to it.  I only have the 2030 and 2045.  Can you offer some comparisons to those?
 Very nice, TG!  Your boots really do look very pristine.  I used to like wearing them with dark indigo or black denim.
 Holy crap!  Those look amazing.  Particularly the brown shell Harlechs!  The color is absolutely beautiful.  I'm sure part of it is the lighting but I sure wish mine had the same coloring as yours.  Congrats! Can't offer any input on the 335, sorry.  No experience with that last (yet).
New Posts  All Forums: