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 Sorry I don't have a response or solution to your issue but I have to comment that I have been having similar thoughts about the materialism that has crept into my habits.  I seem to have restraint in not going overboard on purchases but just the desire bothers me somehow.  I haven't decided how I'm going to address this issue for myself.  I enjoy reading the threads and the camaraderie but the enthusiasm and joy of other posters' purchases can't but have an effect.  I...
I'm on IE 11 and I have the toolbars.
I have to comment that I am really enjoying the pics of boots from various makers that I would not normally be exposed to. Subscribing to certain threads (quite enough already considering time spent keeping up with them), leaves me sheltered from seeing other brands. Thanks to triple-D for starting this thread.
Couldn't find what I wanted, so I drew up the specs of what I wanted, bought some "heart of cedar" wood and had a wood worker make it for me. It really wasn't that expensive, maybe around $350-400 total. The cedar makes my closet smell so good.
 You are gonna die when you see the boots on that thread.  Some absolutely amazing collections.
 Yeah, ryden, c'mon! Edit: Sorry, ryden, I should have read ahead.  (...needs time to "compile" his list...)
 Yup, he nailed it, didn't he?
 Don't listen to Mike, because you just must be a "boot guy".  Join us on the "Boots boots boots --- boot guy" thread.  Like someone (I think it was @rydenfan) said, "Boots are like shoes, only better". 
 Those look really great!  So much better than Viberg's pics.  I guess it's just IRL pics are not so sterile.  Anyway, congrats!
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