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I think you could go both ways on the eyelets. But a "combat" boot should have metal eyelets.
Wow, my order was placed before that (just slightly) so that is encouraging.
 That's what Fok said as well. Are those on the 110?  Very nice. Viberg chukkas seem to rise higher around the ankles and might provide a more secure fit than most other chukkas.  
 ?? Ryden and I were talking about the Hopper engineer boot
 That's what I'm thinking.  Size down .5 from 2030.  So 0.5 down from my Barrie size.
 It's weird and I'm not positive exactly what it is.  I think it's the number of eyelets and the fact that eyelets on a chukka start further up on the vamp.  On a regular boot (or a shoe for that matter), the eyelets start closer to the toe. The two or three eyelets on a chukka aren't enough to give me a feeling of a secure fit, I guess.  So I compensate by tightening them tight and then my instep starts to hurt after a while. Maybe I just haven't found a chukka that works...
 Sorry, bud!  
Just voted for the Hopper.   Wish I could get comfortable with the fit of chukkas.  I'd be tempted by the Route 66.  Viberg chukkas look pretty incredible. But I've had to get rid of every chukka I've ever bought.
 You might have put into words so very well why I love my Guidi calf boots so much!
 Ryden, you'll be sorry you asked... I'm in a weird place right now as far as footwear goes.  Kind of in the doldrums, where it's difficult to get me excited about anything new.  You might call it a boot depression.  I mean, I have a pair of Galways on the way and I'm looking forward to receiving them but not super excited and anxious as I thought I'd be when I ordered them. I think part of the problem is that for me, I think I've accumulated too many boots.  And I'm now...
New Posts  All Forums: