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Yeah, "ShoeSpell" has kind of a nice ring to it.
..."meet up for shoes and drinks..."  I love it!  
 We are about the same size.  I assume you're talking about the ice mocha on the 2030. I have 2030 service boots in both 7.5 and 7.  I use the 7.5 with thicker socks and the 7's with thinner socks.  So both work for me.  I think for you, a size 7 might force you to wear thin socks.
My most worn Rivets are the fatigue.  Might not be my favorite as that's hard to pin down, but the fatigue seem to go with anything.  I also love the texture of the regular canvas.  It gets so soft and silky after a few washes and wears.
 I'm presumably a shoe guy now so I am allowed to say that those are very, very nice.  Congrats!
Looks like the EG trees have come in.  Got an invoice for mine.
 Wow, I didn't see that.  Thanks for pointing that out.  Well, squashes any temptation I had then.
 Yeah, I'm relegated to being a shoe guy now.  And I guess I was ruthless. But for those of us without those doak Galways, all you guys posting those pics are just brutal.  Rub it in why don't you? On a more serious note, I was pleasantly surprised at the prices of the Galways that Frans Boone was stocking. They're too close to my chestnut Utah ones but I did think twice at those prices...
It's Barrie, shoe guy. 😀
 How embarassing (and I have a pair of Galways!).  I'm reading 'The Dog Stars', maybe that's got me distracted.  And weird, I have a pair of scotch grain captoe boots on the Oscar as well... d*3 is going to have a field day with this one.
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