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 Aww man, Ryden, are you giving up on those?
 Aahh, the good ole' pencil trick...
 I understand your concern and wanting for everything to look pristine.  I have the J. Crew #8 PCT boots as well and I went 1/2 size down from TTS.  They are very comfortable and fit me really well.  I have sized all my Barrie boots this way and feel they all fit pretty much the same.  I don't find the J. Crew boots to fit smaller as some have stated.  But everybody's feet are different.  I also have a very small crease on the right boot's cap toe.  The main creases on the...
 I bought my first modified last boots over three years ago and I think I'm still getting used to the shape.  It's not my favorite shape but the fit is so comfortable for me feet. On a related note (of "weird" lasts), the 379X last works really well for me as well. The color of those boots is incredible and I'd be staring at my boots more than just a couple of times a day.
I'm impressed!
Well, leather soles on dry, marble-like floors are the death!  I've almost broken my neck a couple of times in leather-soled boots on shiny marble floors.  And it's not like the boots were new.  But maybe I don't walk on pavement enough. I'm careful now.
 Fantastic boots and great color combo.
Regarding trees, I've always considered shoe trees (lasted or not) from the manufacturer to be simply a luxurious touch to the purchase of the shoes or boots, assuming the generic trees fit decently of course.  I pretty much use generic Woodlore trees on my boots except for some special purchases, like my first Galways recently, where the addition of EG trees was just a special touch.
This is a nice new thread.  Thanks for setting it up.
 I prefer the Woodlore Epic trees for my Vibergs and Aldens.  But the AE full toe trees work as well (or the JAB trees).
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