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 Actually, mine are probably closer to yours than those on Mr. Porter's.  The Mr. Porter Galways appear to be chestnut/golden Utah but they are on the 82 last. Mine are on E64 and are also chestnut Utah, which are an MTO from the good folks at Skoak.  I gave my boot one treatment and some of the stain is gone but I'll have to make another pass today. Yours look awesome.  Almond CC (if that's what they are) look very similar to chestnut Utah, except the grain stands out more.
^ Yeah, now that is hardcore!
Wow, it must be all hands on deck at Epaulet today.  I always thought they were closed on Mondays but looks like they shipped my horsehide trainers today.   Thanks, guys.
 I also go down a size from the Rivets to the Wilshires.
** not spoilered ** I really love how your boots are aging, except the wear on them has the kind of rolls that gives the Dubs heart palpitations.
 Yeah, I was just joshing Nigel.  There is some basis for being optimistic.  The last GMTO from C&J I was involved in was the first whiskey shell Harlech boots, and those were delivered pretty much on schedule, at 15 weeks from the date our credit cards were charged.  Regardless, I don't mind if it's spring when they arrive.  I wear boots all year round anyway.  :->>
Ugh, careless eating.  Will have to work on this today...  
 Agreed.  Nigel, you did clearly say that people needed to confirm their intent to be in the first 12 GMTO order with a PM to you or a post to that effect.  You gave them a few days and I think that is fair.  When GMTOs are organized, it is necessary for folks who want to be involved to stay in touch very frequently for things move fast.  It's not fair to delay the order for the whole group if a few people are slow to move or respond. Thanks for your efforts.  Now can you...
 I have sent my info to Pernilla.  Let's get this show on the road! Nigel, how long did you say C&J estimated for delivery?  Was it a couple of weeks???  :->>
I have to say that C&J whiskey shell is exquisite.
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