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Snow here so had to wear the SF MTO shit kickers today.  
Here are some hairy legs staring out at unusual snow in ELP while my C&J's wait for some treatment.  
 Are those the snuff suede ones???   Look very pristine.
 I could definitely see myself in a pair of those.  As ryden says, they would fit right in my wheelhouse.  Although your Ravello trippers are pretty amazing as well. I would still spring for a pair if they jumped in my lap, but I'm too lazy to make calls and get on preorder lists for those.
Galway on the 64 last in a tough/casual leather, as well as reverse chamois in maybe a straight tip.  Those are on my radar now but I need to get rid of at least two pairs first.
Here are most of my boots.  A humble collection compared to some, but I already think I have too many.  I have developed a pet peeve against owning boots that don't get enough wear.  I like the look of a well-worn (casual/work) boot.  I suspect part of it might be that I secretly enjoy the process of identifying, desiring and then acquiring said boots, more than I daresay, the actual ownership of them. Could that really be?  
 You got my number, ryden.  But you guys have corrupted me with the EG and Skoak threads and I have been perusing Galways dangerously the past few weeks.  But I need a more work-boot style.  Anyway, back to Alden...
 I've been circling around reverse chamois boots for so long and this pretty much has decided it for me.  Now I just have to find a makeup I want (and can find). Congrats, Tif, great score!
Finally! A thread where I can truly be myself. 😬. I'll post some pics later. Thanks for setting this up, @dddrees
@Arizor, thanks. Yes, CXL. @sacafotos, thanks for the input. Yeah, I think I remember hearing about navy on burgundy/merlot. If I had remembered, I'd probably have gone out to get some navy polish. I'll try it when they fade after a while.
New Posts  All Forums: