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 It appears to be so from what I've read.  In addition to Horween, Truman has recently started getting leather from CF Stead, giving them even more breadth and variety in what will be offered.  Because it's such a small operation, it appears that you have to jump pretty quickly when you see a popular or unique leather being offered, as the allotment seems to sell out pretty quickly.
Dan, I don't yet own any Trumans so don't know a heck of a lot about them. Also don't own any Whites. I've read through the Truman thread and was quite impressed. Vince, the owner, seems like a good guy who really is passionate about his boots and loves what he does. I like the story behind that. The quality all around seems on par with Viberg from what I've read.What's amazing is how much they look like Vibergs. Construction seems quite similar as well. One...
 As a 2030 fan boy, I'm amused about the "outrage" over this last. For me, it's not just that I like the looks of the 2030, they are an incredibly well fitting last for my feet.  And fit is everything to me.  I have a pair of 2045s (waxed flesh) that I really like the looks of, but they don't fit my feet nearly as well.  I'm tempted to try the 1035 or 110 if I get a chance.  (although Truman Boots have me intrigued at the moment as well.) Also, I think there're a lot of...
 Amazing job.  Congrats.  And you were quite brave, in my book, to have attempted it.
 Whether you truly wear them or not, they are really exquisite!  Very jealous.  And well done!
@tifosi , are you really going to wear them?  
I don't own any chukkas for the same reason. I also love the look of chukkas and might try a chukka with at least three eyelets or more. But then that changes the look as well.
^ If you're talking about the darker "triangle", that would definitely bother me.
 You crack me up!  You want to buy every shoe/boot in sight!
 Totally.  Olive/green looks great with whiskey.  Actually, olive chinos/trousers are so versatile.  Not intuitive, but they are.
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