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 Poor Ryden, he's always been nice to me.  Except for time he slapped my hand for posting a question about a Viberg shell release.
Never mind. Saw that that they use Canada Post. Which then I assume would be transferred to the USPS. So I'd hope no brokerage fees then.
Does Viberg use the postal service to ship to the US? Any duty or brokerage fees involved?
Went back for a pair of the rust and a pair of the golden. The petrol was also tempting but got to draw the line somewhere. I should be set for chinos for a while.
They don't look like the 2030. Maybe unstructured or partially structured 2045?
I wanted to wait till I got the SF GMTO waxed flesh boots before I invested in any more Vibergs so I could gauge sizing going forward, as they'll be my first Vibergs.  But I knew that I was going to want the #8 CXL boots at some point so I couldn't help myself and took a risk on the sizing.  Here's hoping I guessed right on the sizing.  Went with the same size as the 2045 last (same as my Barrie size).
 +100.  Got a pair of the washed/sanded canvas and one of the steep twill.  They're both great but the steep twill fabric is just incredible!  Might have to order a few more pairs.  But Mike is right, I'll have to hold the steep twill till fall.  The canvas can be worn through the summer.
 Such resolve, MH.  June 1st is only a couple of weeks away!
 Not only have I spent too much already, but these are too close to my J.Crew #8 PCTs.  However, I really prefer the antique edge to the black on the J.Crew's so I'd be really tempted if they had a 270-welt.  I'm passing.
 I'm guessing the chukka is on the Leydon, similar to the stock 1493 in snuff suede.
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