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 Interesting point that I'd not really thought about.  I wonder if my Vibergs will ever reach that point.  I kinda doubt it as I wear them at most once a week.
I am being severely tempted by the Navy Latigo at Brooklyn clothing.  I like the matte finish.
 I've had mine exactly two months now and my spreadsheet tells me I've worn them 17 times.  But I've been pretty hard on them and tried to wear them often to soften them up as quickly as I could.  I'll post pics next time I wear them.
wow, I'm not even on the list.  Must be slacking...   I do read a lot, though.
Damn, ryden, you need to put some wear on them boots!  Mine are way more scuffed than yours.
 Thanks, that's good news. 
Hey Mike, any update on delivery of the FF washed/sanded steep twill RC's?
 You're lucky.  I bought my Kamigata in May and haven't been able to wear it even once yet.  Too hot here. I am so ready for fall/winter.
 Thanks again for the input.  Just wanting to be prepared in case something interesting comes up.  Always need to be ready to act quickly!
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