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 Amazing job.  Congrats.  And you were quite brave, in my book, to have attempted it.
 Whether you truly wear them or not, they are really exquisite!  Very jealous.  And well done!
@tifosi , are you really going to wear them?  
I don't own any chukkas for the same reason. I also love the look of chukkas and might try a chukka with at least three eyelets or more. But then that changes the look as well.
^ If you're talking about the darker "triangle", that would definitely bother me.
 You crack me up!  You want to buy every shoe/boot in sight!
 Totally.  Olive/green looks great with whiskey.  Actually, olive chinos/trousers are so versatile.  Not intuitive, but they are.
 I think I get it now.  I wondered why I didn't reach for my J. Crew #8 PCT boots very often.  It's been three years since I bought them and they fit really well and are comfortable and are showing some nice patina but... I think you guys have enlightened me as to why.  I dress in denim usually and sometimes chinos but definitely on the casual side of things.  And that's it --- the dark welt and edging makes them look just too formal.  I guess I'll convert them to an...
did someone say ZUG?
Sanforized denim definitely bleeds. I don't wear my nice suede boots with any dark denim, even if washed a few times. And, @takashi78, I'll see if I can take a pic that shows the bleed, as it's much more slight than yours. Yeah, yours bled quite a bit, but you have an indigo weft going there.
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