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I only have one pair of Galways (chestnut Utah coincidentally), albeit on the 64. Interestingly, that is my one complaint of the fit of these Galways. The heel cup is much lower and less substantial than say, any of my Vibergs or Aldens. I especially love how the Viberg heel cup/counter wraps around my heel securely.I'm not sure if this is a UK thing or not. I say this because all my C&J boots have thinner, lower and less substantial heel counters as well. Maybe...
 When have you ever worried about price, ryden???
 Welcome to SF, Sam.  The backpack looks pretty awesome.  I have been looking for something like this but haven't found it yet.  This might be the one.  Could you tell me what it weighs?
 I like that chunky 110 look.  I have never liked those Vibram soles but my opinion has changed of late.  I think it changed when I changed my opinion about crepe soles. I am now waiting for some boots I like on those specific soles.  I believe you that they are your most comfortable Vibergs.  Congrats on picking those up.
 Seems like you have enough length to cuff twice.  Unless that's too fashion forward for you.  But I think it'd look good.
Yes, I do miss Traverscao...
 I agree about Ravello.  I'd be happy to take an apartment and live there for six months.  Plus, it's got its name going for it.
 Thanks!  The photos on IG of your trip were an inspiration.  One could almost vicariously tour Italy through your IG posts alone.  That sounds delicious.  I ate fresh anchovies a couple of times.  Nothing like the canned ones.  My wife indulges me but my sister and brother-in-law were thankful that I insisted we visit Ravello.
 thanks, buda.
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