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Okay, so I'm being pressured now by the imminent price increase for EG.  Where I'm at now is a pair of Galways on the 64-last.  I'm not ready for a two-tone boot yet so it will be one-tone.  I am quite attracted to the Brown Utah leather.  Any comments on this makeup?   Also on sizing --- any suggestions?   -  Carmina Oscar last --- UK 7 (perfect fit) -  C&J 341 --- UK 7E  (think I could have gone with a 6.5E) -  C&J 325 --- UK 7E  (think a 6.5E would have been...
 I'm on my knees, Fok.  I trusted you on the 2045 waxed flesh boots but became a doubting Thomas on this one.  My bad. 
Yeah, those bison Scout boots are amazing.  didn't think I'd like the color.  Didn't think I'd like the sole.  What else?  I was wrong on all counts.
 Haha!  Great comment and I'm with you on that.
 Amazing patina on those cigars!
 Yeah, right, "plain" and "ole", who are  you kidding?  Pretty awesome if you ask me.
@meso, @jp2k1 --- thanks for the input on the 2040. I have double leather, Dainite and commando. The commando is the best for foul weather but it is my least favorite of the three Viberg soles I have. However, I do like Alden's commando soles.
 I'm in.
Mike, re the proposed black shell boot, if Alden approves it, I suggest you call it the Ryden Boot.
 Man, you guys are killin' it with them boots today.  Another pair of boots in a different, great color!  Great pickup.
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