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 Alden makes a ton of different style boots, from quite dressy to very casual.  Why not peruse some Barrie-lasted Aldens?
 I don't yet have experience with Trumans.  They look very similar to Vibergs.  Are they truly less bulky?
 As a boot guy, I can certainly appreciate the beauty and sheer goodness of these boots.  And you're taking some pretty good pics, tif!
I was reading and going, oh god, don't ask about "not liking the 2030..." and start that whole discussion again...
 Double zug!  Triple zug!! I love my brown calf Conistons.  Sure tempting...
I've wondered what to use when I get to the point of needing to condition as well. That was prompted when I discovered that the aged bark had a nap. I kind of like the nap so not sure what I'm going to do.
 To me, the Vibergs are a lot more substantial.  The 7.5D Barrie #8 PCT boot weighs 1lb 8oz.  The size 7 Viberg 2030 Service Boot in aged bark weighs 1lb 12oz.  That's a good 4oz more for each boot.  The Viberg midsole and Dainite (or leather) sole together are thicker and much more stiff than the Barrie double-leather sole.  Hence, comments that they take longer to break in.  It's not so much that the uppers are stiff and uncomfortable in the Vibergs.  It's that the soles...
 Some more input for you... I'm a 7.5D in Barrie as well.  I have the J. Crew PCT in #8 as well as other boots on the Barrie.  And I take 7.5D in all of them.  I have Viberg 2030 boots in both 7.5 and also in 7.  They both fit well. Two things --- one, how snug are the 7.5D Barrie boots on you?  If they are very snug, then you might want to consider going with a 7.5 in 2030.  Second, think about what kind of socks you want to wear with your 2030s. My Alden Barrie boots fit...
I highly recommend the aged bark. It is definitely a more unique color (but not really "neutral"). It's also got an interesting finish. I expected a smooth finish but it's actually like a nubuck with a very fine nap. It will take longer to break in than CXL as it's thicker and stiffer but should patina very nicely.
New Posts  All Forums: