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 I was in on that ML kudu MTO with Moulded.  I got tired of waiting as that order never got confirmed by Alden (and I don't think it is yet either).  I checked with Rafael and he allowed me to switch my deposit to another order that was confirmed.  I expect delivery within the next month.
Hah, Mike, you'll be up at all hours now!  But now it won't be posting on this thread.  It will be doing you know what!   Big congrats to you and Adele (and to you, Atlmana).
^^ I'd want to say I have everything I need but some makeup inevitably pops up that I feel I have to buy.  So my project now is to get rid of as many boots that I can bear to part with.  And I'm glad I don't wear a watch because that could be extremely dangerous for my budget.
** SOLD ** Boots:  Wolverine Krause 1000 Mile made by Allen Edmonds Size:  7.5D (fits like an 8D) Color:  Russet Leather:  Horween Dublin, tanned similarly to shell cordovan Other attributes:   -  7 eyelet with black 360-storm welt   -  butyl leather sole with Vibram heel   I bought these new but as seconds from the Allen Edmonds Shoebank in Dec 2012.  The only defects I can see are that there seems to be extra creasing on the vamps and the left boot's toe cap may...
 I guess I didn't tell the whole story. Part of the reason for getting rid of some boots is to allow me to purchase new ones as my interests and priorities change.  What this means that I have to sell way more than I intend to purchase in the near term so that I can start wearing what I'm going to keep more often.  Does that make any sense?  Uh, on second thoughts, maybe not. 
 sazon, you are an inspiration to me and have ignited some impetus in me to thin the herd, so to say.  Seeing some of the great footwear you have parted with, I should have much less reluctance than I have been feeling in doing so.  I need to start wearing the boots I really enjoy more often in my rotation than I've been doing.  Thanks for sharing.
Not to sound repetitive, @Murph65, but there are some very knowledgeable folks on this thread, and Mr. DWFII is another one of them.  If my boot budget were larger, I would have a pair of boots made by him and I'm sure they'd be the best in my boot portfolio. 
Anyways, as the deadline approaches, best wishes to you, Fok, on your procedure and thanks for coordinating this so bravely and enduring all of us with our endless questions about sizing, lasts, leather, etc. 
^ don't even say that.
And @Murph65, in case you don't know, @glenjay really knows his stuff.  His input should be considered seriously.
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