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 Yeah, here it almost is.  You wouldn't believe how many guys are really into that look --- tight Wranglers, cowboy boots, Western shirt and a cowboy hat. Just not me... But I have an acquaintance who's the controller at the Lucchese factory here and I've been meaning to have him give me a tour.
 Thanks for your input.  I'll just have to see how the GMTO candidates play out so I have some time to mull over this.
 Just curious whether you have any boots of this "style" --- cowboy, roper, etc. --- that have no eyelets, high shaft... Because I don't.  So not only am I going to a new last, the 2005, I'd be going to a whole different feel.  Maybe I should go to our local Lucchese store and try on some roper boots to see how they feel.
 You've put into words what I was feeling but failed to express.  I'm definitely not into a biker look.  But in tobacco chamois... I mentioned in an earlier post that I've not had success getting chukkas to fit me well, and Fok replied that Viberg chukkas are a different beast.  I really love the way a Viberg chukka on the 2030 looks so am tempted to give chukkas a try again.  Just nervous as it's a $700+ gamble.  I have a few days to noodle on this.
 An engineer boot is outside my comfort zone but not too far so that this sounds like a really great makeup.  I wouldn't buy them in black as shown but in tobacco chamois, I think they'd be fantastic.  I just can't justify the risk in a fitting with a new last and new style.  I haven't worn anything in a boot like that since I had a pair of cowboy boots in college.  All my Vibergs are boots with 7-10 eyelets.  I wish I could somehow try one on.  Guess that'll have to wait...
 v*3, I think I need to pass.  I haven't been able to make chukkas work for my feet so far and I'm too nervous to take a risk at this point.  Thanks for asking.
Nice collection, @Exdeath!
 Thanks, rnguy, much appreciated.  Yeah, I know --- I sold off three pairs of Daltons already, one in burgundy shell.  This is my last one.
 I've always been intrigued by the Italian baller boots but haven't yet gotten the courage to drop that much cash on a pair of them.
 I'm not quite there with Aldens yet. I've still got quite a few but have sold off some.  I still enjoy my Aldens.  I went into a Viberg phase (and kind of still in it) but am now waiting on my Galways.  I must be getting sick because I haven't had that hunger or desire to acquire footwear for a while.  Haven't bought a real pair of boots (other than some Epaulet high trainers) for over six months!  I think I'm becoming very selective now that boot rack is pretty much full.
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