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 That is an awesome sweater!
 Hey Zapa, patrick is from New York.  That should explain things and you shouldn't take offense.  I was initially taken aback at his comments but I am now amused.  And he is knowledgeable (even though he only wears black footwear).
The fit of the EP Wilshire denim is perfect for me. At that price point ($150 I think), you can't beat them. I have three pairs.
 That was great! 
 Thanks, ryden.  Wow, so this is another one of those competitive threads, huh?  Are there any that aren't?
Oh this is great, another place to spend my money.  I'd heard of Skoaktiebolaget before but never pursued looking into it.  I find this thread and all the same Alden/Viberg/EP guys are all on here as well.  I think I have @bkotsko to thank for this for his cross-post on EP.
 Interesting that you've got them up for sale.  I wore them yesterday specifically to decide if I wanted to put them up for sale in order to thin out the collection.  But I think I'm going to keep them.
 Great combo!  Those shoes are amazing!
 Yeah, he really got you on that one.  Even me, who's usually slow to the draw on this stuff, got it right away.  No reflection on you, of course. 
Burnished chili webgems from May 2013.  Don't wear them often enough as I forget how much I do like them.    
New Posts  All Forums: