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 He should like you better based on your prior purchases! 
 I can correlate on some of your references as I've got AE Strands, I previously owned an Alden on the Leydon and have three Viberg boots on the 2030 last. -  I am 8D TTS on the Brannock.-  The AE Strands are 7.5D and if I had to do it again, I'd go 7.5E.-  I had the Leydon in 8Eand I should have gotten an 8D (advice on Leydon is usually TTS).-  I have one 2030 boot and it's a 7.5.  There's ample room although with thick socks, they're okay.-  I have two 2030 boots in 7. ...
 Yeah, Gabriel told me "no" when I asked.
 Thanks for posting this, Mike.  As someone said, it definitely adds some more soul to these trousers.  You really do rock! 
I just passed the $1K boot price cap with my first Galway MTO.  But I agree with Tifosi that this price increase might price me out of the EG brand.  Might have to stick with Carmina, Alden, Viberg and the like.  That's such a shame because I was just getting into Galways.  On the other hand, as time goes by, one seems to tend to tolerate higher prices.  Thanks to @tifosi and @rydenfan for the multiple PM back and forth assistance on sizing.  I thank all the others who...
I have a few pairs of Rivets and as an experiment, I had two of the steep twill ones tapered (although the actual measurements are the same as canvas/duck canvas, the way steep twill drapes, imo, makes them feel baggier).I had them taken in on the outside from the hip all the way to the hem (7"). I had to tell the tailor it was okay to remove the white herringbone tape. They came out perfectly.Good luck!
Thanks for posting. Very nice indeed.
Absolutely nothing wrong with being a boot guy. And yes, as @RogerP says, Galways rule!! (At least I think so, as like you, I'm only just about to order my first Galways.)
 Here the before/after pics: Before: After: As you can see the Lexol returned the boots back to a more "new" looking matte black.  On the heel section, the boots had become shiny from my denim rubbing against them.  The Lexol returned them back to matte black so I was glad about that.  The best thing is I now know I can condition these matte black boots with Lexol without worrying they will "shine up".
 Same thing, just a different name.  Same as Venetian Shoe Cream, most commonly referred to as VSC.
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