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 If shoes/boots are being worn with raw denim, they're presumably on the casual side of the spectrum, in which case I embrace the indigo stains.  I agree with ryden, that spots, spills and "unnatural" marks bother me slightly.  On my less casual boots, like the snuff suede WT Plaza boots, I am more careful with indigo as I don't want indigo stains on those.  But reverse chamois will look better with some wear on it, imo.
And yeah, my waxed flesh boots are like that as well.  I do think that's normal as the wax flexes and kind of breaks up as the leather moves.
 Sorry man, that doesn't qualify as a scuff! 
 I have that shirt!  A friend gave it to me and I wondered why.
I tree mine as well.  But I'm OCD.
 I don't have the 110 but do have 2030s and 2045s.  From my experience with those, and what people have discussed regarding the 110, I agree with ryden.  I went with a 7.5 on the 2030 and 2045.  I now think I could have gone with a 7 on the 2045 if I didn't want to wear thick socks.  So when/if I purchase a 110-lasted boot, I would go with a 7, I think.
Good idea! 😜
You are amazing, dubs! All after just a couple of hours.
Cmon, he's at least got a pair of boots.
I forgot those Doyle jackets were the same black overdye of the Kaihara denim. I could wear a suit! 😧 Uh, maybe not...
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