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 Damn, Ryden, that leather is just amazing!  Congrats.
 Galways are outstanding!
   Thanks, guys. d*3, it's funny but I was thinking of that already.  But I realize I'm going to have to take some time to digest these Galways and form some opinions about them after some wear before I make any decisions in that regard. Ryden, your feedback is important to me because we both feel the Viberg 2030 last is a good fit for our feet.  So, are you saying that you prefer the 64 last to the 202 or the 82?  From pictures of various Galways, I can see that the 64 is...
 Thanks for the visual.  I was confused by "double Dainite" as I was relating the double to an extra layer of rubber vs. a thicker leather midsole.  I am wiser now.  Thanks for the clarification, Leaves.
Are those fully lined?
Thanks. Yeah, the Doak/walnut cc on the 82 is a classic! Good choice.
   Thanks, stevent.  It would be nice if the heel slip lessens once they've broken in some, but it's not really bothering me much. These Galways are actually on Dainite.  I'm not sure what double Dainite really means.  All my boots that have Dainite soles have a leather midsole.  Does double Dainite mean an extra layer of rubber?  Or does it just mean the Dainite sole is extra thick?
 Thanks, tif.  I don't think the heel slip is that they're too big --- the arch and toe box are perfect. I tried them on with medium thickness socks and it was perfect.  Not sure I'd be comfortable with really thick socks. And as far as the original picture not looking like the 64 last, Gabriel did confirm that he had sent me the wrong picture.  Those were boots for someone else.  Mine don't have the purple inside trim that was shown.  Not sure if those were indeed on the...
Finally got a chance to snap a few photos of the Galways that arrived a couple of days ago.  Was only able to briefly try them on and initial impression of fit is very good.  Major thanks to @tifosi, @rydenfan, and Gabriel for assistance with sizing.  There's a bit more heel slip than I expected but I'm okay with that as they're still new and it's a boot, not a shoe.  But definitely more heel slip than my Vibergs or Aldens.  The heel counters on the Galways seem to be...
 I'd be interested in something like this as well.  Although I rarely wear suits, I'm thinking I'd like my next suit to be from EP. I believe Mike commented on a related matter in the past, but I'd be concerned depending on the timing of when the trousers and blazer/suit coat are purchased, that the color would match exactly, i.e., ensuring that the dye lot (or whatever it's called) was the same.
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