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 Yeah, it did.  I meant more specifics --- exact weight, how dark is the indigo warp, etc.  To me, there is a significant difference between 12oz and 16oz, etc.
 Wonder what last the Chelseas would be on?  Or do they have a specific/new last for them?  All I remember was seeing a pic in IG.
How does this Black Friday Mystery denim work? Assuming it gets funded, when does Gustin let you know exactly what you've bought?
^. You are brave! The after pics actually look really great. I'm not quite ready to do that right now, but you have certainly given me an idea to do something like that in the future. I'm enjoying my Viberg.com version of the aged bark right now because the color and texture so noticeably different from my other boots. But it's always fun to change things up.
Thanks chip. If I'm honest with myself, the 341 fits me only okay. For some reason, English lasts seem to not fit me as well so far.
I love whiskey Saturdays...
 Alden makes a ton of different style boots, from quite dressy to very casual.  Why not peruse some Barrie-lasted Aldens?
 I don't yet have experience with Trumans.  They look very similar to Vibergs.  Are they truly less bulky?
 As a boot guy, I can certainly appreciate the beauty and sheer goodness of these boots.  And you're taking some pretty good pics, tif!
I was reading and going, oh god, don't ask about "not liking the 2030..." and start that whole discussion again...
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