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I've used Reno and VSC and liked them both.  I've also tried Lexol and it's worked well also but harder for me to use because it's more liquid.  My favorite now is Bick 4.  Really like the stuff.
 Can't remember which Guidi calf the derbies have --- is it the matte black or the olive? ---  Olive: use VSC or Reno every so often.  I haven't tried Bick 4 on these but they've worked well on similar leathers.---  matte black:  I had good success with Lexol.  It did NOT make them shiny (what I was afraid of), but almost returned them to a newer matte black look. Anyway, congrats on your purchase.
^^. You wear them well. They look great!
 I forgot to comment in your post about keeping a spreadsheet.  I don't consider myself too OCD (or CDO, correctly arranged alphabetically) but I've kept a spreadsheet for my boots since 2012 when my collection grew to the point where I was quite curious as to how much wear each pair was getting.  So I guess I'm willing to be slapped.  But I'd imagine there're quite a few here that would need to be slapped.
 Incredible post!!  I have never thought I could pull off a two-tone Galway, and so my MTO Galway is a one-tone chestnut Utah on the 64 last.  But your two-tones have definitely converted me.  I honestly don't have as much use for the dressier Galways but I kind of know I'm going to need one in my collection.  Those are incredible boots!
 Thanks, tif.  It's just strange that I've not seen that type of reference used for other UK sized brands. 
okay, I'm fairly new to EG and I haven't seen this type of size reference for C&J, Carmina or other UK sized footwear.  What does it mean when something is referred to as 7/7.5?  Is it a UK 7 or a UK 7.5?  Or what?
 You are again 100% correct!!  I haven't bought a used pair yet but haven't ruled it out.  I've sold quite a few, though.
^^ Agreed.  Gorgeous.  That's how I want mine to look.  Quickly.  I guess I should just buy used boots...
 Hey saz, you're absolutely correct about versatility of that boot but I don't think the purpose of the Ryden shitkicker boot included versatility as any of its goals.  In my opinion, it was to make a very certain statement --- I kick sh$t!!
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