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Why not try to get an official answer from Viberg? (I don't know the answer to your question.)
Yes, looks wise, they are a bit similar. The 2030 has a pointier toe with the Barrie being rounder and more bulbous and having a bit more room in the toe box. The 2030 is a bit slimmer in the waist to me. The Barrie heel counter does not come up as high but extends to the front further than the 2030.
Guidi calf.  Although I agree that the 2030 last is pretty much ubiquitous and many are "tired" of it, I can't argue with my feet. It might be the best fitting last across all brands for my feet.  One of the reasons is the heel cup/counter shape.  It is large and cups my heel nicely to give a secure and comfortable feeling.   
^ what the heck happened there?
If you're an 8e in the 325, I think you're taking a risk in a 7.5e. The 341 has a pointier toe than the 325. I take the same size in both, and if anything, you can go larger more easily in a boot than a shoe. Good luck.
3sixteen here.
 There is all kinds of advice on the Official Shoe Care Thread as well as some iconic personalities as well.  Sometimes quite interesting and sometimes quite testy.
 Oops, my bad.
 I'm disappointed in you.  I guess you are really a shoe guy after all.
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