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 Those kind words were well deserved, CI.  Beautiful photo of beautiful truffle/cappuccino shell.  Until it comes back, I'll dream of one in a plain toe or straight tip boot on the 1-511 last.
 No, but PayPal-BillMeLater will.    But I think for only six months, right?  If you noticed, I was not volunteering my own $1100 to buy the boots.  It's easy to drop $1100 when it's somebody else's money.    We're just evil enablers. But he got an incredible pair of boots.  I'd give up a 3-4 pairs of boots I currently own for a pair of those in my own size.
 Those are quite nice. I'm still hesitant about the 310, though.  I'm liking the look like above and on other IRL pics I've seen but I still not convinced they'd work for me personally. The much more extreme work boot look is very different from anything I've got or ever worn.  Thanks, ryden.
$1100 is only $100 per month over 11 months....just sayin'
 Yes, welcome to the forum.  And what a way to bow in!  Well done.
@45bur, you may be right.  I've noticed other Viberg stockists' prices up in the $800's for non-shell as well.  Not sure how many folks are going to go for them at those prices unless it's an incredible makeup.  We'll see.  I won't be one of them.   ryden, the tumbled dusty black Service Boots were very interesting.  I really liked the color as although described as black, you could see quite a bit of brown coming through.  And the snuff kudu was attractive as well since...
Just took a browse at the new boots up at the Mohawk General Store.  The leathers look gorgeous but the prices are becoming jaw-dropping. Almost $900 for non-shell boots now.  That's getting hard to stomach.  I have been on a Viberg kick for a while now but unless this is an anomaly, it might be time for me to go back to my previous standbys, like C&J and Alden (for which I've just placed a preorder at Leffot).   I had my mind set on getting at least one pair of Vibergs...
Seeing these PT brown CXL shoes has me thinking about the Leffot preorder. I now realize that I really don't have many PT boots and the 270 welt appeals to me. Got a couple hours to decide.
No overlap at all, ryden!! 😁
New Posts  All Forums: