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 That is really a work of art.  I was actually very serious when I said that.  I can visualize wearing them for the first time on asphalt or concrete and it would just HURT!
^^ haha, with soles and heels like those, I think I'd pull a @tifosi and never wear them.  Very nice!
Many folks put their #8s in sunlight to lighten them.  Mine have lightened significantly since I got them.
 I was wondering if it was the light since the chestnut Utah on mine (64) are not nearly as brown/red as yours.  I have only treated mine with Bick 4, so no pigment.  That would explain it.  Yours look gorgeous.
 All my Vibergs, structured toe or not, "lined" or not, have lining in the toe area.
Great score!
 The standard SF response would be that they're different enough so buy both.  After acquiring a decent collection of boots, I have become much more discerning in the boots I buy.  I used to buy impetuously when I got excited by some pics of boots.  I now take a step back and think about how close they are to something in my collection and visualize how eagerly I would reach for them in the morning.  To be honest, as appealing as say, whiskey shell or cigar shell appeared...
Holy crap!  The only excuse I would have for bidding on those would be that it's for a good cause.  I can see them going for $1,500.  And why not?  Galways go for that.   Very, very generous of Brett.
 Err, what are you implying about Mike and Dylan??  
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