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I don't get tired of seeing those pics of @tifosi's boots
 I don't have the 13oz Kuroki denim but have the 14oz Kaihara ones and this selvedge ID sure looks to me as very similar to the Kaihara denim.  Wonder if Mike@Epaulet can assist. I'm taking delivery of a pair next week and I'm curious what I'll receive as well.
 Lucky you to get the ring-rings. My shipment arrives next week (EP shipped UPS rather than USPS Priority Mail for some reason so they're taking ages).  I'm not expecting to be so lucky as to get the ring-rings, given that Mike said they were mostly out of them.  I already have the Kaihara's so these will be a backup pair.  I also ordered the grey Kurabo ones as a backup as well.  Those ring-ring's look great!
 If you're really into the whole process, you will have one of those fancy leather aprons and sit anywhere with the shoes on your lap. I just lay some newspaper on the table and work on the table while watching tv.
 Yeah, right!  :->> Most boots I have that have pinking --- the stitching is so close to the pinking that it would be difficult to cut off (even if you could) the pinking without getting too close to the stitching. I do have some boots that I would have preferred without pinking, but I've actually never thought of trying to have the pinking removed.  Does it bother you that much?  (not you @meso)
 How would you even do that without ruining them?
 Yeah, you're nuts.  But truthfully, there're a ton of guys out there that don't like boots.  It's just when you use the word "Galway" in a sentence like that, it just seems nuts, that's all.
Sad day for me.  The Wilshires were a great fit for me.  I'll have to stock up a few backup pairs tonight when they post.
It seems like it's been so long it might as well as well be a myth. I'd forgotten about them but renewed anticipation has been restored.
 Thanks, I'll give them a try.
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