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 Absolutely beautiful makeup!  Once I get past my first casual-style Galways (thinking of 64-last in brown Utah), this looks like it would be something I would want for a dressier approach.
 I think one of the biggest draws of this makeup is the contrast of the black shell with the lighter welt and edgetrim.  From my side, a black edge trim would be a deal breaker for me.  Sorry!
 I'm not sure you are in the minority.  I also normally prefer speed hooks but in this makeup, I think all eyelets would look best.
 +1.  I've always admired Trickers from a distance but might have to look closer now.
Could you post some close up pics of those Trickers? I'd forgotten that they were recommended to me a while back but don't see them mentioned much.
@Ironist, just beautiful. Looking to get my first Galways and am planning to go the more casual route, but yours make me think about that choice.
 Black doesn't get enough love and I am trying to expand black in my collection.  I would be quite interested in a makeup like this. The stark black shell made more striking in a plain toe set off nicely with brass eyelets and the contrasting color of the edge/welt.  Sounds pretty awesome to me but I wonder if enough people would go for the black?
My wife doesn't condition her shoes.  That has turned out to be my job.
I want to hire ryden to design my footwear from now on.
 Great boots and love them socks.  Alpine grain is really growing on me.
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