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 namor, you crack me up!   No, @jimanchower was saying above that he just ordered the matte black derbies and that might push him to sell his Alden shells.  I didn't comprehend why buying matte black Guidi calf derbies would push him to sell Alden shell.  He didn't give details.
Has Viberg changed their shipping method to the US?  Previously, they had shipped via Canada Post (and then to the USPS).  I just got a shipping notification and they're using FedEx.  The good news is I'll have the boots in two days.  But is the bad news that I may be charged handling/brokerage fees by FedEx to the US?
 Oh, I'd buy a cap toe (like DC) or a plain toe if they were that color!
Alden cigar shell most often has such stunning color.  Such as Uncle's WT boots just above.   I tell myself I have enough boots but seeing those weakens my resolve.
 What a debut on SF!  The chinos and ravello are an amazing combo.  Well done.  And welcome to SF.
 Plain toe shoes/boots really showcases shell.  Beautiful color.  [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks, ryden, will do when they arrive in about a week or so.  Or actually, I might wait till I get a small bit of wear on them.  They won't be as good as our illustrious friend on the Alden thread who takes his pics on his lawn that looks good enough to put in a salad.  I felt the same way as you before.  I really only liked the 2030 last.  And I still really do.  But I wanted to expand my horizons so joined the SF GMTO for the waxed flesh boots, which were on the...
Although I am trying to thin out my boot collection, I have been waiting for this boot ever since Guy mentioned it a few months ago, so I couldn't resist.  Now I will have to pick another pair of boots to get rid of.     I have this strange attraction to some of the Italian baller type boots by Guidi/Carpe Diem, etc.  This boot is about the closest I could get myself to buying a baller boot.  And my first pair of black footwear!  Pretty excited.  
 I am sure you will do justice to the whiskey boots when you receive them.  Your pics are always a pleasure to see. I hate technical problems and I'm a pseudo IT guy.
The confusion regarding the new listings, particularly the brown CXL heel description. The "heel" is actually an Itshide Commando heel, as is the sole. Viberg sometimes uses Itshide instead of Dainite depending on what they have in stock.
New Posts  All Forums: